Kim Jae Wook Transforms into a Police Officer for Who Are You

I never woulda thunk it but the two I-see-dead-people dramas about to premiere on the same week are both garnering more and more of my interest. The Master’s Sun is a prime time SBS drama, whereas Who Are You airs on cable network tvN and will likely garner maybe a fifth of the ratings as the former. Quality-wise its all up in the air, but I know which hottie in both dramas I’ll be drooling over. Kim Jae Wook chose to play a dead ex-cop as his post-military service drama return and I sure hope he knows what he’s doing because hot dang it he’s the ridiculously hottest cop EVER. The first stills have dropped showing his character Lee Hyung Joon, a high ranking detective in the Violent Crimes Unit, heading to a nighttime raid. It’s there that he bites the dust in a botched criminal investigation, but his soul never departs for the afterlife and instead lingers around So Yi Hyun’s Yang Shi On because she’s his beloved girlfriend. Shi On grew up lonely and desperate for human affection and Hyung Joon knows that and has always been there for her and makes a promise to her that he will never leave her alone. When he dies, that promise keeps him tethered to her even as she lays in a six-year coma. The character descriptions are out and Shi On’s character awakens from the coma not just with the ability to see ghosts but amnesia as well. She cannot remember the circumstances surrounding why she fell into a coma in the first place. Because she can’t return to normal police duty she’s sent to the Lost and Found Unit, which is where Taecyeon’s Cha Gun Woo is also sent as punishment for a job infraction. A love triangle forms between Shi On, Gun Woo, and Hyung Joon, and since I’m already primed for Hyung Joon to evaporate by the end of the drama, I’m curious how this will all play out without being all whiny that he won’t get the girl. As long as Taecyeon’s character is well written I think I’ll be fine with his brand of constipated earnestness. The eye candy from both guys won’t hurt either.


Kim Jae Wook Transforms into a Police Officer for Who Are You — 16 Comments

  1. gah, since this is a cable drama can’t they just make the impossible possible?! because KJW character appeals more to me already. I want a twist otherwise i don’t think i’m that interested in this drama. cause tbh, the supposed to be otp cast is just on my meh list.

    • Yeah, I´m with you in this, the OTP doesn´t appeal to me, well in the only thing I saw Taecyeon is in WGM and it wasn´t engaging, so I hope this works.
      But definitely I will take a look just for KJW, he´s gorgeous and I missed him.

  2. Soooo handsome. *no words*

    Well, almost no words, but this show sounds makjang right from the beginning. And maybe the female lead will die in the end and they’ll live happily ever after in the afterlife. Who knows. In Kdrama everything is possible. 😉

    The second half of 2013 will bring some of the most beautiful men of this world on our TV screen. Awesome. 😀

  3. OMG he’s just too handsome! I really hope we get to see him in more good dramas in the future (and hopefully this one will be one of them *crosses fingers*)!

  4. ~swoon~

    Drama gods, KJW better get a leading role – or at least a role where he FINALLY gets the girl – STAT. Or we’re gonna have words, you hear me?

  5. haha not a single first lead shipper.
    Yup, kim jae wook is going to steal the show and im goimg to be all upset that they are a otp that cannot be.

  6. He should switch roles with Taecyeon. TC blank face would be a convincing dead person and KJW definitely would be a better 1st lead.

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