Ha Ji Won is a Vision in All-white for InStyle Korea

It’s going to be a long 5 months before Ha Ji Won returns to the small screen with her headlining role in the MBC anniversary sageuk Hwatu, all whopping 60-episodes of it chronicling the life (with fictional flourish) of real historical figure Empress Qi of the Yuan dynasty, a Goryeo-born noble lady married off to the Yuan Emperor. The production team for Hwatu is the duo behind Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money, and amongst the three dramas my favorite is hands down the over 50 episode Giant which aired on SBS in 2010. This won’t be Ha Ji Won’s first sageuk – she actually got her critical big break back in Damo in 2003, which IMO was her best sageuk performance by far and perhaps my favorite Ha Ji Won drama ever (I’m torn between Damo and The King 2 Hearts). She also was the titular Hwang Jin Yi where she got to romance a very young Jang Geun Seok and then work with Kim Jae Won again in his first sageuk appearance (after they did 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant). I think every A-list K-actress needs to headline historical female figure sageuk simply as a challenge to undertake to fill out their resumes – recently there was Lee Yo Won and Go Hyun Jung in Queen Seon Deok, Han Hyo Joo in Dong Yi, Moon Geun Young in Painter of the Wind and soon Goddess of Fire Jeongi, Kim Tae Hee in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, and so forth. But with Hwatu being so long I’m hoping I have the stamina to stick with it since I usually drop by midway even with dramas that start out interesting. This month Ha Ji Won channels her modern fashionista and dons an all white wardrobe for the pages of InStyle Korea. She looks stunning as usual and ushers in the breezy Summer with aplomb.


Ha Ji Won is a Vision in All-white for InStyle Korea — 23 Comments

  1. She’s beautiful! I’m really worried about the director of this drama though. He can take basically crap and turn it into something so terrible that its laughable or something decent and turn it into a pile of absolute crap.

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks you very much!

    P.S. Do you happen to know if K2H is well received in Taiwan? Also, the other day when you posted Bii’s new MV, you mentioned that the track “Meteor Passed” is the title song for the TW broadcast. Is there actually an opening with that son? Or is the opening the same as the Korean version?

  3. Really nice to see her back in sageuk garb but why oh why did they hire this director out of all the directors in south korea?! It’s the one thing holding me back. My expectations for this drama is lower than ever (yes, even lower than those family makjang dramas) because of the utter crap that is the director. Not even a great writer will be able to make up for a bad director. You can have a solid cast, writer, script, but all that would be like gold turning into shit with a bad director.
    Dr. Jin was one of the worst shows i’ve ever seen in terms of directing. Bad editing, inappropriate depiction of scenes(i mean really, romantic music during a check-up by a doctor?)
    I felt bad for park min young because it was obvious she was trying her best to direct herself. Lord.
    I will be tuning in to watch the great Ha Ji Won but i am NOT going to invest.

  4. So beautiful…. I will give Hwatu a try.
    What would I not give to have TK2H director back for another drama with HJW, better yet if
    LSG is in it too, though chances of striking the lottery might be higher than this happening.

  5. I’m so excited to see Korea’s National Actress Ha Ji Won ssi in small screen again , 60 episodes are too long but because of her I am willing to watch it from start till the end . For such a great actress like her i will not miss this oppurtunity to see her act again with her top rating and excellent performance in all of her previous drama I’m pretty sure Ha Ji Won will present to the viewers a new and another extraordinary performance , with this drama i will see her more often in small screen so with this to you Ha Ji Won ssi fighting!!!!!!!!

  6. She really have nice legs.A lot of fans who’ve seen her personally said that she really looks like a goddess or she’s more beautiful up close.Is that for real?I wish I could have seen her in person when she went to LA to promote her movie As One. I hope I could have a second chance to see her..Maybe the promotion for Joseon Three.

  7. I love the last picture where the black trim contrasts with the white outfit. HJW is the epitome of class in these pics. I’m curious to know where she found the fountain of youth because I’d immediately rush to get there.

  8. Since the production team are the same people who did three of my favorite dramas, I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for this when it airs.

  9. Amazing Yeoja! Simply gorgeous. What makes her even more beautiful is the highly praised from the people she worked with…her attitude and how she treats her co worker is very admirable and to me that what makes her a great person. Let’s not talk about her versatility and gorgessity. (being gorgeous) Wishing her new drama will thrive. 🙂

    Thanks, Ms. Koala!

  10. I don’t understand why MBC would give their anniversary project to Dr. Jin’s director? Does he have something on the bosses? Is he related to someone with money and influence? Or the big old guys just want to hold onto their jobs as long as possible so they don’t get talented up and coming directors a chance to shine?

  11. Very pretty. what I like about her is that she is not overly skinny but toned. Whoever captures her heart is going to be a lucky man.

  12. If she look like this in white ,I wonder how she’ll look in a white weddind dress.I’m sure she’ll be a vision.

  13. wow
    ha ji wow instead lol

    she looks smashing
    i took a double take,can’t believe is really her
    what a lovely sight to behold <3

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