Second Awesome and Spooky Preview for The Master’s Sun

With the release of the second preview for the upcoming horror romance drama The Master’s Sun written by the (in)famous Hong Sisters, my interest in this drama has officially skyrocketed. Can I take back what I said about not caring that I Hear Your Voice got a two-episode extension? I care now, I want TMS immediately and am starting the growl in frustration. TMS would be the Hong sisters tenth drama in a nearly decade long career, starting from Delightful Girl Choon Hyang to You’re Beautiful in the midway point until their last drama Big. Hopefully TMS reverses what many believe has been a decline in their trademark snappiness, but I never thought they were all that great to begin with and have always liked parts of each of their dramas for very subjective reasons while finding the whole usually quite unsatisfying. All their dramas start off interesting and dies a narratively painful death, but a few I still enjoyed because of other elements. There are new official stills out of So Ji Sub rocking various neckerchief and suit look as the president of a shopping mall, miserly and arrogant. He evokes shades of Hyun Bin as Joo Won in Secret Garden, doesn’t he? I wrote early on that both leads in TMS are Lee Kyung Hee veterans – Gong Hyo Jin did Let’s Go to School Sang Doo and Thank You, while So Ji Sub was in MiSa (I’m Sorry, I Love You). Just thinking about these two bringing that type of emotional range and depth to this drama makes me giddy with excitement. While ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik was originally slated to cameo as a younger version of So Ji Sub’s character, he’s been picked up by Heirs so instead Infinite’s L will be playing little So Ji Sub. Awwww, he’s such a cutie pie. I approve! Check out the genuinely amusing and freaky deaky second preview for TMS, which premieres on August 7th on SBS. It’ll be a head-to-head battle on that date since Lee Jun Ki’s Two Weeks also premieres on MBC, while I’m sure the niche and oddball sageuk The Blade and Petal will continue to bring up the rear. I might be in for a triple play soon of watching three dramas on Wed-Thurs. Can I get an injection of coffee right into my veins please.

Let me give a little explanation of this drama title “Joogun eui Taeyang”. Joogun read as a one word noun means Master or Lord. Split it apart into Joo Gun and it means Mr. Joo, with Gun a male modifier just like Kun is used in Japanese to identify that the person in question is a man. Taeyang read as a one word noun means the Sun. But split into Tae Yang and it means Sir/Madam Tae, with yang an honorific modifier that is gender neutral. So the title of the drama can be either The Master’s Sun, or Mr. Joo and Madam Tae. Pretty neat, huh? In the drama, Gong Hyo Jin’s character’s name is Tae Gong Shil, but her nickname since high school is actually Taeyang for sun because she has such a sunny disposition.

Second preview for The Master’s Sun:

Joo Joong Won (Joo Gun): Her world, is a little bit different.

Title card: Her world, is very different. Her mental world, is very different.

Tae Gong Shil (Tae Yang): I want to sleep in your embrace.

Joo Gun: Are you a flower snake? (i.e. golddigger)

Tae Yang: I want to touch you.

Joo Gun: Scram, Tae Yang!

Tae Yang: I am……..oh god! Please, leave me alone. I said that this won’t make them leave me alone.

Joo Gun: Don’t move. What you see, yell it out. Just yell, and I have something to say. You bad woman.

Title card: Those who cannot leave, this is their story. Joo Gun eui Tae Yang (The Master’s Sun) welcomes you on August 7th.


Second Awesome and Spooky Preview for The Master’s Sun — 34 Comments

  1. I am shocked, but this actually looks like something I might enjoy checking out! (I actually find most Hong Sisters’ dramas I liked started not so hot for me, but then grew on me, so I am going to give it a few eps either way).

    My roster for Wed-Thursday then is going to be Blade & Petal (which is so visually gonzo that I could love it for that alone), then this (please please don’t suck!) and then Two Weeks (same plot as Mandate of Heaven, writer on my bad list, and I almost always bail the moment I hear ‘cancer.’)

    Koala, are you going to be recapping this? I always love your recaps – even when I don’t agree with your take on something, you are always super-entertaining!

    • I don’t know yet! T___T It’s TMS v. my love for Lee Jun Ki. I cannot do both because I tried it when 49 Days was airing alongside Best Love (hell, what is this, the same two writer sets as TMS and 2W!) and I seriously almost cracked. Ottoke? @__@ I’m not going to overthink it. I’ll watch both episodes and see which one inspires me to write about it.

      • Or if you like both Unni you can always choose one that no one else is recapping! I am looking forward to whichever you recap as I always get the feeling that I am discussing the episode in depth with a close friend! Here’s to hoping they both bring home the bacon! 🙂

      • Even if you don’t recap both dramas I hope you’ll do mini posts about the drama you don’t end up recapping. Maybe your mini posts could happen after every 2 or 4 episodes. I would still love to hear your thoughts about the plot, characters, and progression of the dramas!

      • yeah, definitely recap whatever floats your boat and not what others want you to recap.

  2. This looks so great, why can’t I have this now. I hope someone decides to recap this. Pretty please.
    It looks spooky but not to scary, I’m guessing the ghost in the wedding dress is Park Se Young.

  3. Due to my life schedule I usually watch dramas before I sleep at night…. This is actually way more freaky than I though tho. But eeeeek. I want to watch it now. This is the only reason why I want IHYV to end. But when hong sisters came to mind, I thought cute fluffy ghosts. … I want to see So Ji Sub smile more.

  4. EEEKKK… this looks spooky and while it got light touch of humour, those sudden appearance of ghosts will give me a heart attack. I guess this is a drama where you can only watch on broad daylight..

    On a side note, I don’t care for the extension of IHYV as long as it stays awesome as it is now. I didn’t catch BIG due to the setting being not my cup of tea but this drama interests me.

  5. I really wonder how’s she gonna be sunny when she sees ghosts all the time :))) ohmagosh so excited for this! Really looks interesting!

  6. this one definitely is scarier than the first:D I actually wonder how odd SJS’s character is besides his boss side:D He should have a weird side too:D and even though I love and follow SJS I couldnt watch the famous MiSa because I am afraid to cry too much:D So this will be the first drama for me to watch SJS 😀 LOL it will be interesting to watch him first in a Hong sister drama:D I watched him in a movie with Kang Ji Hwan and that was fantastic:D But here he is more a clean cut character:D And last time in Best Love, the first 30 min of the drama was phenomenally fun:D LOL I expect too much from this:D I cant wait for August:D

  7. NICEEEEE!! I’ve only ever watched SJS in Ghost and oh man, I would just stare at his face to see for the slightest of reactions cuz he would carefully keep it blank. For this one THS have a legit reason to keep their female lead looking terrible. She could use a night’s sleep or yunno, a week’s!!

  8. Definitely this is my most anticipated drama this year. It’s scarier yet also funnier. Can’t stop laughing when GHJ tries to touch SJS, and that moment when she is in SJS’s car. LOL.

    So happy that from this teaser the chemistry looks so GREAT and GHJ’s expression is so DAEBAK. Both of them are great!

    The thing is that I am so happy that each of the character is played by ultra-talented actress and actor.

  9. This looks awesome!!!! It looks scary, spooky while still funny. I like the visuals and the attention to detail. I’m excited to watch this. Look forward to finding which of the two dramas, you decide to recap.

  10. The more I see/hear about this show the more i’m excited and pumped — i think this teaser really did it for me! lovin’ the vibe/tone.
    And i like how both leads are seasoned actors, so even if their characters end up so-so i can expect to be entertained by So Ji Sub and Gong hyo jin.
    Visually they look nice together, i have no qualms.
    I always like to be entertained by the Hong Sisters with the exception of big being the only one I dropped like a hot potato, so you can go NO wrong with a premise like Master’s Sun since there’s alot of wiggle room.
    With big’s premise I knew there were undeniable hijinks and cute to come — but it was still a tricky line to walk, and the ending just proved that.
    Had there been no body swapping i would have stuck it through Big till the end, considering that was my main issue with the show.

  11. I’m petrified to even click on the teaser. The stills already make me wanna pee in my shorts. =P Great make-up artist team on this set.

  12. how many times can i swoon over sjs’s smile!!! LOVE IT!!! omg this drama looks awesome, seriously i can’t wait!!!!
    running to watch the teaser again!!!

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