Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye Attend Chinese Film Festival in Seoul for a Flower Boy Reunion

I’m so pissed off after this weekend’s Goddess of Marriage monstrosity of a weekend drama that the frustration was lifted only after seeing these drop-dead gorgeous pictures of former Flower Boy Next Door co-stars Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye attending the opening night of the Chinese Film Festival in Korea. Hopefully this will serve as a balm for the rest of Kim Ji Hoon’s fans who might as well ignore GoM for the remainder of its 15 week run. Weekend dramas are by nature of the beast more high strung and pot-boiler-ish with the family histrionics but GoM is like everything horrible thrown into a pot to make the worst stew EVER. I dislike all of the secondary couples but the main love triangle is genuinely the pits. Nam Sang Mi plays a Kim Ji Hoon’s long time (three year) girlfriend who gets upset when he proposes and gives her a buttload of cash to prepare for the wedding, which is when she learns that he comes from a fabulously wealthy family and her pride can’t handle the vast social chasm between them and the fact that he didn’t tell her beforehand. She up and cuts off contact with him for a week and traipses off to Jeju for work and to think things through, but she has a ridiculous CF perfect chance meeting with Lee Sang Woo that ends with them being attracted to each other in a short period of time and then tumbling into bed together for a quick one night stand before she runs back to Seoul to resolve things with Kim Ji Hoon, who likes to yell a lot and insists that he loves Nam Sang Mi a lot to explain his bulldozing ways. Already I hate all three of them, the cheater with her pride, the yeller with his domineering ways, and the too-perfect dude who swans in without a shred of realism. Seeing Kim Ji Hoon at the film festival, which Park Shin Hye also attended but they didn’t go together, makes me long so badly for the days of FBND with lovely characterizations and quiet introspection. I love how they both wore dark blue outfits by kismet. Kim Ji Hoon needs to go back to cable STAT, and now I’m getting worried for Park Shin Hye’s upcoming drama Heirs with Lee Min Ho since the Big Three networks are by-and-large still majorly sucking this year.


Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye Attend Chinese Film Festival in Seoul for a Flower Boy Reunion — 21 Comments

    • Would like to add that she’s looking hot in that dress.
      Nowadays park shin hye is looking pretty awesome with her longer hair, gorgeous dresses, and a more mature aura.
      I remember when she was cast opposite lee min ho there was so much backlash.
      Let’s hope in heirs she proves us wrong and that the chemistry would be there. I still don’t like the fact that the characters in heirs are all in highschool. Really now? that doesn’t really help the chemistry if our characters are supposed to be teens going through puberty. College would have been much preferred and maturity would have been appreciated. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye better bring their A game on so i can root for them. One can only hope.

  1. PSH looks elegant, classic and just beautiful. And KJH looks very handsome. I’m glad did not watch the first ep of GoM because all three lead characters sound horrible. It takes the fun out of watching if I have no one to root for.

  2. She looks gorgeous. 🙂

    Didn’t they both attend another event too? Is any of them taken? I’m hoping they’re secretly dating or something. Like how the female lead and sexy panda in FBRS got together in real life.

  3. I am so glad were on the same page for the craziness that is GoM. The first episode wasnt all that bad but something just seemed off with the perfect dates and the moving-too-fast OTP(if they are the OTP, that is).
    I gave this show a chance(as I do with all shows) and the 2nd episode just totally turned me off from the show in general that even kim ji hoon couldn’t make me stick around for more. All the characters piss me off in some way, with lee sang woo and kim ji hoon’s characters being the least unlikable. It is, however, undeniable that nam sang mi is gorgeous and has nice chemistry with lee sang woo, but the heroine is enough to make me go wtf with her bipolar and insecure, non-assured feelings. After she slept with him in ep. 1 I understood her guilt, considering she was engaged. But then to drop the man you dated for 3 years just because of his background and that thing called self pride.. Did those 3 years mean nothing?? I understand what kind of hell she’s getting herself into if she married him but that’s a different story and one she has yet to find out. Either way, GoM is just another family drama that has majority unlikeable characters and a whole lot of idiocy,yelling,cheating..

  4. PARK SHIN HYE!!! looking gorgeous and so graceful….

    I’m sure she’ll look great with Lee Min Ho….can’t wait for Heirs….

    And yay..I didn’t start GOM….

  5. i think the only show worth watching from the big 3 at the moment is I hear your voice. The synopsis of the show sounds stupid but the show is actually fantastic. in my opinion the best kdrama of 2013 barring it goes stupid in the second half of its run. so far, the best developed older noona loving drama.

  6. Oh mamma mia! How can Kim Ji Hoon be sooo gorgeous!? even with a crocked bow tie, he’s so handsome that I’m melting! Me too I’m totally devastated about GoM. Second lead second time in a round, and this time a hateful one. And even more, can’t stand this kind of dramas, with cheating people, marriages with no love, yells etc. So sad that KJH has picked this drama V_V

  7. These are da BALM, Koala. Tanks!

    Thing about KJH is he is GORGEOUS in GoM. Same hair, same suited-up style, same MAN, but what a difference getting into his detestable character role. He really is good at transforming without changing his looks. He is the opposite of a chameleon, I guess.

    The last coupla shows that gave me that kinda sick-to-my-stomach-god-I-HATE-ALL-of-these-people-WHY-am-I-watching-this-I-can-stop-anytime-maybe-after-the-next feeling
    were Thornbirds and Twinkle Twinkle.
    I especially remember ranting my head off at the crazy second lead girls and loving every second of it. This sort of masochistic behavior on my part doesn’t apply for all bad shows. The male leads usually keep me there. (Fashion King, too)

    Since it is being subbed pretty fast, I’ll prolly watch all of this one, too. I can’t wait to rant!

  8. Love your description me GoM…not watching totally ,never did like NSM…poor KJH taking the task as that type lead but I believe LSW is the main…He choice of character is a questions to me.I find him interesting only in FotG.I think his OTP with Sung Yuri was good.PSH is my fav of all I love everything about her..her dramas is one I have been following since she started showbiz..Seen her in a white lace too ,the similar shift dress…Ockoala your updates keep me entertained, updated and great pics.. I love your playground the most..Thanks.

    • Your post reminded me of something that I take for granted. Thanks, ockoala…. really appreciate the effort taken towards keeping us informed, updated and entertained. 🙂

  9. So pretty! She came to our country for a fan meet and my friends who helped organized the event all loved her! She so simple, kind and no i-am-a-star attitude. I hope her next drama becomes a success.

  10. Couldn’t agree more with you Ms Koala GOM is a ticking time bomb however they try to play it out, it just didn’t work at all. Im so irritated by the first 2 episodes that I’ve made up my mind to ditch it completely…

    I love me some kim ji hoon though! haa!!! lol

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