MBC Releases Dull Official Stills and Second Teaser for Goddess of Fire

If there is one thing Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love did right from start to soon-to-finish, it was to showcase the most stunning hanboks I have ever seen in any sageuk. Rich glorious designs, magnetic colors from deeps to pastels, and styles that perfectly accentuate the wearer’s femininity and unique look. That drama deserves an entire homage to its costume department, but its now set the bar so high that I’m truly appalled to see sageuks fail at the sartorial element and thereby make someone normally quite beautiful look unappealing and chintzy. Moon Geun Young’s hanbok in her official drama stills for Goddess of Fire Jeongi needs to be slashed and burned. The pale color makes her look washed out, the cut is atrocious and she looks neckless in it (and her head looks like it’s actually photoshopped onto her body when we know it can’t be), and in general the bulkiness turns her petite sylph-like frame in real life into a veritable sageuk humpty dumpty. MBC is usually on top of things with its sageuks but this is such a misfire already in making Moon Geun Young look like a kid while Lee Sang Yoon looks adult and kingly. Since second male lead Kim Bum also looks like a kid normally, I think mentally I’ll be happier to ship him with her so at least they look more complementary for each other. I’m not sure the OTP romance with Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon will have the visual appeal beyond daddy long legs and his charge. The dull and unappealing official stills of the OTP aside, the second teaser was released today and at least reverses the bottom of the barrel expectations created by the first ridiculously cheesy teaser. This one has the kids section and while it has the standard kids-meet-cute-torn-apart-by-fate spiel, at least the kids are acting their hearts out and anytime I see Jung Bo Seok and Jeon Kwang Ryul it makes me happy. That’s a small consolation that I’ll gladly take at this point.

Second teaser for Goddess of Fire:


MBC Releases Dull Official Stills and Second Teaser for Goddess of Fire — 13 Comments

  1. I think the acting is the main power in this drama. Maybe lacks in visual department, but who knows, they will blow us with their acting.

  2. Excuse me but drama’s premise a lot like in JOJ. Only in place of clothes we have pots. Sorry, maybee it will be only on first glance. And yes, i know that MGY already 25, but when i saw that picture-she with LSY, first thought was-get this pervert ajossi out this picture xX. Sorry again, i’m quite cynical nowadays…

  3. Seriously Moon Geun Young looks 15yrs old next to the 30yr old Lee Sang Yoon. I mean she looked believable in Alice in Cheongdamdong cause she had modern clothing, make up and hairstyle, but you put MGY in this type of sageuk clothing she looks almost child actress. Her past self and her could hang out in school.
    I hope they can pull this off, cause she’s a damn good actress.

  4. It’s not just her face… he’s also a lot taller than her. They just look incredibly weird together in a way that he and, for example, Han Hyo Joo would not even though Han Hyo Joo and Moon Geun Young are the same age.

  5. I feel it too Koala,I feel it too..This is so weird. Looking at both of them suddenly turn off my appetite to watch since that guy look way much more older than MGY.I just cannot picture them together romantically..It feels like MGY is playing the kid’s section of a drama.Sigh.I wish Kim Bum was the lead,at least they look compatible.I don’t get why nowadays Korea seems doesn’t know how to pair their actors and actress.

  6. The 2nd trailer carried a lot of substance and is way better than the first. We’ll wait and see how the story goes….the main actor in “Painter of the Wind” was way older than Moon and they had an amazing chemistry.

  7. lsy actually has a youthful spirit. he’s very cute. i think that they probably haven’t shot anything beyond that the teaser at this point, which is why they were a bit shy with each other. i’m hoping that they will have more chemistry as the show progresses. i really, really love mgy and i hope that the show will be a good surprise because the teasers aren’t helping make the show appealing.

  8. one thing is for sure – teasers of kdramas are pretty bad. This is not the first teaser that I’ve seen that has been bad. So far, I have not been capitivated. I have seen enough sageuks to recognize the child actors so I may just tune in to see how it goes. But if KB turns into what Jae Hee turned into, it will be quite sad.

  9. Han Hyo-joo that is younger than MGY and have baby face did have good chemistry with Ji Jin-hee that is a lot older than her, so I’ll be waiting.

    When MGY was a teen she had chemistry with the ahjusshis she acted with, so I think she will do just well.

  10. Could not agree more.JOJ Costumes are the best among saeguk drama. Ohh koala, can you please make a baby recap of JOJ at least.

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