InStyle Korea July Edition Features the Three Leads of Goddess of Marriage

When I first watched K-dramas I thought each and every single one featured a love triangle. That was way back when, when if memory serves that was indeed the case. Or so it felt that way. Things have evolved since then in many ways, not just with respect to the love triangle, but that too has become something that sometimes appears in K-dramas but not always. A drama can’t just mine the angst of having one character unable to pick between two choices, there has to be more to make the conflict feel intriguing and alive so that the viewer cares about the outcome. Characters need to have personalities, interactions have to be interesting and different, then suddenly the triangle becomes something that audiences look forward to solving. Once there is a well written love triangle, suddenly the drama becomes interesting to watch, but then it usually spawns a shipping war. I kinda hate shipping wars, I feel like one can prefer one without insulting the other, but in reality it’s not always so civilized. I have a feeling the upcoming Goddess of Marriage is going to have some massive shipping war break out. Perhaps Lee Sang Woo is used to it, since his last weekend drama Feast of the Gods reportedly had that happen between fans that shipped him versus fans that preferred male lead Joo Sang Wook‘s character with the leading lady played by Sung Yuri. Here the love triangle looks to be the central focus of the drama with respect to their three characters. I’m a much bigger fan of Kim Ji Hoon but I am reserving shipping preferences until I see how the characters are fleshed out and Nam Sang Mi‘s chemistry with her two leading men. InStyle Korea already got a jump on this love triangle by featuring the three leads in a photo spread in its July edition. It doesn’t really shed any light of which guy gets the girl since she’s equally cozy with both of them. I kinda wished this was a full blown wedding photo spread, which would have been apropos since there are lots of weddings during the Summer so a photo spread with the latest fantasy wedding dresses would be useful, not to mention this drama is called Goddess of Marriage.


InStyle Korea July Edition Features the Three Leads of Goddess of Marriage — 16 Comments

    • ^I know what you mean. I don’t understand the too short pants either. Some can pull it off but I’d rather have the slacks a little bit longer. Or is it on purpose to have the pants shorter to see the “no socks” with shoes???

      • I’m with you…suits with too-short or pegged pants look silly to me (but no one ever called me a fashionista) however, I don’t mind that style in casual wear, unless the guy has a pot belly like my ex.

      • When I was growing up we’d say “Your shoes are having a party, invite your pants down”. 🙂

    • How they don’t wear socks beats me.
      Doesn’t their feet get stinky? lol, i kind of just ruined the pretty.

      • To be fair,we women don’t wear socks or pantyhose with shoes either. I don’t mind the no socks thing but cannot stand it when men don’t wer socks with (1) formal wear & (2) brogues (lace up formal shoes).

      • so then we need 3rd male lead to complete the love story or even win the lead female’s heart.. or then this is gonna be siblings’ love.. hehe.. kidding, but i agree with you guys.. they look alike.. oh dear,, thanks to make up!

  1. Both men does not deserve to end up being second lead.
    Both are gifted actors that should have the lead.
    I think she should just pick both. I would.

  2. With FOtG, some fan sites got bloody as far as the shipping wars.

    I think it is a lot more fun when you keep jumping between ships – like I did with DH. Mabye that’ll happen here, too, but LSW has some sort of hold on me I can’t explain. He isn’t more handsome than KJH – there are very few actors that are – but LSW has a sensuality that lights me up when I see him.

    I hope that all the pairings are interesting. If not, we’ll always have FF.

  3. i find KJH so much more attractive but there is just something about LSW. i can’t help but root for the guy. LSW=sincere and honestly nice guy

  4. From people’s piont of veiw here (middle east and the orient ) All of Koreans are siblings and have the same facial features ! Mind me I can’t distinguish them from a mile but I spent the whole episode’s run trying to keep my family’s members or who ever is watching who is who and who did what and they would go like ” wasn’t she in that place , did she change her cloths that fast . ” hahh
    Anyways I love the guy from flower boy next door !( ya I’m good with faces .. Name …..NOT) And I m waiting on pins and needles for this ! Thanks

  5. kjh is definetely very good looking, but i prefer Lsw, love him in dh and love him more in TFOG waiting for this drama hoping it wont be a disappoinment.

  6. I do love LSW , I think he has one of the most amazing bodies between korean actors and he’s really handsome too.I was very surprised because in FOTG, was the second male who got the girl.

  7. Thank you for this post! I love Kim Ji-hoon, but I don’t love the way he’s styled here – it takes me back to his Stars Falling from the Sky days. The man can look so much better. I adored him in Flower Boy Next door, and then went back and watched him in Joseon X-Files. My conclusion is that he looks his best with a bit of scruff. He’s too clean shaven here, lol.

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