Video Preview for Episode 6 of Monstar

Watching a live drama has its benefits and drawbacks, and this week I worried Monstar would hit that major wall for me whereby the wait is simply too long between episodes when the actual material is darling but just not that gripping. This is a high school coming-of-age story through music, about friendships past and future, about moving past failures and mistakes and doing the best in the present. High school may be far in the rear view mirror for me, but its that distance and experience gleaned since then which makes it so much more reassuring to watch. To know that the experience is universal but only through slightly different cultural lenses. I think the best think to happen to Yoon Seol Chan, our resident Star Boy, was getting waylaid by a crazy fan and sent back to school. He gets to live his life accordingly to his own wants, and episode 5 really upped the stakes on the upcoming charity event performance when Seol Chan challenged Joon Hee and his All for One posse to a musical smackdown.

Episode 5 continued the themes about discovery and trying, bringing the seven kids of the Poop Group closer together with a common objective. I wanted the performance to happen already but then after this episode I’ve changed my mind. I think the drama is about the group experimenting and transforming individually and together as they align on a common purpose, so now I’m looking forward to all the successes and failures as they try to create the most kick-ass program to dethrone the school musical snobs. The preview for episode 6 was pretty epic, and I’m not just talking about Sun Woo and Se Yi’s adorable date (which reminded of what could have been in You’re Beautiful had Shin Woo oppa actually joined Mi Nam on that date where he shadowed her) or even Seol Chan and Se Yi’s maybe kiss. My heart is won by scenes of the group learning new music together, of them bonding through drawing each other’s talent and strengths out. Even as they bicker and fight, they are slowly experiencing something that will ultimately leave a mark on their lives. This is what makes Monstar so comforting a watch.

Preview for episode 6:

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Video Preview for Episode 6 of Monstar — 11 Comments

  1. KISSSSSSSSSSS. ahhhhhh. I need to stay away until all 12 episodes have aired. Just reading your recaps and previews is amazing and I want to enjoy it in a marathon watch haha.

  2. How can a teen drama be so awesome?! I’m shipping both sails lol I just can’t pick one, both have undeniable chemistry.

    How will I survive for a week until I can see the date and smooch? Ohh my feels this preview is damn harmful for a crazy watcher like I am. >.<

  3. Translation of Episode 6:

    A voice says “a bet”? you think I sent you to school to play leader to those (loser) kids?

    SeolChan tells the kids: let’s stop.

    SunWoo asks se yi for a simple date

    SeolChan : to speak truthfully my jealousy is about to explode– I don’t know the reason either.

    adam asks: did you give up

    SeolChan : should I prove it once?

    SeYi: I told you not to kid around.

    SeolChan leans in to kiss se yi asking do you really not see me as a guy that much? is that it?

    pic and trans goes to the rightful owner-

    ENJOY!! ^___^

  4. Yea I’m geeked and this just readies me even more for next week, Between Gu Family Book on Mondays and on Wed.-Thursdays I hear your Voice this drama make my Fridays lovely I love KOREAN DRAMAS they make my summers RULE!!!!!

  5. i’m waiting for our mysterious girl NaNa to reveil her secret,,,and by the way I’m such a big fan of NaNa-SeunWoo couple

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