Goddess of Marriage with Nam Sang Mi and Kim Ji Hoon Introduces the Leads with Official Character Stills

We’re two weeks away from the premiere of the next SBS weekend drama called Goddess of Marriage, to follow the almost finished Birth Secret with Sung Yuri. This one will be visually a surprise for me, PD Oh Jin Seok has only directed the daily Miss Ahjumma two years ago, though he was the assistant PD for a bunch of weekend dramas from How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor to Lovers in Prague to Lovers in Paris. But acting-wise I’m expecting an across-the-board solid outing, leading lady Nam Sang Mi seems at ease in the weekend drama world from her Life is Beautiful days, Kim Ji Hoon trades his schleppy animator look in Flower Boy Next Door for his third outing as a lawyer (following Love, Marriage and Wish Upon a Star) and its a total win for me since I’ve always loved it when he’s played reserved formal types who is waiting to be thawed out, Lee Sang Woo is forever the perfect second male lead though in a long weekend drama there is always the chance for an upset, the last time I saw Jo Min Soo in a drama was as the beyond selfish mother in Will it Snow for Christmas though she’s since make quite the impression as the “mother” in Pieta, plus a talented group of actors in Lee Tae Ran, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Jung Tae, and Jang Yong Nam. Nam Sang Mi plays a radio show writer who still dreams about the ideals of marriage and finds herself in a love triangle with Kim Ji Hoon’s prosecutor and Lee Sang Woo’s artist. The latest drama news makes it appear that she will be marrying Kim Ji Hoon and becoming a Cheongdamdong daughter-in-law, which makes her the sister-in-law to Lee Tae Ran who is married to Kim Jung Tae who is Kim Ji Hoon’s older brother. Jo Min Soo plays Nam Sang Mi’s older sister and Kwon Hae Hyo is her meek husband. I like the just released official stills of the main cast, it’s definitely very standard and vanilla, but does capture the style and general character personality of everyone. I’m not looking for GoM to blow me away, but what I am looking for is an entertaining low-key drama about adults who are dealing with various aspects of the modern marriage. Please keep the histrionics to a low and dial up the kissing, please.


Goddess of Marriage with Nam Sang Mi and Kim Ji Hoon Introduces the Leads with Official Character Stills — 12 Comments

  1. I like Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Sang Woo. I don’t mind LSW being a second lead as long as there’s a chance he’ll strip and flaunt that great body. Will give this one a try.

  2. I’m just happy that I do not see one ‘Beatle Boy’ hairstyle! There have too many shows with actors who I want to reach through the screen and push the hair up off their handsome faces.

  3. Omo, omo, omo… I like both KJH and LSW and will be hard put which one to ship with NSM! Time will tell, I guess.

  4. LSW I love him in horse doctor! I wished he paired up with Jo bo ah in that drama! KJH was great in Flower Boy Next Door. too!

    LastEst cast updates: Son Eun Seo(May Queen) joins Queen of Legend with choi jung won and kim jeong hoon.

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