The Love Triangle Heats up in Monstar with New Scene Preview from Episode 8

Yippee yay, as this shortened work week heads into a long holiday weekend for me, what better way to kick start the happy time off than a piping hot just released new snippet from the upcoming episode 8 of Monstar. Part of me wants more Monstar episodes but knowing that we only have 5 more left makes me want to ration it like Charlie with his lone candy bar nibbles. I’m not sure episode 8 is going to be a turning point for the mish-mash crew of Color Bar each with their own issues, but I do see some major breakthroughs coming. The first is that Sun Woo is going to confess his feelings to Se Yi, in the scene below he strangely decides to do it to Seol Chan’s face which makes not only Se Yi confused but I as well. If he really and sincerely likes her, the constant jostling with Seol Chan over he makes no sense. He ought to take her aside privately and tell her he’s nursed a crush on her since elementary school and that crush has now come back and transformed into a more mature affection after spending time with the now grown up her. It’s hilarious to watch Sun Woo and Seol Chan bicker and dick-wave all the time, but it rather undermines Sun Woo’s feelings for Se Yi that it seems to hinge on whatever Seol Chan days to goad him. I notice Se Yi has a new hairstyle with bangs and wonder if it’s a change precipitated by some sort of confusion over her feelings for Seol Chan? Episode 8 also appears to push Kyu Dong and Do Nam’s fractured friendship to a point of explosion, whether Kyu Dong finally seeks to escape from it all permanently or Do Nam makes up with him and lets whatever mistakes that happened in the past go, we’ll just have to wait and see. I keep wondering what Eun Ha’s ultimate purpose in this drama is other than as the comic relief, and then upon rewatching the drama this week I think I understand now. She’s the Greek chorus, the scribe, the all-seeing eye – she is probably the one telling this story years later of how a bunch of broken high school kids formed a crazy awesome band and in the process found healing through music. 

New scene cut from episode 8 of Monstar:


The Love Triangle Heats up in Monstar with New Scene Preview from Episode 8 — 29 Comments

  1. Sqqquuuuuueeeee!!!!! That, right there! was why I shipped Sun Woo with Se Yi! Waaahhhh… If you’re a girl, how can you not swoon???

    • I don’t !!!! It’s a total turn-off to “confess” this way, what a joke looking in SeolChan’s eyes! I could even ask myself if he is very sincere if I were Seyi !!!! What was he thinking?

  2. Ooh, it seems like Sun Woo is confessing to Seol Chan not Se Yi! He cannot expect Se Yi to like him after that move. 0-o

  3. Argh.. I’m really curious about Seol Chan reaction after this confession. Maybe Se Yi’s reaction is because she knew the person Seol Chan and Sun Woo like is the same person.

    and Jun Hyung’s eyebags… T_T

  4. Oooohhhh… I just looked more closely at the collage of pics, which I’m assuming are BTS. Top right and bottom left, Kang Ha Neul and Dahee! Caught ya!!!

  5. SW looks seriously pissed at SC, and at the end SY looks like she finally figured out the SW/SC like connection. Awww..teen angst done right.

  6. has anyone ever thought that SW might be gay, that he likes SC… [ducking] there’s this scene that SY also thought so too, remember… that scene has been bothering me… 🙂

    don’t kill me… haha

  7. LOL:DD but i still think that sun woo makes this liking thing for the sake of seol chan:D i dont know that’s my wishful thinking:D

  8. After Se Yi hears Sun Woo says he likes her, I bet she will misunderstand again and will think Seol Chan has a one way crush on Sun Woo and she is in the way of their friendship. LOL Maybe she’ll think, I like Seol Chan, Seol Chan likes Sun Woo, Sun Woo likes me. Oh boy, but this drama is like a perfect tasting ice cream, one needs to eat slowly to savour the moment.

  9. Thank you for your comment on Eun ha! She’s been bugging me as well and I wondered whether she might be a songwriter but the Greek Chorus idea is a perfect fit.

    And thanks for passing on so speedily previews and screencaps!

  10. My heart was in my throat.
    But the confession was because he was in the midst of confronting SC.I wonder if it’s because of the date. Or rather after she found out Hyo Rin claimed to be SC’s girlfriend and he didn’t deny it? He is just trying to defend MY right? Because he is sincere and thinks SC is not.
    Either way, it’s going to be a great episode.Now why did that song sound familiar?

    Ms Koala I spent Mon/Tue nights marathoning this baby.No wonder all of you thought this was a crack drama. I think Seon Woo is so hot but don’t actually know who I want him to end up with.

      • Yes, you’re so right the song is from My Name is Kim Sam-Soon!! Thanks for the memory jog, I was so stuck on where I had heard that song too.

      • I got confused when the song played. Lol…i thought i had another video playing. I love Samsoon, it’s a classic.

  11. buahhaha it looks like dahee and kang ha neul are hitting it off offscreen too. Looking at them in the BTS photos anyone can tell they’re so going to develop feelings and go out by the end. (i kid, but as a hardcore shipper of the two, i hope)

  12. Umm SW looks like he’s confessing to SC. How about you look at SY man? SY immediately looked at SC like “Mwo?”

    And…random use of the MNIKSS insert song but She Is was the song the made me finally dive into kpop after messing around the edges. I still heart Clazziquai

  13. It is possible that SW is desperate aftr finding out abt SC and SY’s date. Their relationship must be starting hence the rumours and HR’s interference claiming to be SC’s gf. SW must be confronting SC to try his last chance of grabbing SY frm SC’s arms.

  14. But I must say Seyi doesn’t seem to fit in this new hairstyle, IMO :/ but I’m really looking forward to the official OTP and nana-seonwoo line.

  15. Sigh, so SW is still not getting over Se Yi. What about Nana, she’s so awesome and is the perfect match for SW.
    Seol Chan and Se Yi can have each other and go and talk to sheep, I’m not at all interested in them at this point. Nana really was a surprise curve ball and it hit me right where it hurts. I’m guessing based on the last ep SW might have a hunch that he is the one Nana liks especially the way Nana’s dad was staring at him.

  16. The song at the end of this clip is the same music as at the end of Kim Sam Soon. I love the singers voice and the melody. I’d appreciate it if anyone could please give me a general idea of what the song is about. Thanks!

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