Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub’s First Touchy-feely Meeting in The Master’s Sun

Finally! This is the first set of official stills from the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs horror romance The Master’s Sun that really pique my interest beyond being curious about the drama from the cast and writers. This past week has seen stills of So Ji Sub alone in a rainy taxi, Gong Hyo Jin attempting to kiss her dream man and getting ghost thwarted, and crazy-chiseled Seo In Guk checking out an apartment which probably doesn’t need to be very big considering he’s now half his original size. Those stills were just the appetizers because the main course dropped today and it shows the leads So Ji Sub playing Joo Joong Won and Gong Hyo Jin playing Tae Gong Shil having a very uncomfortable first meeting. Joo Joong Won is described as a man who thinks he’s the best, who is greedy and even inter-personal relationships are weighed based on monetary value. Gong Hyo Jin is a secretary who can see ghosts following an accident and she’s quick to cry and very depressed but hides that all away. Their first meeting occurs when Joong Won happens across the confused wandering Gong Shil and offers her a ride.

In these stills, it’s clear that Gong Shil is very touchy feely with Joong Won, who does not look happy to be felt up. I wrote in early plot synopsis that Gong Shil’s ghostly affliction is inexplicably cured whenever she touches Joong Won, which of course is the usual Hong Sisters twist in their dramas to add more oomph to the connection between the OTP. I wonder what would have prompted Joong Won, a character described as selfish and money driven, to offer to drive a strange girl home, especially one who looks as zoned out as Gong Shil and wearing what appears to be a muu muu night shirt. I like how snappy So Ji Sub looks in character with his tailored suit and neckerchief, though his hair is hilariously bad and looks a lot like Hyun Bin‘s do in Secret Garden but more angular. Gong Hyo Jin looks much better with longer hair and this mid-length is good enough for me. She’s not supposed to be pretty in the drama, though she does have a sunny disposition that’s been non-existent ever since her affliction causes her nightly ghostly visitations. I wonder if SBS will be releasing official stills of the ghosts, because some of them look creepy as all out. I’m getting more and more intrigued by this drama which premieres at the beginning of August after I Hear Your Voice wraps up.


Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub’s First Touchy-feely Meeting in The Master’s Sun — 16 Comments

  1. Haha, this looks awesome. I do love his why is she touching me look.
    The cameos seem fun as well with Park Se young as a ghost.
    Gong Hyo Jin’s personal fashion sense is quite quirky so I guess that’s why the nightie with torn bleached jeans.
    I agree that SJS mop is terrible otherwise he looks nice and spiffy.

  2. * snicker *

    Excuse me if this drama makes the female lead pounce on the guy at night. Just so she can sleep. Not for hanky pankies.

    It’s making me laugh just thinking about it.

  3. I hate the waiting! Hope Hong sister’s do a proper job this time, and don’t give a bad script to my baby So Ji Sub. He looks sooo handsome in these pictures, with these haircut. But I love him with every style, even with the hippy style he was sporting in the cast script reading. Ah!!!! waiting, waiting…

  4. loving it:D hong sisters generally have strong girl characters but loving this vulnerable character here, and also the styling is better than best love for GHJ 😀

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