Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Announce Their Upcoming September Wedding

Good news alert! Don’t you guys love hearing more good news? Remember this past Winter when it was just a depressing unending stream of bad behavior coming out of Korea – the alleged raping, the prescription propofol abuse, the military service scandals. Yeah, I remember and it was not a happy time to follow K-ent. This Summer hasn’t been all fun and games either, but there has been an uptick in marital news that once again leads me to believe that all the oppas are dropping like flies from bachelorhood. Kim Jae Won tied the knot earlier, and Lee Byung Hun and Bae Soo Bin are slated to get married in the next month or so. Today comes the bombshell happy news that long time celebrity couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are getting married at the end of September! September 27th at the W Walker Hill Hotel, to be exact. Funnily enough, Ji Sung’s famous ex-girlfriend actress Park Sol Mi got hitched at the Sheraton Grand Walker Hill this past April to her actor hubby Han Jae Seok. In fact, 2013 will have seen 3 out of the 4 main leads of the drama All In tie the knot, leaving only Song Hye Kyo to make it a home run.

That was a ridiculously datey cast, with main leads Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo hooking up as well as second leads Ji Sung and Park Sol Mi. I think the six-degrees of separation in the Korean entertainment world needs to be halved down to three-degrees. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have been dating since they filmed the drama Save the Last Dance for Me, where they didn’t play the OTP but instead she was the crazy second female lead with the obsessive and suicidal love for his male lead. Thankfully the crazy drama antics didn’t transfer to real life and the couple has been one of the most low key relationships out there. They are rarely photographed in public but last year was snapped happily enjoying a Psy concert. Both announced their impending nuptials at the same time and the same way, posting handwritten letters on their respective fan sites. Awwww, I can see them getting up in the morning and rolling out of bed together, heading over to their laptops and pressing send at the same time. Ji Sung proposed earlier this year and once they set the date, Lee Bo Young wanted to announce the news in June but then accepted I Hear Your Voice and didn’t want her personal news to overshadow the drama so kept this happiness a secret until the drama wrapped. I can totally see her dying to share it with everyone and wanting the drama to end so she can plan her own wedding. Much love and happiness to this lovely couple, may it last for a lifetime.


Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Announce Their Upcoming September Wedding — 29 Comments

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww times infinity!

    This is great news indeed. I love this couple, hope they will have a life time happiness and many (ok, a few) beautiful children 🙂

  2. I’ve been dying for this news! Ever since I found out Ji Sung was going out with Lee Bo Young (which really was only last year haha) for 6 years, I was like put a ring on it! Yay! Congrats to them!

  3. Awww… with all the rumors of impending marriage for them, I’m so glad that the rumors were true. Like them both as actors and wish them a lifetime of happiness together. 🙂

    Actually, what was interesting is that I liked both of them in Save the Last Dance for me when I saw it long long time ago. Even though she was the bitchy 2nd lead (and she was really bitchy), I liked them together. Then after she did Queen of the Game, I really liked her even though that was a pretty darn ridiculous drama. Yippee for them!!!

    • I just wish they would have waited a few days before announcing the wedding so we could have a smooth landing from our ride in the clouds with our amazing OTP. I’m happy for them but it’s a bit insensitive toward the fans, I think. Not that they owe us anything but still…

  4. HURRAY. I remember seeing them (separately) on t.v. last week, and thinking, “Oh ask her already!” And apparently he already had! These two are the one drama couple I could actually see my self being friends with (even though I also LOVE Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam Joo, I think I would be too intimidated because they are really my ideal:). Best wishes to them. 2013 is going to be hard to top for Lee Bo Young.

  5. Congrat indeed!..I don’t think I’ve heard this much dating/marriage news from k-ent in one year since I started watchig kdramas…something in the water down in Yeouido

  6. I had to look up her, didn’t know her at all, but who cares :P, I am so happy that Ji Sung’s find his other half, he is such a good person, wish him(them) happiness in RL and many kids! 😛

    Many actors are going to wed soon!! 😀

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