First Look at So Yi Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kim Jae Wook in tvN’s Who Are You

Good lord, can I get this right now or do I really have to wait another month? The upcoming tvN cops-and-spirits melodrama Who Are You released the first official stills of the three leads So Yi Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kim Jae Wook. I promptly fell in love. All three of them look so gorgeous its unreal, though only one plays a genuine unreal person. Kim Jae Wook is the dead guy, but apparently that doesn’t stop this drama from touting its love triangle angle from the get go. I dunno, even 49 Days couldn’t make Yi Soo/Scheduler come back to life, I’m highly doubtful second lead shippers here will get any satisfaction. I’m much more intrigued by the overall set up which is rife with potential. First off, all three leads are/were cops, how cool is that! So Yi Hyun plays Si On, the youngest police officer to make team leader in the special investigations unit, a confident and capable woman. Due to an accident she’s been in a coma for 6 years and awakens to discover that she can see dead people. Taecyeon plays Gun Woo, a natural born cop that only believes in things he can see and he reluctantly becomes Si On’s partner. Through the unclaimed items of the deceased spirits lingering around, Si On listens to their stories and helps them finish their last wish to comfort them. Gun Woo falls for Si On seeing her help those who have unfinished business. Kim Jae Wook plays Hyun Joon, a top-notch police officer and Si On’s ex-boyfriend who died in an accident 6 years ago. His spirit lingers and keeps watch over Si On as he loves her still. A strange and unbelievable love triangle forms. Yes, Taecyeon will probably be out-acted by Kim Jae Wook to the distance between Earth and Pluto, since Kim Jae Wook is known to steal dramas as the second (and even third lead), but I think all the characters sounds interesting and appealing (nary an arrogant chaebol or Candy heroine in sight) that the story will probably be the highlight of this drama. I can’t wait!

Can I just say that Kim Jae Wook looks yuuuuummmmmy in all-white. And Taec is no push over either, he’s looking mighty cop-like with the gun and holster and the earnest attitude. I also love everyone’s hairstyles for this drama. Leave it to tvN to stop uglifying characters for no good reason.


First Look at So Yi Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kim Jae Wook in tvN’s Who Are You — 23 Comments

  1. I love Taec… I really do… But how can anyone even notice him with Kim Jae Wook in the same picture?? I can’t wait!!! I need more cute in my drama list….

    • MariD
      I think Taec will be okay, after all this is a fair and epic battle, between Strong Men Jawline (Teac) and High Men Cheekbone (KJW).

  2. KIM JAE-WOOK~~~!!!! ~epic flail~

    Speaking of him stealing dramas, I want a drama where he and MGY are the OTP STAT. That needs to happen, drama gods! ~shakes fist at the sky~

  3. KIM JAE WOOOOOOOOOOOK!! In Coffee Prince I was so taken with him just like YEH’s sister in the show… even Gong Yoo paled in comparison which is quite telling.

  4. My love for Taecyeon…can’t wait for this drama!!! Him with the gun…hhhmmm…super manly love it!!! 🙂

  5. Taecyeon is my bias. Loved him to bits since cinderella’s sister. Their connection to moon geun young made me love them more.

  6. Leave it to tVN to make things more interesting.
    I have a profound respect and appreciation for cable shows (although they are fallible) because they churn out some really great ones that rival the big 3. I’m keeping an open-mind for both the Hong Sister’s Master’s Sun and for Who are you — you never know which ends up being the better one. Although i think Who Are You might end up being better qualitatively yet lowkey, while Master’s Sun has more popularity. Just my prediction but i could be wrong. Taecyeon is going to be Who Are You’s weakest link and that boy better pull through on his end. Hope the Hong Sisters have recovered since their last epic fail BIG.
    On a side note, Koala, have you seen Cruel City’s OMG ending of ep 10 and just the overal OMGness of eps 9&10?! Im going crazy having to wait for next weeks episodes. Ugh why did i have to start this show before it ended?

    • Can we talk about the beginning of episode 10 too? Because I was not expecting THAT. (and I freely admit to rewinding to watch. Twice.)

      • I admit to rewinding several times so i guess i beat you. ha
        sexy sexy sexy!
        Leave it to cable to also be the most daring.

  7. As soon as I heard that Kim Jae Wook was going to join this drama it automatically put it on my must watch list. Plus the storyline sounds interesting and so far I’ve like the dramas from tvN that I’ve seen.

  8. KJW looks so hot but I guess we’ll see him only in this outfit for the entire drama. Sigh. Can we have something like that of Bad Guy where he looked so fine as if he’s always walking on a ramp or something…

  9. This looks so promising, love them all but why does he have to be a 2nd lead?? I just have major second lead syndrome when it comes to KJW.

  10. Wah2, finally something new this year after all the sageuk. The story plot sounds so interesting too, yay.

    I like this kind of spirit drama like 49 days..
    Thanks for updating

  11. Damn it, why does Kim Jae-wook have to be second lead ALL the time, I don’t mind it when the actor he’s up against is a competent first lead (Kim Nam-gil, JGS) but this….eh. I’ll still try it anyway, or see how much of it I can try before Taec’s woodenness makes me peace out.

  12. this sounds vaguely like natsuyuki rendezvous – an anime where the love triangle involves a young man smitten with a widow, but the dead husband’s ghost is still around; can’t really say much for TC and the female lead but KJW! ahhhhhh now i have to keep a eye on this

  13. Anyone noticed that Taecyeon has the exact same expression for both photos? I actually thought maybe they had the same copy of his character-still for both, until I realised his posture was actually different, WHICH MEANS THE BOY STILL CANNOT EMOTE T_T

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