Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun Recreates Film Festival First Meeting in Busan for Two Weeks

Oooooh, me likey. The first official stills have just dropped for the upcoming thriller K-drama Two Weeks and I couldn’t be more excited mostly because it stars my beloved Lee Jun Ki. Not only does it star Jun Ki, he looks fantastic in character as playboy and all-around douchy layabout Jang Tae San. The first stills capture a flashback scene where Tae San meets Park Ha Sun‘s character Seo In Hye. It takes place in Busan at the 9th International Pusan Film Festival (PIFF) which sets this flashback scene at eight years ago in 2005. The scene in question involves dance major student In Hye taking a part time job that requires her to go all Goldfinger on us in the guise of a mermaid statue. In the drama, Tae San and his equally sleazy buddy argue about whether the mermaid statue is a real person or not. To win the bet, Tae San walks up to the statue and grabs her boob. Apparently there was a huge crowd gathered during the filming and when Lee Jun Ki grabbed Park Ha Sun’s breast the crowd gasped authentically for the reaction scene. The moment when the PD yelled cut Jun Ki scurried away in embarrassment far from Park Ha Sun, which made the crowd laugh. For this scene, Park Ha Sun donned a specially made mermaid suit and endured hours of paint and make up application, and I must say she looks like a bronze goddess indeed. After the filming was completed both Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun greeted the fans and thanked everyone. Clearly the boob-grabbing was not a major turnoff for In Hye since she ended up carrying Tae San’s child, which leads to the present day when Tae San is framed for murder and discovers that he has a daughter with In Hye who is dying of leukemia. The drama takes place within a two week time span as the formerly dissolute Tae San tries to clear his name and save his daughter’s life. Writing is famed screenwriter So Hyun Kyung and directing is the PD who did Personal Taste (OMG was he terrible but perhaps he’s learned a few things in the last 3 years), with Kim So Yeon, Ryu Soo Young, and Song Jae Rim rounding out the cast. Two Weeks premieres in early August after The Queen’s Classroom on MBC Wed-Thurs.


Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun Recreates Film Festival First Meeting in Busan for Two Weeks — 21 Comments

  1. The drama hasn’t even started, yet I’m already shipping these two! I feel that they’ll have explosive chemistry. <3

  2. Looking forward to this…..And Park ha sun is one of my favorites….

    I was wondering..don’t the actors feel awkward in doing these kind of scenes???

  3. They are both super skinny! Can’t wait to see it since both are good actors and I’ve enjoyed their work.

  4. I love him but his dramas are often a touch uneven – he was fantastic in Arang and the Magistrate, and I hope this is a worthy followup.

    (also, statue boob grab? I should side-eye the writer for that, but let’s see how the scene is actually played)

  5. Wow, Park Ha Sun really looks like a statue in the picture, and Jun Ki is looking great. Haha, Jun Ki’s so shy.

    Waiting eagerly for Two Weeks, cos’ love Jun Ki, Ha Sun and So Yeon, and the drama’s premise (the 2 weeks timeframe) seems pretty fresh for a kdrama. Hoping for a tightly written drama with lots of thrills and kickass action from Jun Ki and So Yeon.

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