Mega-producer Angie Tsai Exits TW-idol Dramas with Love Prescription

It’s not everyday that a titan of an industry is calling it quits, either there will be a seismic shift in the framework or else the genre will die a quick death soon. The godmother of the Taiwan idol drama industry Angie Tsai has said that the upcoming idol drama for FTV called Love Prescription will be the last idol drama her production company will produce. She’s moving her focus to movies and collaborative projects with Mainland China, indicating that she thinks the Taiwan idol drama industry isn’t long for this world. She singlehandedly created the industry with Meteor Garden back in 2000, and since then her dramas have built up the industry as we know it (notable ones such as Mars, Sweet Relationship, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, Hi My Sweetheart, Endless Love, Corner with Love, and the list goes on and on). She’s responsible for the acting careers of all four of the F4 boys, Barbie Hsu, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Mike He, Wilbur Pan, Megan Lai, and so forth, finding and nurturing most of the young Taiwanese talent in the last decade. With Love Prescription, I hope the drama is good because I would hate for Angie to leave on a lackluster note. Starring Nick Chou, Shara Lin, Owodog, and Mandy Wei, the drama just started filming last month and the synopsis isn’t out yet, other than Mandy and Owodog play a set of siblings. I guess that leaves one possible love line DOA. Nick is a passable actor, more stiff than anything but with some charisma onscreen. He and Shara were both in I Love You So Much but their characters didn’t have any interaction with each other much. I’ve only seen Owodog (leader of the boy group Lollipop F) in Brown Sugar Macchiato and it wasn’t anything to write home about. To be honest this cast is totally underwhelming but I have a soft spot for Angie produced dramas because she does have a good eye for construction interesting vignettes and characters, even if her dramas also suffer from the general malaise of second-half wonkiness. This drama is slated to air this Summer so imma keep an eye out for it.


Mega-producer Angie Tsai Exits TW-idol Dramas with Love Prescription — 10 Comments

  1. China has become a powerhouse in the film industry as well. They have a lot of collaborative projects with Hollywood too. That’s where the money is, deep pocketed investors. I haven’t seen any Taiwanese movies and I’ve only watched a few of their dramas. If China stopped dubbing voices, then maybe I’ll watched theirs too.

    • Right on… NO DUBBING, please… Stopped watching anything Chinese that’s DUBBED looong time ago. BTW, thought that was Wilber Pan, but it’s Nick Chou…

  2. She’s the one who did all those dramas? I never knew.. Loved Mars and DBY..

    And I have to ask: is this done trilogy or something with the “love” series? I hate boring title like Love Now and Love Around..

  3. omg no ;-; another part of my childhood ending for good.

    god i can’t believe this, i still had hopes for rainie and mike to reunite in an angie production, or that she would finally make kingone the lead of a drama.

  4. Most of them with few or little acting experience.. both guys are singers.. interesting choice angie.. I hope this turns out somewhat okay.. Not sure if I will be watching or not.. also heard Nickhun and Miss A’s Jia will be in a China/Korean collaborated tv drama as well..

    Lots of things popping up soon for us to keep our eyes out for!

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Wow… I’ve watched so many of her dramas growing up, the good and the bad. Some of them will always have a place in my heart, like Corner with Love, Silence, and Meteor Garden. I should pick up Mars sometime…

  6. I suppose nothing is forever in the entertainment industry, although one thing is for certain – Angie will never make the kind of money she is making with Tiny Times (movie) in Taiwan. So it’s not a surprise she wants to concentrate on projects that would make money, lots of it.

  7. I love a lot of the dramas she has made. Aw man, it is sad to see such a talent go to the land of dubbing. oh wells

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