Nikki Hsieh is Trendy for the Pages of GQ Taiwan

If plucky and poor Jin Da Hua from the TW-drama King Flower (Chinese title Jin Da Hua’s Extravagant Adventure) had plastic surgery to transform into a ladylike sylph to masquerade as Du Liang Yen, then neither incarnation is anywhere close to the real personality and style of leading lady Nikki Hsieh. Nikki did a few small roles in dramas before launching her career for good as a film actress. She won a Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress Award in 2006 for the movie Reflections, where she played a punk rock lesbian who takes revenge on the guy she holds responsible for stealing her girlfriend away. Two years ago she won the Best Actress Award at the Taipei Film Festival for the movie Make Up, co-starring Sonia Sui where they played a lesbian teacher-student couple who cannot be together. I realize Nikki keeps winning awards for playing a lesbian but really her range is super diverse, but in real life she’s a one-guy kinda girl and has a steady rocker boyfriend for the past four years. In October of 2012 Nikki graced the cover and pages of GQ Taiwan and I really love these pictures so wanted to share. It’s a great way to shake off bumbling emotionally stunted Da Hua to look at the real sultry Nikki behind the drama character. It’s GQ so the sexiness quotient is dialed up, but I think the photo shoot manages to be seductive without being skanky, and its nice for Nikki to embrace her female beauty after spending the last year bundled up playing sweet nice girls such as Da Hua in King Flower and the deaf-mute-self-sacrificing heroine in the TW-remake of Die Sterntaler. Nikki has two tattoos, on her neck says “Be the change” while along her side is the inscription “Let life flow, you will have no regrets”. In an industry where cute and bubbly female entertainers abound, she’s a refreshing breath of fresh air with her punk rock attitude, not to mention a genuine acting talent. Up next for Nikki is famed TW-director Hou Hsiao Hsien’s period movie The Hidden Heroine with Shu Qi, Chang Chen, Tsumabuki Satoshi, and Ethan Ruan.


Nikki Hsieh is Trendy for the Pages of GQ Taiwan — 10 Comments

  1. isn’t she married already??

    but wow.. her face looks like a ‘good girl who loves jazz’ but then.. she has the punk rock attitude.. wow..

  2. I don’t get “artistic” photographs with a woman displaying her nekkidness and underwear. And I really do not like her face at all. There, I said it.

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