SETTV Drops Adorable First Teaser for Just You Starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo

Not all onscreen pairings are created equal, some sound great on paper and fizzle in action, others come out of left field and blow everyone away unexpectedly. Since Aaron Yan has never worked with SETTV before, it never crossed my mind he would manage to work with one of their stable of up-and-coming young actresses. Now he’s about to co-star with Puff Guo and I think this one sounds like a win. He’s still very young himself and acting experience-wise still has lots and lots (LOTS) of room for improvement. Like his Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang its pretty obvious that Aaran got a little nip-tuck himself, but unlike Jiro’s full-facial-reconstruction, the change in Aaron looks natural and does make him manlier. I’m good with it, just no more, you hear kiddo? I thought Aaron rose to the occasion in Alice in Wonder City and have been wondering what he will do as a follow up. The upcoming Thursday night idol drama Just You (Chinese title I Will Make You Love Me) co-starring Puff Guo premieres in less than two weeks and the first teaser has just been released. HOMG it looks soooooo cute. I know Aaron keeps playing the exact same character type – cold, arrogant, reticent – but honestly could you see him doing anything else? LOL, I’m not dissing Aaron, just being honest. Whereas Puff plays a very feisty regular employee who finds herself butting heads with her mean manager played by Aaron, and this is a huge character type shift for her since she usually plays snobbish rich girls (Miss Rose, Inborn Pair). Puff has said this character is very similar to her real life personality, and both Puff and Aaron as the maknaes in their respective pop groups so its a treat seeing them come into their own. I also like the office setting and can’t wait to see Puff and Aaron trade barbs and shoot fire at each other as they butt heads over his love prohibition decree. Now SETTV has managed to hook my interest again, sigh.

First teaser for Just You:

I do not like people at work Falling. In. Love.

If we make that crazy freak fall in love with Liang Liang, he’ll violate his own decree and will have to rescind it!


SETTV Drops Adorable First Teaser for Just You Starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo — 11 Comments

  1. SETTV ….Sigh why them again after the hell they made us live in King flower…Double sigh 🙁 I’m interested too 🙁

  2. The trailer looks totally cute. I remember how I used to spazz about how if only Aaron could act with Hebe. (the fanclub was called ‘bebu’) but anyways that was OT. Puff looks pretty cute with Aaron too! :)I really liked her in Inborn Pair so am hwaiting for this drama with full of hope.

  3. Call me blind if you want, but I really don’t see what’s the big deal with Jiro’s nose job. Aaron clearly had a lot more things done than him… You just need to take a look at before and after pics to see that.

    Jiro pre-surgery:
    http: // kw2007 . com . cn /upload/news/87/87296AFC977F4B2EB8EFDDCEF99E700B/E43414ADE10F4E3C82F423DE35F762ED . jpg

    http : // ww3 . sinaimg . cn /large/69b226bdjw1e3urqarpyhj . jpg

    Should he sue however did that to his nose and thought it looked good? Definitely. “Full-facial-reconstruction” is a heck of an exaggeration, though.

    But, hey, let’s take a look at aaron

    http : // i0 . sinaimg . cn /ent/y/p/2008-12-09/U1819P28T3D2286701F326DT20081209071851 . jpg

    https : // fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd . net /hphotos-ak-prn1/p480x480/935475_10151476247233316_1594720157_n . jpg

    … the pics speak for themselves, I think.

    I also don’t see what’s the point of always mentioning Jiro when Aaron is the main topic. I mean, aaron has been trying to get out of Jiro’s shadow ever since their Fahrenheit days but, even after so many years, the poor guy still can’t seem to catch a break…

    • I agree; Aaron’s face appears to have changed far more than Jiro’s did. Honestly, if I didn’t read all the PS posts on the latter, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. But with Aaron it’s much more obvious, though I also think he looks better now. Both clearly had work done, and both appear to be doing well with their careers post-surgery, so honestly it’s pointless to bitch or praise either of them.

  4. you know why Okoala sis??…. because we are suckers for dramas!! good, bad or ugly. I also did talked all kinds of shit because of KF and here I am already hooked on only a preview ;/

  5. Cute trailer. Never found Puff attractive or pretty before, perhaps due to her previous snobbish character roles. Hopefully this new drama will shed new light on Puff for me. As for Aaron, i always found him handsome since his young days, which makes me wonder why he ever needed any niptuck.

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