Goddess of Fire Jeongi Releases Underwhelming First Teaser with Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon

Oh boy, this is NOT a good way to start my week. As both Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Loveย heads towards the tail end of its airing (with whatever narrative tricks it has up to sleeve, good or bad for the remaining viewers to ascertain), their follow up dramas have started to ramp up its pre-release publicity machine. First came the stills for Empire of Gold starring Go Soo and Lee Yo Won, which admittedly looks decent even as the cast and subject matter doesn’t tickle my fancy. That was followed by MBC releasing the first teaser trailer for its next sageuk extravaganza in Goddess of Fire Jeongi starring Moon Goon Young, Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Bum, Kwang Soo, and Han Go Eun. This one is based on the real life historical figure of female potter Baek Pa Seon who was responsible for the the spread Joseon pottery to Japan. I love Moon Geun Young to the moon and back but holy mother of whatever was this first teaser absolutely deadly dull. Moon Geun Young looks horrendous, rather chubby-cheeked and fifteen-going-on-thirty, and she appears to have zero chemistry with Lee Sang Yoon in what limited screen time they share. Visually they are also completely incongruous together. This one has a very hit-and-miss production team, the PD did the so-bad-it-can’t-be-worse Heading to the Ground but also the cult mania hit Ruler of Your Own World, while the scriptwriter has one drama on her resume and its the very lamely written Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Of course people can improve on past experiences, but right now the first teaser leaves all my hopes dashed in thirty short seconds. Maybe if the entire cast shows up in the longer trailer I can regain as modicum of excitement for this, because right now this looks as interesting as watching paint dry.

First teaser for Goddess of Fire Jeongi:


Goddess of Fire Jeongi Releases Underwhelming First Teaser with Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon — 58 Comments

  1. ‘warrior baek dong soo’ wasn’t “lamely” written. it suffered from the middle onwards, but there was compelling stuff up in there, especially with the beginning half. i’m giving it its due, at least.

    this is a terrible trailer.

    • I agree.
      There were some compelling things, mostly the epic bromance and fighting scenes. But boy, did it drag with the pointless ginseng storyline.
      I still enjoyed it though, despite the lackluster writing.

    • Lee Sang Yoon. I actually like the trailer. But I agree that the leads really had zero chemistry together… I like that Moon Geun Young finally has some weight on her, but then I can’t help but notice that it doesn’t help her acting career bc it makes her face really chubby and its unpleasant for the screen. In addition, most of the actors that she act with are older, so it doesnt help with getting that chemistry with them sparked either…But Ill tune in for at least the first two episodes to see whats up.

  2. she looks so much younger than me when im actually younger!! she looks like a baby compare to lee sang yoon, don’t get me wrong, lee sang yoon is gorgeous and manly but with moon geun young…ill guess we just have to watch it firt. and there seems to be no chemistry at all.

  3. I wish i really liked moon geun young considering all the rave reviews about her being one of the best actresses of her generation but for some reason i could never be compelled or really find anything captivating about her.

    • I don’t get all the buzz about her, honestly. Acting or looks.
      Now, I have to agree about the trailer: Boring and dull already. It’s not like I like sageuks in the first place but I thought the premise was interesting for this one.

    • Im with you on this honestly i’m more of a park shin hye than MGY fan. she looks way too young to star next to LSY thre’s no chemistry in the trailer.

      • And honestly I observe MOON GEUN YOUNG look’s more young than Park Shin Hye, she looks like 30 in a above. No Offense! ๐Ÿ™‚ and for me Moon Geun Young still act so well/great than her no wonder moon geun young reserved lot’s of awards .. ~~ ^^

        maybe in the 1st trailer there is no chemistry, but I’m sure when the drama starts to air CHEMISTRY WILL BOOM :))) Let just wait and Relax. bwaaahahaahahaha! โ˜บ

  4. Well, they only had a few scenes to use for this trailer, of course it’s nothing yet. Patience. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember that MGY did not have any chemistry at all with KJW at the beginning of MMM, but later… Oh, my… ๐Ÿ˜› Let’s wait, we’ll see how it goes.

    I can see she is acting, I am waiting to see her become her character. Go go Moon!

  5. i really wish that kim bum is the lead.i know from start that the chemistry between mgy and lee sang yoon willb NOT there.what a pity..

  6. I Iove Warrior Baek Dong Soo of the first half of the series. The second half was pretty boring and stop watching it. I see know chemistry. However, I am waiting to see Kimbum and gap his mane of glory. I have a feeling that they have better chemistry than her with Lee Sang Yoon.

  7. Oh my. Moon Geun Young looks so young in those pictures. She even looks younger than the girl portraying her younger version in the drama. I hope chemistry between the leads will sprout as the drama progresses. She also had zero chemistry with Park Si Hoo in Alice at the beginning. Hmmm… Let’s wait for Bummie. Second lead syndrome much..

  8. she looks almostly exactly like when she did my little bride ages ago o_o i guess bushier eyebrows makes her look even younger than her age.

  9. The teaser is bad, it makes the drama look like a snoozfest. And seriously what fountain of youth is MGY drinking from. She looks so young here and I agree on that there is zero chemistry between the leads.
    Where is the compelling stuff, especially if she’s supposed to end up teaching pottery in Japan. (I just hope they don’t make all the “Japanese” in this production to be villains like kdrama tend to do)
    I hope they release a better trailer soon, because this just looks terrible.

  10. I love Lee Sang Yoon, and I could not beleive that anyone could NOT have chemistry with him because well . . . you know . . .he’s . . .I just do not get her here. She does not seem to be thinking about anything in these shots excpet for when she is making the pottery. The trailer really tells us nothing but there is some sad past, a meet cute (does every boy have to catch the female lead in some former life? Are they all that clumsy?), and then angst with seemingly the same angst music from every drama. It’s not even that pretty, which is hard when everyone gets to wear those gorgeous clothes.

  11. Moon Geun Young looks absolutely horrible in the trailer but she’s always been pretty plain so I was not surprised.

  12. Wait what how. !)?!? Bummie isn’t the lead ?! But how &$4$$;&$($;$;&;&
    Kay I will not be watching Srry ! Can’t take one one time that my bummie isn’t the lead he deserves it and earned it ! But who is the lead anyway I don’t recognize him ?!

  13. I think the sales team don’t have time to out together a good teaser yet??? I’m sure the following previews would be better, fingers crossed. Anyway….Moon will pull through somehow, she’s a terrrific actress.

  14. I am still excited about this one with some reservations. I just have been burned way too many times. They do really need to up to chemistry on this one.

  15. Thank you for sharing this first teaser. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, at first watch, the teaser appears boring since all I got to see was a string of pictures of the lead female character in different clothes, or the lead female character standing next to the lead male character. The only interactions I saw were from the younger actors. But I will try not to be quick in concluding that based on this first teaser the entire drama will be just a boring string of pictures of the main characters, with no interaction. For after all, the full drama episodes have not yet started…Two things caught my attention from this teaser: (1) The scene wherein MGY is molding a clay into a pot/vase. Who among us can do pottery clay? I don’t and it looks like a difficult skill to learn. So, I think that’ll be some acting that MGY will have to display to convince the viewers of her character’s skill. And I believe MGY will deliver; (2) At 0:06, we see a MGY’s side view profile, which for a brief moment, I thought, almost resembles that of Lee Young-Ae in that familiar poster for the drama “Dae Jang Geum”. Then, as far as chemistry, some people describe it as a process or something that unfolds. So seeing from the teaser the characters of LSY and MGY just standing next to each other, not looking or talking with each other (perhaps because the director said so), I’m not sure I can quickly say they don’t have chemistry. Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing how this drama will portray LSY’s character, Prince Gwanghae, who according to Wikipedia had some controversy and conflicts during his reign.

  16. Poor MGY her young looks are making her seem miscasted when she actually have the age for doing the roles, but instead everyone thinks she looks like a child, poor her.

    • Poor you and your mouth keeps there to eat and your fingers for the household hahaaaa , also for the haters here pfffffffffffffffffffffff

      • omg, so rude, I’m her fan and it is true her young face make people think she is miscasted! I’m sure she will deliver and rock her role, but what can he do if people see a teen/child than MGY the woman???

        Acting this way won’t help anyone, want to support her, do it but don’t be rude.

  17. And then if it looks a child? She is pretty , it is the natural beauty and baby face there is nothing , at least it does not go through the knife as some actress in korea , and how can you feel that there is no chemistry with the first teaser ? Oh gossips make your household or ironing ! Do not look if you do not like , because there is others who love as me ยง

      • No, I don’t think that she has been touched by a knife… her beauty is natural and that’s very obvious

      • speak about under the knife, I do really have no idea about what type of plastic surgery do korean stars will take to make their face look chubbier than usual. I have learned from my reading that a lot of korean people tend to do surgery to reduce the size of their face/ jaw. What I can see from MGY’s physical appearance from AIMH until recently is only she gain weight and look more chubbier. If she indeed did ps for beauty purpose instead of health problem, I still admire her acting skill which is for me touch my heart. I don’t deny that every person have their own freedom to express their opinion about other person for motivation purpose. Just do it in proper manner because they are also human being just like us and I do believe that everyone of us will never escape from get critique from others. It just that if we do comment other people in good way, normally the same thing goes to us, rite? ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. That’s odd. I thought she ended up in Japan as a leading edge potter, yet it looks like she has a romance with the king. Did he just give her up when she was taken to Japan?

  19. I don’t understand why people here judges drama before broadcasting and the chemistry I think the drama doesn’t have started yet , and for the actress’s look I think you should ask the God bcz it is awful to talk about her face, nose , eyes……. etc only matter her acting even I am not fan for her but annoys me that some only care about outside the person and please don’t offense lead actor bcz he isn’t handsome as Kim Bum .
    My worries that Sageuks Dramas shown alot lately I hope just the writers not make it losing its charm .

  20. I like her look. I am worried about the story. I hope it is good in any case. I just want Moonie to finally have a good drama again. LSY is a decent actor so I hope depending on the storyline that these two will rock their respective roles.

  21. Dang, bunch of HATERS up in here! Yes, MGY is pretty in her own way and it’s a good thing she doesn’t conform to all the other sticks figures in kdramas. She is tiny, her face shape is just genetically inclined to be rounder. Blame it on the hair style because I doubt it would flatter anybody! Nothing a little bronzer won’t fix. But the lead guy is looking hot and he’s got a tan, so MGY should take note and get some bronzer too (Asians be obsessing about white skin-ugh! I’m Asian so I know).

  22. That looks incredibly dull but then I am probably not the target audience – those long palace sageuks are not my thing – give me fusion or maybe war-centric ones like Kingdom of the Winds or Jumong, and I am good.

    This said, I don’t really get the complaints about MGY’s looks – she looks fine to me. She is not jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but then she never was – she is a good actress with pleasant looks and sizeable on-screen charisma, which is what she exhibits here, IMO.


    Moonie is a Simple yes so GORGEOUS. FIGHTING GOF ~~ ^^

  24. I’m looking forward to this drama, I know it will be a great one.
    I love MGY’s beautiful look and can’t wait to see her great acting in sageuk again. FIGHTING BONG!!!

    • @Princesse Fiana Do not say stupids things if you are princess called , not deserving for somebody to speak like that with similar title loool

      • What small brain u have! What narrow tinted view you have! Oh my what a high sounding name you got! Tsk, tsk. Too bad, you don’t live up to your title.

  25. for hater moon:i dont care what u say about MOON GEUN YOUNG…….
    for me she best actresses….and is good news she’s back………..”alive MOON GEUN YOUNG”………fighting there so much love for u……..

  26. I really don’t understand why people always talk about her look, that’s all you can talk?!!! chubby cheeks?! she always has that except for the time she lost her weight in painter of wind times and I’m glad that she gained weight again. please don’t judge her. she is great actress I’ve always loved her in all of her works.
    all i can say is anyone said bad things about her is definitely jealous of her.
    in the teaser she looks so BEAUTIFUL and the drama look interesting…how can you judge it before seen it!!!

  27. Can I just ask, what’s with the really thick eyebrows which are dyed so thickly black? Is it a historical fashion statement?

  28. Ha Jiwon in “Damo” looked very young, too. Lee Young Ae’s cheeks were at their chubbiest in her last Saeguk drama. I do not see that MGY’s youthful looks and chubby cheeks are any more extraordinary than others. In the trailer, Moon Geun Young’s eyes and face glowed when she was at the wheel with her pottery. ….The nuanced acting begins.

    There are so many “actors/actress” to watch out for so may this production be a joy to watch.

  29. Why people are always talking about her appearance. It’s clear that she’s beautiful, humble, able to keep her personal life very well and most important thing for an artist is that she’s very talented. So it is very appropriate that she be an idol. As an actress, she very qualified. She studied every role given to her seriously, either as Ryu Min; a blind girl in “Love Me Not”, as Seo Bo Eun; a 15 year old high school girl who had married in “My Little Bride”, as Jang Chae Rin; a dancer in “Innocent Steps”, as Song Eun Jo; a jealous stepsister in “Cinderella Sister”, as Shin Yun Bok; is a talented young painter disguised as a boy to find her father’s killer in “Painter of the Wind”, as Wi Mae Ri; a cheerful girl who falls in love with a singer in “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and a role in the her last drama as Han Se Kyung; a talented designer who is desperate and facing a dilemma between wanting to be the wife of a rich man in Cheongdamdong or without her realizing that she loved the poor secretary which turned out to be a CEO in “Cheongdamdong Alice”. At her drama this time, she will play a woman pottery maker. We can see it, how seriously she learned how to make pottery in addition she also had to learn the character as Yoo Jung; the first woman to make a ceramics.
    Yes, that’s MOON GEUN YOUNG, she gets very diverse roles. She also can work well with every male co-star, both in drama and in the movie. And all the actors who have worked with her say that they are proud to work with Moon Geun Young, and according to them Moon Geun Young is an actress who is not selfish and always considerate of others. Therefore, believe that Moon Geun Young will create good chemistry with the male actor because the chemistry will be created if both the main character is often met on set. How we can say that among Moon Geun Young and the male actor no chemistry if they are two people just paired and the drama has not started ? So please take your patience ……

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