Lee Yeon Hee Returns to Gu Family Book as the Parent Love Story Gets Final Closure

Look who’s back together on this week’s episode of Gu Family Book? It’s the original flavor Mommy and Daddy Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk as the drama wraps up the parents story. Frankly I though the whole thing was wrapped up at the beginning of episode 3 when Seol Hwa was cut down, but the drama managed to bring her back as a powerful force to oppose the Big Bad in a way that are far-fetched but more par for the course in this drama. I actually smiled when I saw them together, Lee Yeon Hee was particularly beautiful and fetching as Seo Hwa and I personally enjoyed her first sageuk outing performance in episode 1. She was really nailing the yangban backbone and there was palpable chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk. But an interesting character narrative needs to be developed and the parents got short-changed as the drama rushed through their story to get to the Kang Chi bit. From marriage to betrayal everything went down in 30 minutes without any proper foundation laid for why Seol Hwa would so instantaneously blame her husband for all the bad things to happen her her, just because he was a mythical being and didn’t tell her all the painful details. So with the character paint splash job I totally lost my fervor for this couple, but with time and distance from when their scenes aired two months ago, I’m rather pleasantly pleased their story gets a proper ending now. Lee Yeon Hee makes a cameo appearance as her older self sacrifices her life for Wol Ryung, and he imagines that its still the young Seol Hwa he loved as he holds her in his arms. Either Wol Ryung is the most forgiving demon-god in the world, or I’ll just have to accept that he loved Seol Hwa so much he was willing to move beyond her leading an army to kill him and in the process turned him into a raging evil demon. There are certain betrayals and misunderstands that can be resolved and forgiven, this might be one of the most daunting ones but in the simple world of GFB at least those two got the proper weepy closure they needed. Also, these two still look fantastic together. Score one for perfect couple eye candy.


Lee Yeon Hee Returns to Gu Family Book as the Parent Love Story Gets Final Closure — 13 Comments

  1. They look awesome together. Its weird that this is the only scene that made me cry in GFB….. I hope some writer/director pick up on their chemistry and maybe….perhaps….cast them to star together in a drama as the OTP?? Well….a girl can hope….

  2. I wanted her to die after episode two but it’s amazing how that’s turned around now and I was actually sad she had to sacrifice herself (though I understand why). I think I will just always feel so terrible for poor Wol Ryung. He gets the short end of the stick all around.

  3. sob sob sob, now if a writer would make a fantasy drama with Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk and give them a happy end.
    Lee Yeon Hee should be cast in a historical drama, it might just be the perfect challenge for her. She really blew me away, I admit I’m biased because I adored her in Hello Schoolgirl and My love.

  4. Will this drama touch that damn 20% rating? Three episodes left, what are they waiting for!

    Can You Hear My Voice is getting there faster than GFB!

  5. This was so sad! I loved their story line. It’s one of my favorite one in the drama. I can’t believe there is only 3 episodes left, but I am glad that there isn’t any last minute efforts to extend this. I feel like when that happens, sometimes the drama loses that edge. Maybe that is just me. Looking forward to the last episodes. Go for the 20%!!!!

  6. sadly, am i the only not rooting that this reach the 20 mark? to me, it’s undeserving. my investment in baby lee seung gi and the promise of gumiho hotness was stomped long ago. i’m just a complaining, indecisive viewer lingering for whatever juice they can squeeze out for the finale, oh, and especially for the quirky comments at viki. seung gi baby, better role choice next time please!

    • Well you might get your wish because episode 22 had only 16% rating! I don`t know why that happened but its not a good sign! They only have two episodes to get that 20% rating and they better bring it!

      • its because of the soccer game between SK and Iran. it aired at the same time with GFB.

  7. You guys DO NOT HAVE AN IDEA on HOW MUCH I CRIED watching epi 21!!!!!!
    My co-workers were staring at my tears over a drama!! hahahaha, they even asked what happened to my oppa! LOL!
    I really love this drama and have to say that I watch only for Wol Ryung, he is the HOTTEST DEMON EVEEER!!!!! Makes me sin everytime I see him! 😀

  8. The hottest for me is Lee Seung Gi and no one else. So hot and cute at the same time, what a combination. Through this drama, I am now his die-hard fan.

  9. I gave this drama a second try after being thoroughly disappointed JOJ – and promptly fell for Choi Jin Hyuk. I wish there was a drama for Wol RYung by himself. Possible spin off? Somebody? Anybody?

  10. Will miss KC and YW when the drama ends. This couple rocks! And Seung Gi definitely is the hottest half Gumiho in drama land. Have loved him in all his past dramas and now even more! He has such a gentle smile which tugs at the heart -strings. He truly shines in this drama, also love other supporting cast such as MBC, Gon and the teacher. LSG, Suzy and Gu family fighting !!

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