First Look at Kim Bum in Goddess of Fire as Cast Attends Prayer Ceremony

Is it surprising that a glimpse of Kim Bum in his version of the sageuk mane of glory could revive my flagging interest in Goddess of Fire Jeongi? I ought to feel a dash ashamed for the superficiality but who has time to waste on that when it’s smiling dimpled Kim Bum doing his own warrior interpretation! Pretty soon we’ll see how he stacks up against his two best industry buddies Jung Il Woo, who was darn good in Return of Iljimae, and Lee Min Ho, who was darn blegh in Faith. With Gu Family Book out of the way (shoo shoo, I would take this off Lee Seung Gi’s resume if I could), MBC readies GoF for its big premiere next Monday. The first teaser was duller than cooking beans and Moon Geun Young could not possibly look as bad as the wardrobe department made her look in that washed out ill-fitting peach hanbok. The one with the too wide stiff collar that made her look neckless with her face like a moon pie. MBC released pictures of the cast attending the prayer ceremony and Moon Geun Young showed up out of costume and I was happily reminded of how pretty she is. I can get over the making her look dowdy since she’s playing a tomboy with a love of pottery making, the bigger problem is how manly Lee Sang Yoon looks and together they strike a very incongruous vibe like an uncle with his niece. Whereas I can already see Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum looking fantastic together, much like she also really sparked visually and chemistry-wise with a still sane back then same-age Jang Geun Seok. I read the plot synopsis and the detailed character descriptions and had a good laugh because it gives away the entire drama narrative. Even the ending. LOL, epic fail MBC. Unless some magic script revision happens after the drama airs, the love triangle between Moon Geun Young, Lee Sang Yoon, and Kim Bum will have a clear pairing at the end with an odd man out. This is better than a “I choose myself” ending, right? Read on to check out more prayer ceremony stills and read the translated synopsis. If I have time I’ll translate all the character descriptions as well which provides even more details into the drama story.

Plot synopsis:

At the end of the 16th century, the Ceramic Department of the Royal Joseon court was melding art and technique to make the most exquisite pottery. A girl with the natural talent for ceramic making set a goal for herself to become the most exalted potter in all of Joseon – her name was Ryu Yoo Jeong (Moon Geun Young). Faced with the complicated backstabbing in Court and the competition to rise up the potter ranks, Yoo Jeong endures repeated attacks but in the end uses her own talent and hard work to grow and beat her nemesis Lee Yook Do (Park Gun Hyung). She rises to the top rank of the national potter but due to the political instability that befalls the tragic life of the 15th ruler of Joseon Gwanghaegun (Prince Gwanghae played by Lee Sang Yoon), their love does not have a happy ending. To end the unrest Yoo Jeong choses to sacrifice herself. With her childhood companion Kim Tae Do (Kim Bum), who has always quietly stayed by her side, Yoo Jeong leaves for the shores of Japan and ends up spreading Joseon ceramic arts there.


First Look at Kim Bum in Goddess of Fire as Cast Attends Prayer Ceremony — 30 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala, I will freely step forward and say that the only reason that I will be tuning is to see Kim Bum. I could try to say it’s due to the storyline or to see if the drama is better than the teasers but who I’m kidding: it’s all about KB.

  2. But doesn’t MBC always give way too info and in the end it never really happens? Reminds me of Gloria, how the character info changed and the story too, lol

  3. Well, I’m watching this drama because MGY and that is it 🙂

    I like main guy too, KB is cute but… he is always smiling…

  4. Just because she doesn’t end up with her true love doesn’t mean that she and Kim Bum will be the OTP. He would still be the odd man out.

  5. I love moon but if Kim bum wasn’t in this I wouldn’t be watching it so far doesn’t really sound interesting to me but Kim bum = must watch for me the boy is just too pretty to not spend 20 hrs looking at

  6. MGY and KB looks awesome together, like in the image where she’s like having trouble walking and he’s looking over her I feel the chemistry. I hope that in the end Yoo Jeong ends with Tae Do because she likes him and not because its her only choice. Maybe I’m hoping too much.
    Sorry if there’s any mistake I’m not an expert when it comes to english

  7. the new teasers are more interesting and also show more chemistry between mgy and lsy, in my opinion. also, i’m so shipping mgy and kb already haha (fictionally).


  8. Thanks Captain for the news and pictures. Aah, I too look forward to the scenes with MGY and KB (KB was just awesome in East of Eden), as well as the scenes with MGY and PGH – the former co-star of MGY in the movie “Innocent Steps”. I wonder if the writer will attempt at least a hint of a love angle between MGY and PGH’s characters even though they are rivals in the story…Hmmm…I’m also looking forward to Korean pottery history lesson after reading this article on Korean ceramic culture and the plight of Korean potters forced to immigrate to Japan. Too many of the recent sageuks dramas are re-hash of already done that historical or pseudo-historical stories. With Goddess of Fire, I’m excited to see and learn something new about Korean history. Good Luck and cheers to the PD, writers and cast of Goddess of Fire! May they have a successful and popular drama run! 🙂

  9. In real life, the first female potter marry a potter and then he was executed. She then was exile to Japan, where her work spread. So I am really interested to see if they will give us a surprised at the end as to who she’ll really marry and end up with. I find it kinda funny that all of MGY’s drama, the romance is never really at the romance level….LOL…Painter of the Wind ending, she was alone at the end too..

  10. Proud to be hopping on Ms. Koala’s ship of superficiality! Luuuv luv luv Bummie’s mane of glory!! So Haaawtt!!! Will try giving this drama a chance for Bummie’s and MGY sake 🙂 now that JoJ is finished, can someone pleeeease transfer KTH’s costumes over, pronto!!!!

  11. They gave away the ending right away, so she goes with childhood sweetheart to Japan and stays there.
    I think the early drafts was that the character would end up forcefully taken to Japan and marry a Japanese man.
    Sorry, Kibum has a lovely mane of glory but fierce warrior he is not pfft.

  12. i don’t understand why Kim Bum always plays secondary characters – why is he not the lead actor in his recent dramas?

    that aside – for once a mane of glory that isn’t curly/wavy/scruffy – this is probably more true to life lol

    but i agree – totally keeping an eye on this just for kim bum

  13. Thanks for the hard work, Ms Koala.

    I don’t care which direction the show is heading, MY Moonie is back, yeaaaaaaaaaah! There is something for someone in this show and so let’s not squabble. Since the synopsis though briefly described sounds promising, I am going to give this drama a shot (though the icing of the cake is Moonie). For me the whole crux of GOF is MOONIE is back!!

  14. This drama was off my list ‘to watch’. But seeing Kim Bum photo, looking so damn cute, I just can’t resisted.

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