Long 5-minute Preview for Goddess of Marriage Showcases All the Couples Conflict

I think its safe to assume that most people tuning in for the upcoming SBS weekend drama Goddess of Marriage is interested in the main love triangle of Kim Ji Hoon, Nam Sang Mi, and Lee Sang Woo. I don’t blame them, the more I see of the other three couples in the drama the less I’m keen on spending time with such distressing marital strife situations. Apparently there are two cheating husbands in this mix – Jang Hyun Sung plays a supposed good-looking news anchor who has an affair with his hot sexy co-anchor played by Clara because his wife is this dowdy meek thing played by Jang Yung Nam, while Kim Jung Tae cheats on his perfect trophy wife Lee Tae Ran apparently because he can and she’ll just keep putting up with it because she married into money. The two sisters played by Nam Sang Mi and Jo Min Soo have their own conundrum – Nam Sang Mi has been dating Kim Ji Hoon for a long time but on a trip to Jeju she meets a guy who might be her soulmate due to their immediate sparks played by Lee Sang Woo and she cheats with him but returns to Seoul still prepared to marry her boyfriend, while Jo Min Soo is trying to be superwoman with a job and three kids with a husband played by Kwon Hae Hyo who isn’t much help in either side. Judging by the long preview Lee Sang Woo gets significantly more screen time than Kim Ji Hoon but I’m not certain that’s any indicator of which guy gets the girl in a long drama like this. Though I’m not loving either of the three leads all that much right now – Kim Ji Hoon seems like a controlling prick what with the grabbing and yelling, and Lee Sang Woo carrying Nam Sang Mi over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes is such a caveman thing to do not to mention if he knows she’s got a boyfriend and they still sleep together than both need to take some accountability for that, and Nam Sang Mi ought to break up with Kim Ji Hoon first before hopping into bed with a admittedly sexy hot thing like Lee Sang Woo. Yikes, I hope this one doesn’t drive me away with terrible characters right off the bat.

5-minute preview for Goddess of Marriage:


Long 5-minute Preview for Goddess of Marriage Showcases All the Couples Conflict — 20 Comments

    • Even if it wasn’t KJH.. who’s character doesn’t that great in the first place..But I wouldn’t cheer for the lead girl to be with either of them, she cheated on one with the other, so she wrongs one and well I cheer for a relationship where it started with them cheating!!

      • Same here…..all the characters themselves are so terrible….

        I just wanted to give this long…cliched weekend show a try only because of KJH..but now with this premise….it will be better to stay away 🙂

  1. Oh and here I thought there would me comedic undertones to this show. After hearing about all the cheating and the fact that none of the lead characters sound likeable, I think I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  2. Sigh, when is kim ji hoon going to star in a show where he’s the lead again? when has he been demoted to taking on second leads?
    And i’m going to say that to yoon sang hyun too.

  3. Dramas based on the cheating premise is usually bleh. A Wife’s Credentials is the rare exception, because it doesn’t use it as a trope.

  4. Well now that I know what it’s about… I think I have to stay away. I have to put my foot down with the cheating – especially since she planned on marrying the other anyways. (I assume that’s not going to go through of course). Good riddance.

  5. yeah …. thks for d preview … was going to check this out but pretty sure I’m out …
    so … the only watchable n great drama out thr now is only Monstar hey??
    sigh …. wat happen to kdrama lately …
    I used to try and catch up on dramas coz they’re so good but now … I’m mostly browsing through old ones until monstar comes out …
    hmmmmm …..

  6. aww… I really like these two actors too, KJH and LSW. I won’t watch because it’s about cheating husbands and girlfriends.

  7. I’m not into cheating eitherr!! 🙁 I feel like this is the cause of a lot of people turning away from this show and that’s a shame because who WOULDN’T want to see KJH and LSW? =/ cheating is just not cool whatever it is.

  8. Why Lee Sang Woo choose this type of story line…and why Kim Ji Hoon choose it too..so not watching..the main girl..I don’t watch her at all.Lately Korean drama has bad story line…I am now into Thai lakorns..Thanks Ockoala just missing your blog lately and what happening with Korean drama scene.

  9. I’m usually not into these long weekend drama (esp. ones w/ cheaters, chaebol, cliche), but I decided to give this drama a chance. It is actually entertaining. The 3 leads, NSM, LSW, KJH are actually interesting characters. I don’t think that the preview does the drama justice. You guys should give this a chance.

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