Mnet Releases Sneak Peek at the Maybe Kiss in Episode 6 of Monstar

We’re just hours away from a new episode of Monstar and I have a good feeling this one will continue the nicely developing character growth and musical discovery the drama has established. Mnet released some official spoiler stills of Seol Chan and Se Yi in a near kiss situation and this can’t be a surprise to anyone since this scene was shown in the preview at the end of episode 5. I think its way too early for these two cutie pies to be kissing, and I’m betting based on intuition and drama experience that this kiss isn’t happening. But that doesn’t mean the act of nearly kissing isn’t going to have some real consequences in shifting the tone and tenor of Seol Chan and Se Yi’s odd relationship. They aren’t really friends, they are classmates by chance and karma put them as seat mates, and they are bound together by the fear of poop dogging their reputations as well as the god-given musical talents that make them perfect to form a group together. Oh, and they both absolutely loathe All for One, so if I add up all their little bits and pieces, I think the drama makes an easy case for why they are so utterly perfect for each other. She puts him off-balance and he invades her bubble-formed personal space. I really don’t know why Seol Chan’s awkward jealousy over Se Yi’s closeness with Sun Woo delights me to no end, but it does and I want to see more of it. It’s like watching a very slow creature suddenly develop personal awareness of its true limitations. Episode 5 confirmed for me that Na Na has some strange feelings around Sun Woo, which means the drama might have a secondary romantic OTP developing soon to double the fun. I’m still the most invested in the friendships developing all around, from mending broken ones to growing unexpected ones, and as the viewer we gets some fantastic music sequences out of it to boot. I’m quite curious what the ultimate act will be that Color Bar will put on opposite All for One since Seol Chan has thrown out some really nifty concepts so far though I doubt those will be recycled for the actual performance. All the exciting new developments sure to come makes me count down the hours until episode 6 airs.

Sneak peek at Monstar Episode 6:


Mnet Releases Sneak Peek at the Maybe Kiss in Episode 6 of Monstar — 10 Comments

  1. yes…7 hours away

    any info where to live streaming this drama?
    can’t wait….

    love surely takes time sipping into Seol Chan in creepy misterious way…lol
    i love the writer so far *grin

  2. Hi Koala

    I find your recent posts about Monstar just so cool and exciting to read…they feel like messages for an inner circle within K-dramaland. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yoohoo! Looking forward! Lastest updates:Go Ah Ra & Yoo Yeon Seok(Gu family book) leads “Answer Me 1994” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. unnie this girl looks like moon geun young ๐Ÿ˜€ what do you think:D

    BTW i am getting NaNa’s interest in SunWoo starting from episode 3:D and if we think backwards she always pays attention when he speaks. As sun woo be more sincere with his environment i think she will open her heart too:D

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