Sonia Sui and Tony Yang Jump Over to GTV for The Pursuit of Happiness

There must be so much behind the scenes going-ons that I wish I were a fly on the wall in production companies. Sonia Sui, who reportedly turned down SETTV’s King Flower to focus on her movie career, is headed back to the small screen to make GTV’s upcoming The Pursuit of Happiness. Her co-star is none other than SETTV main stay and now also jumped network ships Tony Yang, who coincidentally was also supposed to be in KF with Sonia to play the role of Terry. Filming has already started for the drama which is being produced by GTV in association with the independent production company that did In Time With You and Love or Bread, both of which were Ariel Lin dramas though the quality couldn’t be more different. Sonia said that she accepted this project because the character spoke to her real life situation – she plays a 35-year old white collar worker who has endured a long relationship with her boyfriend whereby they’ve broken up and gotten back together 3 times during the course of the rocky romance (Yao Yuan Hao, anyone?). Finally he betrays her yet again and she finally decides to move on, and the drama is about a very realistic look at how the modern woman approaches love and disappointments but still hoping for that special connection. Second leads Cash Chuang and Aggie Hsieh are serviceable and not bloody likely to steal the leads thunder, though Sonia has said this week that since filming started she’s only seen Tony on set twice whereas all her scenes so far have been with Cash. Hhhhmmm, I wonder how the drama will build up the OTP interactions when the drama doesn’t start with them actually interacting much. Its reassuring to see Sonia looking so happy and healthy, though still scarily skinny, and this script appears much more suited for her than KF ever was. Tony laughed that he’s shown the script to his girlfriend Amber Kuo who liked it a lot but was teased that she’s going to keep an eye on him for the kissing scenes. The drama doesn’t have an airdate yet but I’m guessing it’ll premiere sometime in the Fall.


Sonia Sui and Tony Yang Jump Over to GTV for The Pursuit of Happiness — 8 Comments

  1. Past dramas with Tony Yang has always caught me by surprise namely, Ex-boyfriend and Love Forward..Maybe it’s just me but OTP just doesn’t work out. Shall I give this a try?

    • I know right. I mean Chris and Nikki was so good in their performance that I couldn’t imagine someone else playing those 2 characters better then them. I am they were totally iconic in KF. It was a good thing that these 2 turn the role down or else the drama would have really sucked big time.

  2. She is seriously gorgeous! But my goodness that dress is weird and way too revealing. Also; glad she didn’t do KF. That train wreck with hideous ratings (given SETTV’s Sunday reputation) was not good for her career. I hope this one turns out good for them!

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