Preview for Episode 1 of Who Are You and Romantic Stills of Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun

I want to thank the kind soul on the Who Are You production team who decided to release official stills of Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun‘s characters kissing. Clearly its in the before days, yunno, before she falls into a coma and wakes up seeing ghosts and before he…..dies. See, there is totally hope for second leading shipping in this drama. As long as his body was kept in cryogenic freeze and one believes in resurrection. Not that far-fetched at all. The upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama Who Are You premieres next Monday and I am definitely checking it out. Of course as a drama viewer I’m leery of male lead Taecyeon having suddenly manifested acting ability beyond looking adorably beefy onscreen, but if the story is interesting and his character well-written, I can stomach him like I did in Dream High. But I’m just totally sad that Kim Jae Wook’s character is dead because I loved tender love stories that are thwarted by forces beyond control and given a second chance. In the stills above, detective Lee Hyung Joon is getting ready for an undercover sting operation at the docks. His girlfriend and subordinate Yang Si On is with him, and either he came prepared or it was a spur of the moment thing, but he proposes to her and she accepts.

The kiss totally sealed the deal, I’m sure of it. Who can possibly say no when Kim Jae Wook is kissing you. Sadly the situation goes from Heaven to Hell shortly thereafter as the sting operation goes awry and Hyung Joon dies while Si On falls into a coma. She awakens from her coma after 6 years with no memory of the events prior to her injury. In a case of unwanted compensation, in exchange for her memory she’s now able to see ghosts. She gets assigned to the Lost and Found department of the police force since she’s not exactly primed for active duty, and its there she meets her new partner demoted cop Cha Gun Woo played by Taecyeon. They form a bickering and unlikely partnership as she starts to help the ghosts finish their business on Earth. And lurking around her is the spirit of her dead fiancee Hyung Joon. During the press conference, Kim Jae Wook said he read through lots of scripts but chose this role because he had faith in the PD (who did Daemul, Beloved, and Harvest Villa) and because he thought it was a challenge to play a character that was dead. Dude, I hope your faith is well placed because I totally want to go the distance with you on this drama and would hate to drop it because it sucked. The preview for episode 1 isn’t half bad so check it out

Episode 1 preview:


Preview for Episode 1 of Who Are You and Romantic Stills of Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun — 8 Comments

  1. Whatever brief opinions I’m able to deduce from the preview, I’d say when it comes to Taec… I’m seeing only one facial expression for any and all scenarios. But to his credit, it’s still too early to tell and his character looks like he’ll be adorable – perhaps there’s hope yet? I love love love Kim Jae Wook, I’m with you on hoping his faith is well placed with this one!

  2. Actually, this teaser doesn’t look all that bad except for the one expression for many that is taecyeon.
    I think there’s a little bit of chemistry — and that’s because of the bickering. I hope they focus more on a bickering, butting heads partnership than a romantic one.
    Can’t believe it’s gearing up to premiere so soon.. Man, this summer went by fast.

  3. people keep saying ”why Kim Jae Wook doesn’t get main role?”

    well, I think he prefers sometimes the more interesting role?

    I mean, Taec role here seems so… bleh, while playing the dead ghost boyfriend seems interesting and exciting. I’m already excited to see it hehehehe

  4. OMG..I can’t watch SYH expression. I am going to pass this. I love KJW, but…even him can’t make me watch this. Next…

  5. Taec may practically have one expression but give the man a chance.

    You’re right Ms.K that given the right role and character, that single expression may even work to its advantage.

    I guess i am stretching it a bit to compare him to the Se-Yi character in Monstar. Ha Yeon-Soo’s naive look goes may be a bit tiring to watch but it nails her character’s innocence and being truthful/honest most of the time…

  6. lack of chemistry but it’s okay… it’s just trailer.. maybe the drama its self would be a big hit.. who knows? hehehe

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