First Look at Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Together in Goddess of Fire

The adults showed up in the second half of episode 5 of Goddess of Fire Jeongi today and I wish I could tell everyone that the drama miraculously got better. The annoying was dialed down one notch without the histrionics of Jin Ji Hee playing the younger Jung Yi, but frankly she was but one of this drama’s problems and the rest of those issues remained even after the transition. First off – I find Jung Yi’s character really grating, and even having Moon Geun Young play her doesn’t make her any more palatable. She’s just written like every stubborn plucky heroine out there, barreling head first into every situation and then everyone around her cleans up the mess afterwards. When she tries to fix things, she ends up making it worse in the end. I feel like her character was written to generate the situational conflicts to propel this story forward, and lost in this was the importance of creating a character that feels flawed but still relatable. But what KILLS this drama for me is the double whammy of pedestrian and awkward directing paired with truly egregious writing. PD Park Sung Soo may be a veteran but with crap like Heading to the Ground on his resume I should have anticipated that perhaps something eclectic like Ruler of Your Own World was the exception and not the norm. He directs this drama like a cross between a biopic and a Joseon sitcom. All that’s missing is a laugh track at times or somber obvious cues that we’re witnessing a Very Important Moment in others. The man’s camera is about as subtle as a rhino mistaking your backyard party for the shortcut to his watering hole. Even worse is the screenplay by Kwon Soo Gyu, who penned the widely panned Warrior Baek Dong Soo and has managed to out do himself here in that I think GoF is even worse than WBDS. What gives, dude? Maybe writing screenplays is not a professional calling. The script has no delicate touches and instead relies on bombastic scenes and overly sentimental emotions and connections. The villains are one-note villainous and the nice guys fairly radiate an aura of blinding goodness. I wanted to write this post to put closure on my impressions of this sageuk, widely anticipated by me because it starred Moon Geun Young plus Kim Bum, in a sageuk genre that I know is her forte since she raked in the awards for Painter of the Wind. GoF’s myriad failures make me appreciate just how amazing PoW was, with well-written characters, absolutely breathtaking directing, and acting chemistry that was out of this world between Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won. But I think I have the fortitude to watch GoF on FF just for Kim Bum scenes, because his character remains the only one who doesn’t make me want to stabbity something, and because he’s so darn cute in his mane of glory and blue warrior robe. I might just enjoy doing periodic updates on GoF to picspam Bummie pictures. Who’s with me on this?


First Look at Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Together in Goddess of Fire — 24 Comments

  1. explain why it took a long time for MGY to confirm this role..But anyhow, I still enjoy her appearance in this drama. Maybe a little..emm make that…very disappointed because of the lack of quality, but me still going to support MGY by watching this..yeah!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m guess I’m not a picky viewer since I’m enjoying the show as it is. It’s even better now that the adult leads are in and I’m watching MGY and KIm Bum grace the screen.

  3. I am enjoying this show to the point of watching it raw(couldn’t wait for subs)and that’s from someone who doesn’t like saguek(I mostly read recap only for sagueks no matter how good the reviews were).

    And I’m hoping it will get better.

  4. I am down with just pics of Bummie! The man can pull off that mane of glory like no one’s business! More Bummie is never a bad thing!

  5. A rhino mistaking your backyard party as a shortcut to his waterhole?


    I bow to your writing, Miss Koala. I’m not even watching this, but so much joy reading your recaps for shows that are no good.

  6. Maybe some kind fan would do a video of just the Kim Bum cuts?
    Because he is so sexy in that garb here. The show… so not hot.

  7. See, I was one of the ones who said “writer of WBDS – count me out.” I’m still ticked off about how they threw away the good will of the earlier portions and just ruined the ending. OTOH, Bummie is rocking that mane, isn’t he?

  8. I’m personally enjoying the show.It is so funny watching lee kwang soo, he can really act lol, I’m loving every minute of this show, the cast and crew are amazing. I love how kim bum always is smiling around moon geun young, they make a cute couple. she also has good chemistry with lee sang yoon.I don’t watch much historic dramas myself but i really do like this one. Overall show is really funny and interesting. Koala i do agree you can do it just for kim bum alone πŸ™‚ Thanks for your post

    • I have watched up until ep 6, waiting ep 7 next week…Kim Bum’s char have yet to figure out that MGY’s char is Jung Yi..How is his char always smiling at MGY’s char?Omo, did I miss out anything?

  9. LOLOL at your take on the PD and the writer. I love it when you go on a rant πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed earlier WBDS episodes – they might not have been stellar but at least they were entertaining. But if you substitute potters and dignified royals for Korean ninjas and Choi Min Soo doing his own take on Jack Sparrow, the entertaining quotient is going to go way down.

  10. i’m only on episode 2. yes it’s cheesy and formulaic, but i don’t mind it, actually. plus i’m super excited to see mgy and kb (and lsy) together, too. they look good in those pictures!

  11. Heading to the Ground was a disaster, and I knew it just by watching the first 5 minutes of the show. Then it’s safe to say no amount of good script could make up for Yunho’s horrid acting.

    I agree with that Jung Yi’s character is grating and clichΓ©. I’m only watching this for Kim Bum’s Tae Do, which is really the only character I find appealing. I’m sick of egotistical male leads who love to manhandle their girl-crush.

  12. btw when I found out the writer who wrote GoF also write WBDS, I had a moment of “ohhhh that explained so much” lol

  13. I know, Koala…why don’t you just make screen caps of Bummie…that’s all I care about! LOL!

    I’m hesitant to watch this show…should I or shouldn’t I???

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