Goddess of Marriage Releases Official Posters and Shrill New Teaser

We’re less than one week from the premiere of the next SBS weekend drama called Goddess of Marriage and the show has pretty much released all the main stills and teasers that reveal the general gist of what to expect. This is definitely a weekend drama for sure, with a sprawling cast that are all connected in the usual six-degrees of separation ways. The drama releases two official posters this weekend, with one featuring its four leading ladies and one with the entire cast. I like the all-ladies one (cutely standing in front of a kitchen island but with no domestic vibe) because for once the main female cast is genuinely diverse in age, style, and acting talent. Nam Sang Mi is of course the leading lady and has a low key warmth, Jo Min Soo is sharp and edgy with equal parts vulnerability and bravado, Lee Tae Ran does steely society lady perfectly, and chameleon Jung Yung Nam is over-the-top without being clownish as the trying to please wife. The full cast poster has cheeky little touches thrown in like household appliances and home objects discreetly inserted into the background. It’s impossible to tell which of the two leading men in Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Sang Woo will have a bigger role and/or get the girl in the end, but Kim Ji Hoon is definitely the scowly prototypical rich jerk type while Lee Sang Woo is the affable down to earth nice guy. I know which one ought to get the girl in real life, but in K-dramas and with this being a 32-episoder, anything can happen. SBS released another teaser that makes this drama look so screechy and shrilly and I hope its just bad editing to show more action-filled moments in the teaser. I don’t think I can handle a drama with this much yelling all around. I also think I’m going to loathe the other three secondary male leads who are the husbands since they appear to be either losers, philanderers, or control freaks. Ugh, I hope this drama ends in divorces all around or collectively epiphanies.

Teaser for Goddess of Marriage:


Goddess of Marriage Releases Official Posters and Shrill New Teaser — 9 Comments

  1. Is it too early to jump ship? I had hoped to see Kim Ji Hoon get the girl this time around but he is such a jerkwad in the trailer, I’m going to start fangirling Lee Sang Woo instead.

    • Yeah Kim Ji Hoon looks like your typical second male leads (not the nice ones but the ex-boyfriend type). In that sense its already obvious who she’ll end up with, and I wouldn’t want her to be with Kim Ji Hoon’s character if he’s a jerk + 32 episodes.. soo long!!! (I am soooo regretting watching YTBLSS I wanna go back to typical 16-20 episode dramas!!)

  2. Looks like a rundown of every weekend drama cliché about married couples… just for once I would like to see male characters that actually come off as human beings instead of walking stereotypes.

  3. Sorry, but if Kim Ji Hoon’s character is a jerk and the second male lead, don’t wanna watch it. My only interest in this drama was him. After watching him in Flower Boy Next Door being so kind and losing the girl to Yoon Si Yoon, I needed him to be the first male lead. Don’t want to lose my time.

    • Same, even though he was pretty aggravating from the start with all the “I liked her first so she should be with me bs (you even confessed you idiot!”, he really came around in the end. I like KJH, but I’m over jerk characters.

  4. This looks interesting….just the length of this thing bothers me a bit but I like the idea of a Nam Sang Mi and Kim Ji Hoon pairing…the Lee Sang Woo romance bothers me a bit after LiB

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