The Adorable Boys of Monstar Rock the Formal Wear

Kyaaa! Both sets of bromances brewing in Monstar are soooo engaging, I can’t decide which one is more fascinating at the moment. It’s easy to give the edge to Seol Chan-Sun Woo, since they are gorgeous individually and even moreso together, plus as the two male leads their story gets more airtime. But its a testament to the great nuanced writing in Monstar that the side characters of Kyu Dong and Do Nam have risen to capture the attention of the viewers as much as the two male leads. What is their complicated history? One which makes Do Nam an angry bully and Kyu Dong a meek bullied? Both have dropped hints before, with Do Nam telling Kyu Dong that he deserves the bullying and Kyu Dong telling Se Yi that he did something that Do Nam blames him for. I’m guessing its something related to Do Nam losing something or someone he loved. If it involves a parental figure,Β I’m going to be mildly amused by how Monstar has managed to give all the kids parent issues. From Se Yi’s mom blame to Seol Chan’s abandonment and estrangement, this drama has really thrown the book at the kids. And we don’t even know Na Na’s backstory yet? Is she the daughter of a mob boss? It sure looks like it, moreso than she’s some teenage girlfriend of some gangster.

Episode 5 was fantastic in revving this story back up, with the upcoming musical duel between Color Bar and All for One something that has genuine stakes and breadth. This isn’t about performing reluctantly, suddenly everyone wants to win, and both sides are loaded with talent. I loved the Do Nam-Kyu Dong beat boxing duet in episode 5, really one of the best musical arrangements this drama has showcased so far. Eun Ha’s little daydream about the gang ten years later all dressed up attending a rooftop black tie event take the fantasy bent usually reserved for Seol Chan and takes it one step further. Her dream is both an individual one where she’s finally the star that matches up to everyone else, but also this wistful hope that mabye they are all together in the future still. I would love if this drama ended with a glimpse into the future, much like Dream High went years later and everyone is either a star or moved beyond that. There are some BTS pictures of the boys from the filming for the cocktail party fantasy sequence and I must say everyone looks so dashing and debonair. Falling in love with Monstar has been both an oratory and visual treat of the best unexpected kind.


The Adorable Boys of Monstar Rock the Formal Wear — 20 Comments

  1. Kyu dong! Oh my God! I really wish he would take off his glass in the real world not only in daydreams or whatsoever. And Do Nam is so adorbs I can’t.. HAHA.
    Seol Chan! <3 HAHA

      • I agree! Kyu dong looks sooo manly in here, really dashing. πŸ™‚ and i am excited with development of Na na and Sun woo’s relationship.

    • With the glasses, Kyu-dong is certifiably cute in a nerdy boy way. Emphasis on boy. But styled as he is here? SQUEEE! As a wise friend once said to me, “The suit maketh the man.” And the hair. And that smile! *fangirl happy dance* πŸ™‚

  2. Love Monstar! I’m shipping NaNa-SunWoo! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    Side-track: Son Eun Seo joins Her Legend (jtbc) with Choi Jung Won & Kim Jeong Hoon.

    • Wahh! I’m also shipping the two! There’s too much chemistry going on with the two even if Nana barely speaks. I really do hope they end with each other.

  3. I don’t like Kan Ha Neul’s hair here. He’s still my favourite of them all, with Seol Chan coming closer as a second.

    Thank you for this post, Capt. K. Just like so many of this show’s fans, Episode 5 was epic! So the crumb trails to Friday is much appreciated. Every little bit helps ease the craving for the next ep to drop.

    I really hope that ep 6 (halftime already!) will finally reveal Nana’s backstory. I am beginning to warm up to her (loving her small reactions and gradual demonstration of emotion) and am wondering if she also has a history with Sun Woo (when he said that he kept on being rejected in the past), or if she harbors a crush on him. I know that many are shipping Sun Woo and Nana together but I just love Sun Woo’s “caring” for Se Yi. Yes, I am still infected with the 2nd lead syndrome! Knowing they can never be… hurts! waaahhh!

  4. Not following the drama but anytime “Do Nam” ‘s still pops up, I half expect Choi Si Won to show up. πŸ˜€ The former was the latter’s manager in King of dramas. πŸ˜‰ I wonder what Anthony would have to say about this. lol

    • @Denali Just picturing Anthony’s smirk in reaction to seeing “Do Nam” showcase his musical talents makes me laugh/smile. Oh andI think Choi Is Won would be in the front row cheering while holding some kind of stuffed animal figurine. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m also interested in learning about Nana’s back story and also seeing her musical talents and contributions to the group come to light. I do ship Nana and SW. Of course I’m a SC & SY shipper all the way.

  6. things are getting more exciting…

    am not simply impressed with the daydream bit but also with the way they shift to manga/comics then to the fantasy scene β€” awesome, right? you get the feel that you will be entering a “captured” time and space stuff.

    and boy, did Do Nam make a big impression doing the beat box! whew! (just hope that everything he mixed was for real, and that it was realy him…)

    about the back stories, it is good that they are doing it bits and pieces β€” giving us glimpse of the possible problematic past. and yup i am also totally excited to know nana more just like raindrops1.

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