Preview and Stills for Upcoming Episode 4 of Monstar

My poor discombobulated Seol Chan! One moment he’s a Star riding high on his popularity and potential, and the next minute he’s smitten by a Sheep Girl and stuck playing the tambourines in a cobbled together ensemble reluctantly collaborating because of the mutual threat of Poop. Can his life go from bad to worse? Around Min Se Yi, it probably will, and he’ll secretly love every minute of it. Monstar is so addicting I’m already floundering thinking about all the great narrative avenues for this drama to explore. The OTP is but one aspect of what makes this show great, the high school rivalries and hidden stories about the main set of characters are all so compelling. I neither love nor hate Sun Woo, his passivity when it comes to stopping the bullying of Kyu Dong probably has a reason but he shouldn’t be held responsible more than the bullies Jae Rok and Do Nam. I like his backstory with Se Yi, but he’s a bit too hovering for my taste. I feel like Seol Chan is all id and that I like, because the poor boy can barely function now without Se Yi popping into his mind, and increasingly in the form of ever more elaborate and hilarious fantasies. We’re only up to episode 3, but at the rate he’s going, he might be torpedoing his idol career because of her by episode 7 and then ripping his heart out for her by episode 10. Too bad he ranks way WAY lower than sheep in her mind, though I love that he’s the only one who can jostle her out the walls she has constructed around herself. I can’t wait to watch Team Poop perform at the charity event, because you know they are going to somehow get their ass to work together and knock one out of the park.

Previews for episode 4:


Preview and Stills for Upcoming Episode 4 of Monstar — 21 Comments

  1. fall in love with this drama…love their song very much,love the OTP specially min se yi with her Unique look,overall i like every characters in this drama..cant wait this coming friday nite.. 🙂

  2. I will be marathoning this drama because after reading recaps for episode 1 and 2 I’m hooked and I realllly don’t want to watch it and be constantly waiting for the next episode. i don’t think I could handle it haha.

  3. Our poor Seol Chan, why can’t everyone less (and by everyone I mean Se Yi and Sun Woo)understand that he’s Star, Star.

    • Lol that’s so true haha I loved the cafe scene. “’re the first to do this to a star.” I burst out laughing at that scene @ 2am, needless to say my parents weren’t please 🙂

      • i lol so hard every time he proclaim that he is star!! my favorite line from seol chan

    • I am on this team too! Even if I know there is no kdrama-way this can ever be! Never been bitten by the 2nd lead syndrome…until now! waaah!

      • It has happened before. 3 times in Kdramas that I watched. I’m also in team Sun Woo..

  4. I’m so glad your watching and recapping this drama now! I’ve been watching it since it started and just instantly fell in love with the story and the characters. All the actors are great and I love how the songs are weaved into the show. Btw I love the lead actress, she is so pretty and pulls off the serious and comedic scenes so well…and her hair is so awesome how does she get it all cute and wavey?

  5. Thanks!!! We get great benefits when you get addicted to a drama by sharing stills, previews etc… I look forward to seeing everyone go through the process of having to work together.

    • That’s what I love about our captain koala. When she gets addicted, she becomes a crack dealer – always feeding us with all the goodies! Kamsahamnida!

  6. Ooohhhh, the plot thickens. So Sun Woo gets to ‘fess up about his feelings first. I am so excited about all the jealous fits from Seol Chan. One more night! Can’t wait!!!

  7. Kdrama has so many dramas coming out that are sooo good! I haven’t been this excited in such a long time. I would also recommend Heartless city. You should check it out Koala.

  8. thanks for this Koala…not watching K-drama for a while and suddenly saw this from you thread… now have something to look forward every weekend!!!

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