Joe Cheng Attends World Ocean Day Festivities and Readies for Discharge from the Military

Summer totally crept up on me this year, probably because the weather has been unusually chilly with the June gloom. Summer is usually a jam-packed entertainment season since when the students are out the entertainment industry loves to throw more goodies at them. Soon Taiwan entertainment will get back one very delicious goody in the form of Joe Cheng, who has been serving his mandatory military service for the past year (he enlisted last August) and will be getting discharged on July 20th. Mandatory military service has gone down from two years to one year recently (and going down even more to four months) so these latest enlistees including Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao all got a big break. Two years is a looooong time to be away from the public eye, and if the two Koreas weren’t in a state of war I’m sure South Korea will be lowering their military service down from two years as well. Joe will be coming back to a different landscape than when he left, the tide is always pushing and this time he’ll be striking out on his own since he left Catwalk before he enlisted and started his own agency. That’s always a smart thing to do when one has built up the resume and connections, Ethan also left Catwalk and started his own agency two months ago. Joe has been relatively low key these past few months since he hurt his leg and needed surgery, which prompted some to think he might get a medical discharge. That didn’t happen as Joe wanted to serve his full term and he got the cast off a few months ago and has been in rehab for the injury and working out to get back in shape. He looks fantastic at this past weekend’s World Ocean Day celebration in Keelung port in Northern Taiwan, where Joe has been doing his duty as part of the Coast Guard there. His fans from all over Asia showed up and Joe had to do a autograph session that was totally jam packed. In the last year Joe has two projects air, the C-drama Love Actually with Lee Da Hae, and the TW-movie Ripples of Desire with Michelle Chen, Jerry Yan, and Ivy Chen. I’m stoked for his return and hope he picks a great project soon!


Joe Cheng Attends World Ocean Day Festivities and Readies for Discharge from the Military — 14 Comments

  1. Do the stars in Taiwan and South Korea simulataneously have film and TV career??

    In our country….we have separate actors for the two and the star status of movie stars is way higher than the TV ones….

    • Some do (also in Japan), but I think they have a tendency to do more of one or the other, probably in part because the film and TV industry work rather differently. (Think Kang Dong-won who pulled out of TV because the “speed” of working did not suit him and has only done films for ~ a decade.)

      Plus, I’d say acting skills-wise the demand in some types of films can be significantly higher, which some actors that do fine on TV could not deliver.

      • Thanks alua 🙂
        so that is the reason why some actors work mostly in films….But I like that they have a balance between both and they work in movies as well as TV shows 🙂

      • Well, I’m pretty sure that the most successful movie actors will earn a lot more from a film (particularly big projects, where they might also get a cut from the takings) than from a drama…

        Status-wise, by the way, my personal impression is that drama actors can be very popular, but that the best of film actors will often get a lot more respect for their skill (they may be popular as well). I’m not sure that one is a higher status than the other, just the status is for different reasons. (This is not to say that there aren’t some incredibly talented TV actors as well.)

    • I actually always ask that ! but in US for example very few movie actors act in tv shows rather null and the ones acting in tv shows are rarely in movies that is only there ! We don’t have that in my country and around ( middle east ) nor in any other

  2. Aww!!! You are the best Cap. K. You really make my morning great. Thanks so much for the post.
    He looks fresh and is such a handsome dude!
    New hair style too.

  3. Awww, how I miss Joe Cheng.. Thanks Miss K! Just mentioned it awhile ago in previous article about TW drama.
    This, make me smile! He looks skinnier, but nonetheless healthy and awww-y as he always be..

  4. i really miss the presence of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin at They Kiss Again 2..its a long year since I’ve seen them both in the movies..and I really hope another movie will come out too with the both of them..I am glad to see JOe Cheng wearing the Coast Guard suit, very handsome and totally like ZHISHU..your such a very handsome so much..and Miss you a lot in the movie..

  5. i hoping that ariel and joe will continue their series’ “its started with a kiss”‘ because im dying to watch them again in that story. And hope that Ariel and Joe will make movies and drama as funny and lovely as ISWAK!! FROM PHILIPPINES

  6. I hope in the near future, Joe Cheng collaborates with my favorite Korean superstar, Yoon Eun Hye! As I said a while ago in another article here, the screen will definitely explode with both of them the Hottest Actor/Actress of this time. Got no problem with ArJoe tandem, but just like in food, different flavors & variety spices Life!

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