Goddess of Marriage with Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi Release First Teaser

It would be an understatement to say I’m wickedly looking forward to the upcoming weekend K-drama Goddess of Marriage. Sure, it sounds just like Can We Get Married? as a bunch of married and single couples probe the institution of marriage in modern Korean culture. But there are plenty of been there-done that concepts but if done right there is always room for another contender. I think GoM might be a refreshing change from the current weekend landscape littered with makjang family dramas such as I Summon You Gold, Birth Secret, and Hundred Year Inheritance (which will itself be followed by the birth secret drama Scandal with Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee). The drama has been slow on releasing official sneak peeks but this week dropped its first teaser that does confirm the general vibe will be snappy and energetic. I love the two leads Nam Sang Mi and Kim Ji Hoon, and Lee Sang Woo is pretty easy on the eyes as well. If SBS has been stingy with the official drama sneak peeks, Kim Ji Hoon has taken it upon himself to tweet lots of pictures for his fans that clearly show all that delicious grub he packed away during his extended US trip back in April clearly didn’t affect his physique in the slightest. The cast and crew was in Jeju island recently filming GoM and Kim Ji Hoon snuck in a photo shoot by the beach that he so generously previewed for his fans. Let’s just say when his abs clearly met the sun and surf. I think Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi will make a fantastic onscreen couple, they both have this down-to-earth warmth and sweetness. I’m also looking forward to Kim Ji Hoon returning to more adult fare with GoM and hopefully it has some of the same quirky effervescence as Love, Marriage. Check out the first teaser below as well as lots of Kim Ji Hoon pictures to drool over.

First teaser for Goddess of Marriage:


Goddess of Marriage with Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi Release First Teaser — 15 Comments

  1. Was waiting for the first look….thanks for posting…. 🙂

    By the way..are you watching you’re the best Lee Soon Sin..another weekend drama??

    Kim ji hoon……. ♥….hopefully he’ll be the main lead…..

  2. I liked KJH’s mix of Mr Darcy and Mr Palmer in Wish Upon A Star. I like NSM….natural beauty -nothing plastic about her. So looking forward to checking this out.

  3. YES. He’s lead this time. Thank god. I was second male lead crushing the entire time he was in the drama with Park Shin Hye (so much that I didn’t watch that drama). But weekend dramas are so long and tedious.

  4. hi miss koala, sorry if this is out of topic, but have you tried watching the new kdrama I Hear Your Voice? just wondering what your thought are about it.

  5. I like the cast including the supporting actors, hoping that it’s zippy and different from those makjang weekend fares.

  6. Is this a new trend amongst k-actors, initiated by Mister Hand-Towel to walk in the sea shirtless yet with tracksuit pants below? I dun dun dun get it.

    The trailer is promising on the humor side and I dig the couples much.

  7. I could not concentrate on the teaser after those pics. Will have to go back and look again at the pics and then attempt again to watch the teaser.

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