The Master’s Sun Reveals First Stills of Gong Hyo Jin and Seo In Guk

Good lord what in the world happened toΒ Seo In Guk? This is the same boy who was the hottie and smartie boy next door in Answer Me 1997? Maybe the same boy minus half his body mass. Following on the heels of the sneak peek of male lead So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun, the first stills have been released of leading lady Gong Hyo Jin and second male lead Seo In Guk. The pictures of Gong Hyo Jin are pretty weird and funny – her character Tae Gong Shil is on a date with her dream man and right at the moment they are about to kiss she sees a ghost behind him and screams and pushes him away. LOL, I’m going to have a good laugh when I see that scene. I like how Gong Hyo Jin looks in character, her hair is a nice lighter color great for Summer and longer than in Best Love when she was so purposely uglified I was a tad annoyed at the Hong Sisters for being so obvious with the characterization that she was a past-her-prime star. Here she is supposedly a formerly sunny person who becomes bedraggled and morose once she starts seeing ghosts at night, which makes her a normal person if you ask me. What totally made me gasp out loud was seeing Seo In Guk’s character Kang Woo, who plays a bodyguard/security personnel for So Ji Sub’s department store President Joo Joong Won. He’s someone who keeps the secret between Tae Gong Shil and Joo Joong Won that she can see ghosts but only by his side can she be rid of this pestilence. He’s supposedly someone who trained for national security and takes his job at protection very seriously. For this role he had to lose weight and he’s clearly taken that edict very literally and basically whittled himself down to skin and bone. He is pulling a Christian Bale in The Machinest here. Anyone think he needs to be on an IV drip and start eating ten PB&J sandwiches a day? I really loved Seo In Guk in Answer Me 1997 but I didn’t think he was the best actor of the bunch or all that amazing, he was just much better than expected. He was good because the role was great and he had fantastic chemistry with leading lady Jung Eun Ji. But I feel like he needs to keep improving his craft and I hope this shocking weight loss for this role is temporary and worth it for this drama because I worry that the poor boy is going to blow off in the wind. His cheekbones and jawline can slice cheese.


The Master’s Sun Reveals First Stills of Gong Hyo Jin and Seo In Guk — 21 Comments

  1. If I wouldn’t be so turned off by the rest of the cast I would totally watch it for Seo In Guk – that body: yummy! πŸ˜€

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself πŸ˜€ Except for Seo In Guk, no one else pulls me….but even the yummy In Guk isn’t enough to get me to watch this drama. oh the horror of having to watch seo ji sub! i will need an entire entourage of yummy and dashing to digest ji sub :/

  2. Oh man seo in guk definitely lost some weight but why is there a different aura around him? Exuding a more mature,manly aura for sure.
    I totally don’t see him in his highschool answer me role.

  3. I’m a little confused as well. He’s supposed to be a bodyguard but he had to lose weight? I mean sure if he was tubby I’d be all for him losing weight to be a bodyguard, but you can’t really defend someone if you’re skin and bones…okay maybe with a gun, but you’re a bodyguard. I mean…bouncers are technically security guards at clubs and they’re enormous…I’m not buying this haha.

  4. Before he used to look like a gremlin but now he looks like an emaciated gremlin. No comparison whatsoever with So Ji Sub.

  5. He looks fine to me. Saw him in a recent mamma mia episide and he looked fit and lean. Its just that he has sharp angles to his face.

  6. Seo in Guk’s face is like art to me. Very unique and interesting and he can also be attractive to me. He seems like a very sweet but goofy guy. I am interested to see him in a different role.

    • I think he looks fine too. I don’t see anything wrong with how he looks now, in fact, he looks mature and very manly.

      • I agree. He looks lean and fit, more toned and chiseled. Manlier and more mature, indeed!!

  7. Huh, I’d have to see him in motion I guess, but I think he looks really really good. It’ll be interesting to see him in a different role.

  8. Weird. Before reading any text I saw the first picture and thought he looked pretty hot. I don’t see much of a weight loss in the pictures.

  9. Wow, almost fainted there by the first photo! Haha!
    I thought he first lost weight for his movie where his character was a swimmer?
    Can’t wait!!!!! August, so soon! YAY! I want my SIG fix now! XD

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