Song Joong Ki to Wrap Up Activities and Enlist at the End of August

Get read to start weeping, people. Even before the tears have fully dried from losing my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho to the claws of the military earlier this year, even the thought that Song Joong Ki was considering enlisting at the year of the year gave me the shakes. The boy has been on fire with a string of critical and popular successes ranging from the movie A Werewolf Boy to the drama Nice Guy (The Innocent Man). Yes, he was getting close to the age limit for conscription since he was born in ’85, but I thought he would at least do one more acting project prior to enlisting just to give his fans somewhat of a swan song. Two years is a long time. Sadly it cannot be – Song Joong Ki’s agency announced this morning that he has received his conscription papers and will be enlisting on August 27th. With the elimination of the Entertainment division after a series of scandals earlier this year involving enlisted celebrities, Song Joong Ki has his choice of the usual army, navy, air force, or go the full Hyun Bin and pick the marines. I’ve said before that the military taketh and the military giveth, and this time the dates are so close as to be clearly intended to help soften the blow for me. Just four days after Joong Ki enlists, Heechul is getting discharged. Yes, that will definitely dry up a lot of my tears to have that boy back, but I’m still sad Song Joong Ki won’t be able to do the Bong Joon Ho movie Sea Fog, or any other acting gig in the short month he has left prior to enlistment. Yoo Seung Ho really went out with a bang what with finishing Missing You, doing a MV drama with Park Shin Hye for a So Ji Sub single, and lots of gorgeous photo spreads before shaving all his hair off and running off to don fatigues and march in formation. I’m glad Song Joong Ki is doing his civic duty and I’ll try to post as much as his last entertainment activities as I can in the next month. All this pictures accompanying this post are from the just released Fall ad campaign for Samsonite luggage with Ha Yeon Soo.


Song Joong Ki to Wrap Up Activities and Enlist at the End of August — 30 Comments

  1. Hate to be the one to say the classic “I will wait for you oppa”, but this is one guy I totally will wait for.

  2. I think his mind was more or less made up by the end of June. It just became official today. There were a number of projects he was looking at (two of which were Sea Fog and Tazza 2, another article mentioned a sageuk film, and I know there were some others through the grapevines), and when he said no to Sea Fog in the end, I knew that was it, he was going to enlist. So this isn’t a huge shock, but it’s something I’m still processing.

  3. I keep picturing how he will look when he gets out of the military. I mean, army transformation does wonders to men. Jung Kyung Ho enlisted as a boy and was discharged as a MAN — a smoking hot man. I’m sure that Song Joong Ki will come back equally as transformed. 🙂

    • hopefully with better posture than jkh :). he is very hot but I want to tell him ‘shoulders back!!’ all the time :p

    • JKH and Lee Jun-ki had the most stunning transformation into MEN after they were done with the army. It really does something to our flower boys…

  4. I didn’t mind guys getting drafted into the military before, it maybe because I am ‘new’ in Kdrama land since I started seeing dramas by the end of 2011… So this is a first.

    All I can say is:

    Heartbreak! Why?!?!?! :'( Two years… feel like an eternity.

  5. Goodness…my frail heart. It can no longer take these dreadful news. I knew he was going to enlist, but I thought we had more time. My stomach actually contracted when I heard the news (possibly from hunger, but my adamant fangirl personality thinks its from my love and dedication for him). Le Sigh…no offense Koala, but I could care less about Heechul. What am I going to do? No Jung Kyung Ho, no Soong Ki? It’s okay, I’ll just have to rewatch nice guy….everyday. hahaha 🙂 thanks for the really fast news update!

  6. NOOO!! Why now…2 years seems like forever now. I guess I’ll console myself by marathoning SKKS. If I’m this upset about SJK, I can’t even contemplate what it’ll be like when Lee Min Ho has to leave…. 🙁

  7. I’m so upset T__T I really thought he’d do another acting gig but nope T__T will need to buy extra tissues T__T

    Crazy how Heechul’s getting discharged this month, time flies~

  8. Technically he has only one choice if he wants to keep his career, it’s active duty. If he plays his cards right this military duty will definitely benefit him. Anything less than active duty, he will only be ridiculed because of the current army scandals.

    I wish he’d go on running man once more before he enlists 🙁

  9. All my fave actors who left for military have come back better in all factors – physique, acting strength (reflected through maturity) etc. So imma be looking at this as a really good thing cos I love this guy! All the best to him, 2 years will just flyyyyy by I’m sure.

  10. I knew this was coming, but it still hurts. I don’t want to think about how desolate it’s going to get when the ’86-’87ers start dropping like flies.

  11. I just realize that 2 yrs flies by really fast now so it will be no time when he returns. 🙂 Best of luck SJK!!! So I guess there is going to be a lot of them enlisting in the near future.

    I only heard of some of the scandals but didn’t know they did away with the whole division.

  12. Bye bye baby! Stay healthy, happy and don’t let the bullies get you down.

    I just just just finished Werewolf Boy so saying goodbye hurts a LOT.
    He is/was my first K crush.

  13. Excuse me while I go huddle in the corner and sob uncontrollably.

    His first project post-military duty better not be terrible. D’you hear me, drama gods? It better rock my socks off! ~shakes fist at the sky~

  14. Bye bye baby face.
    He’s one of the most youthful looking celebrities. If I was a soldier in his unit, their mums and sisters would mob him.

  15. It’s okay… Because most, if not all, celebrities that finish their civic duty are given something better in return. I’ll miss him… a lot!

  16. one word…

    but just a quick question.. does that mean Lee Kwang Soo should/would have to enlist as well?

    • Actually Kwang Soo’s well-known for having already served his army duty! He did it before he starting acting so we still have Kwang Soo :DDD I do wish to see Song Joong Ki on RM again though.

  17. SJK looks awesome in the photos while HYS looks a little awkward? She’s really pretty so I guess she should work on her poses and expression more…

    p/s: Will watch werewolf boy during his enlistment so I won’t feel his absence much. T.T

  18. His face and, more importantly, his acting talent will be missed. but I cannot think of a better time for him to leave when he has had such success. He also won’t be out of the pubic eye that much if they keep using his CFs. I just got back from the States after being in South Korea for five weeks, and I could not go anywhere without seeing his face plastered on something. Not just this samsonite campaign, but also for contact lenses and coffee and other things that my level 2 Korean could understand. One of his commercials for something was on t.v. every commercial break during every kind of show imagineable including professional volleybal (my new obsession!). His manageament has been playing its cards, right. He seems to be making great choices. good luck to him

  19. I wish him all the best. Just when I had started appreciating him as an actor he will be disappearing from one frontline and appearing on another one. Hope he comes back safe and continues from where he left.

  20. Two years will be over before we know it. I’ll miss new projects & updates on SJK, but with enough CF’s it won’t feel like he’s really gone from K-ent. Besides, I survived Hyun Bin’s military days so I know I’ll make it though SJK’s. LOL!

  21. I’ll miss you! You’ll be back at your 30’s and I’ll be 18 at that time! I’m gonna find you…..says the fan who lives in the desert. :)))

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