Additional Cute Previews for Episode 7 of Monstar

Is that what I think it is? Jealous Se Yi? Little clueless Sheep Girl with daddy issues being jealous when she sees Seol Chan hugging Na Na? Oh heck yeah! It’s finally about time the final leg of the love triangle in Monstar starts realizing she’s got some emotional stakes in the ground as well, what with the two boys Seol Chan and Sun Woo pretty much one step away from fisticuffs at this point. That basketball game posturing would have been way more awesome if shirts started getting ripped off. Just sayin’. Monstar is headed into the second half of its run with all the pieces laid out – we’ve got a bunch of talented musicians in various forms and techniques all banded together reluctantly to perform at a charity concert. Will they succeed before attempting to throttle one another? I love that Seol Chan seems the most invested in winning, which makes sense since he was the one who challenged Jun Hee and All for One, but I also think he really loves it. He loves making music and this is one challenge too juicy to pass up.

I’m sure he’s hugging Na Na above because girl finally revealed her hidden music talent. She’s a singer and likely might end up doing the bulk of the singing for the upcoming performance since in the previews Seol Chan and Se Yi get in a fight because he says her voice doesn’t work. I’m also loving the new previews which shows us the drama is still grounded in high school because Seol Chan and Se Yi have to partner together to learn some math. LOL, that outta be interesting. While Sun Woo’s sincerity towards Se Yi is heartfelt and sweet, my stomach does pitter-patters everytime Seol Chan and Se Yi have a scene together which is undeniable confirmation that the OTP owns me. Monstar is the one drama right now that I can and do re-watch whenever the mood hits. I find myself humming songs performed in various episodes and smiling to myself when I think about how fun the journey has been thus far. A well-done high school drama always gets me right in the gut.

Previews for episode 7 of Monstar:


Additional Cute Previews for Episode 7 of Monstar — 17 Comments

  1. The funniest part about the math rapping is the end where the class president is all a Beast, while the main OTP couple looks more confused then ever lol too cute <3

    • Me neither; I had been wondering whether they were going to be playing just the instrument. ..but now, the competition is on!

    • I thought she was singing without giving off a sense of the joy of music – shooting sideward glances at our ragtag team of misfits, not actually feeling the music like they do…

  2. Slightly off-topic but I did not know that Kim Da Hee (Nana) is actually from girl group GLAM, no wonder the girl can sing so well. I did not even recognize her in this drama.

  3. unbelievable can memorize the maths formula in such way…so interesting. All got hidden talent and will reveal one by one soon. Now at least knew All For One have a great singer. Colorbar fighting! Cant hardly wait for cumin ep…

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