Park Shin Hye Quietly Starts Filming for Heirs and Latest Drama Tidbits

After a two-week hiatus from news about He Who Wears the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs, there is now some movement and added tidbits about the production. There was a second script reading session held at SBS studios on July 31 but nothing has been revealed about who attended or what took place. Park Shin Hye’s agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment posted an update about her schedule saying that she was headed to Heirs filming which was starting in August and she has a CF shoot lined up on August 7th, and then lo and behold, a C-fan spotted her filming the drama yesterday and posted two pictures of her Weibo. The scene in question was supposedly quite emotional as Shin Hye was going through the dialogue. No other main cast member was present at the filming in question. A few more rumored details about the drama have dropped to add more flavor to what to expect. Apparently the production is wrangling up a slew of fancy import cars for the rich kids to drive, which totally flashes be back to Boys Before Flowers again, as if this drama didn’t already crib 80% of the set up from the Hana Yori Dango story. Park Shin Hye’s character is reportedly working a part time job at a pizza delivery joint. Huh?

Lee Min Ho, who has been traipsing around all of Asia for his individual fan meeting/mini-concerts, has said in an interview that he’s learning to surf for this role, which we already know since he posted a shirtless picture of him with a surfboard headed into the water last month. He also added that he’s been taking intensive English lessons as well because his character needs to be fluent in English. Since the original storyboard is that his character is studying abroad in Australia for a few years already, of course Lee Min Ho needs to show off some fairly fluent English. SBS is moving the overseas production to California since its currently Winter down under, but no word yet as to whether the drama is going to substitute California scenes for Australia and keep the same destination, or change the destination all together and have the main lead studying abroad in the US. Choi Jin Hyuk gave an interview recently and revealed that his character as the older brother of the male lead is someone “who doesn’t even blink when he’s pricked and starts bleeding, and is a little bit devilish.” So he’s just a cold and smirky (not to mention sexy) MoFo is what I got from that little description. This drama doesn’t premiere for another two months but there are already so many YT fan videos I had a good chuckle browsing through them. I think Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho is going to have good chemistry and some of the videos do a good job of selling it.

Fan made MV for Heirs:

When City Hunter Met the casinoplay Flower Girl Next Door:


Park Shin Hye Quietly Starts Filming for Heirs and Latest Drama Tidbits — 42 Comments

  1. Why did they move filming to the US? Dx

    and they used the excuse that Australia would be too cold?

    SINCE WHEN WAS AUSTRALIA EVER DESCRIBED AS COLD? plus it would be SPRING then, ermagerd, not that Aussie winters are really cold compared to other countries! it doesnt even friggin snow so how can you use COLD as an excuse???


    soz guise, im just thinking of what could have been ><

    • American winters are MUCH colder than Aussie winters! And if they’re filming those scenes after end of August, it’ll be spring in Australia, so how can it be too cold?

      Aussie springs are warm and the summers are boiling, so I don’t get the whole “too cold” excuse…

      • They’re filming those scenes DURING August, when it’s like 90 degrees F (30+ degrees C) in SoCal which is presumably where they’re shooting, and the water is quite warm.

        It’d make no sense to film in NorCal as the water is ALWAYS cold.

        My guess is they’ll likely film in the San Diego area as the water is warmer there.

      • @Requiem:
        I didn’t know there was a difference between SoCal and NorCal, so thanks for telling me that 😀
        I assumed they were filming the beach scenes during September, but if the filming is in August, then yes, it will be too cold to film beach scenes in Australia, since it’s still winter and water temps would be freezing. (Spring doesn’t start till next month)

      • @Requiem, I was thinking the same thing. Now would be a great time to film surf scenes in Southern California, warm water and surf fit for newbies. Plus, you could easily pretend it was Australia. I can’t imagine them filming in Northern California/Bay Area, because the water is always cold – everyone surfs with wetsuits all the time here – and the surfing can be pretty treacherous with lots of rocks and freaky tides. Plus, it’s another one of our cold, foggy summers. There’s been only two or three days when I haven’t worm a sweater.

      • Hmmm not California… winter in Southern California isn’t all that harsh, which is why east coast friends always tease me about not knowing the seasons since you’ll ALWAYS have a lot of hot days even in winter. And they’ll be filming in August so it’s still really warm…

  2. Thank you for the update miss Ockoaka….I am eagerly waiting for Lee MinHo, Park Shin Hye and Krystal here in California Los Angeles.

  3. These two look good together and I’d much rather see LMH shirtless in California than in a wet suit in Bondi. He’ll able to surf in Port Douglas in August and the sunsets are spectacular there too.

  4. Thank you for bringing yet another earliest of news for the news-starved enthusiasts of ‘The Heirs’. 🙂 Things have finally started on the roll in a quiet manner but it sure will warm up as more of the casts join in. Eagerly waiting for more. I feel relieved that Shinhye is keeping her long hair………for a moment I got a scare when looking at one of the pics above.

    • The drama does seem to have something or rather lots for everyone in the fabulous cast, setting ( irrespective of it being Australia or California or South Kore), cars, situations like seeing their stars surfing or wake-boarding?( PSH)etc. What next? I , for one am excited about what is going to unfold next.

  5. The clips look a mish mash of Boys Over Flowers and Flower Boys Next Door. Still, I’m looking forward to this pairing.

  6. I have always wanted her to be Jandi I so I am looking forward to this. LMH is overrated but funny how I always look forward to his dramas.

  7. I’m not really looking forward to this drama, it sounds typical and i have seen LMH act in other roles that he is act out in this one.i only like choi jin hyuk, if someone can do only his scenes. that would be great 🙂

    • The girl in the foreground is not Her. You can barely see Shinhye in the background in white blouse and orange skirt ? She still has long hair.

  8. I have only one question and I know some will start calling me names but it bothers me and I have to say it..I know Lee Min Ho is pretty good in kissing scenes my only concern is what Park Shin Hye will be doing in those scenes.So far in her previous kiss scenes she looked very cold.Have in mind that generally I like her as actress.

    • I get what you mean about Park Shin Hye’s kissing scenes and I agree with what you said. And yes, I’m actually a big Park Shin Hye fan and I think she’s a great actress, but it’s true that her kissing scenes are too cold. There’s just no spark and the kiss falls flat.

  9. why kissing is always the important scene, always mentioned in every comment I have read..PSH is not so good at kissing but she has good interaction with all her co-stars..expressive sad eyes..beautiful smile and a shy kind of lady.LMH was not that good in kissing in BOF too not to mention his co star there.Regardless if they are good in kissing or not, I love it ,if the fireworks sparks whenever they are together..that is what counts for me.Thanks Ockoala, really love the update to this drama of my all time favorite actress.

    • Athena7, even if you do not believe a kiss to be the be-all and end-all of a relationship (which I am sure most people will agree – there is a lot more than kisses at stake) the writers and directors seem convinced that a kiss will Reveal All. Most romantic dramas use a kiss scene as the culmination of all of the effort to build a romantic relationship. A kiss seals the deal, so to speak, and lets everyone know, in a convenient shorthand, that all obstacles have been overthrown and they will now Live Happily Ever After (well, once the last few roadblocks have been kicked out of the way).
      When the writers and directors make such a big deal out of the big kiss, how can the viewers resist giving it the same amount of importance? If you are going to film a scene with a 360 surround view and full orchestra+singer belting out a climactic love song in the background, a scene that has been previewed and talked about and thought about for the past 15 episodes, don’t you think it will get paid special attention by the viewers?
      A kiss is not just a kiss in kdramas, it is a shorthand for every romantic urge the hero and heroine have ever had, so when it falls flat in delivery, by either or both participants, people are certainly going to notice and perhaps complain. If the couple have been fighting, falling in love, doubting, pining, planning, laughing and steaming for several episodes, and they finally give in to each other and how they feel, I’m not going to believe it if the heroine stands there stiff as a board, eyes popped open and lips locked. I’d say that she – and the drama – is a real tease.

      • Well put. I completely agree. (Not to mention the fact that it just doesn’t look natural at all.)

      • yes,I think so. For example eun hye, She is good kisser in drama . It makes her drama always touch our heart (take care of young lady, lie to me, princess hours),unforgetable kissing scene kekekkeke

  10. Making it more believable.If you are fine with a “wall kiss” that’s ok.Not all people are though.Is like a big “turn off” for me.A good actor has to be good in all subjects.8-).

    • I sorta feel bad for LMH ’cause he’s got the kissing down to a t (if I look at BTS stuff), but he certainly needs some reaction/help from his female lead 🙂 The guy can’t do it alone! 🙂

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