The Star-studded Wedding of Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun

The biggest celebrity wedding in South Korea this year (and likely years to come) finally unfurled to great expectation and did not disappoint. Whether you are a fan of actor Lee Byung Hun or actress Lee Min Jung, this classy and star-studded affair can be appreciated on its own merits and boy was it a feast for the eyes. Because both the bride and groom are public figures, they attended the media interview prior to the wedding together. Sometimes you see only the famous bride or groom do it alone (recently it happened at Kim Jae Won‘s wedding) because the spouse is not a celebrity so as to preserve their anonymity. It was the first time the media has interviewed and photographed the couple in public, despite being able to walk red carpets together and flash their romance for all to see, this couple has been reserved and low key throughout their entire relationship. Lee Min Jung looked utterly radiant and relaxed, with her hair in a simply low ponytail and wearing a sheath wedding dress topped a lace overlay with sleeves. Think of Caroline Kennedy’s famous Narcisco Rodriguez wedding gown and aura but with a more conservative lace layer on top. I loved the dress and I loved how she looked in it, especially with the simple unassuming hairdo perfectly accentuated with a similar floral design rhinestone headband. Lee Byung Hun always rocks a perfectly tailored suit and his tux was a traditional bow-tie diamond pattern black with a slim notch velvet lapel. For the actual ceremony, both switched attire and Lee Min Jung went with a strapless lace top princess gown with a long train while Lee Byung Hun sliped on a tux jacket with a large peak satin lapel. Both looked fantastic. The outside of the hotel was a veritable sea of people waiting to watch the festivities unfold, some likely there for the bride and groom, others to check out the celebrity guest parade. The guest list topped over 900 and the couple paid for the entire wedding without taking any endorsement deals. Check out the beautiful event and the incredible celebrity guests, and my heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple!

Here comes the parade of A-list guests.

Lee Byung Hun’s Beautiful Days co-star Choi Ji Woo.

Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee. I didn’t purposely put their pictures next to each other, but no denying they took fantastic alongside each other. Wonder why Kim Tae Hee didn’t bring her boyfriend Rain along as her date? He’s probably still laying low.

Jeon Do Yeon.

Lee Bum Soo and his wife.

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young.

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young.

Joo Sang Wook and Ryu Seung Ryong. The former’s pants are too short, the latter’s pants are too long.

Kim Bum. My precious BB boy! Did you borrow your grandpa’s suit?

Typical So Ji Sub. No comment. He can wear whatever he wants, though all he really needed to do was come straight from the set of The Master’s Sun wearing his character’s suit and he’d be ready to go.

Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin.

Kim Seung Woo (where is wifey Kim Nam Joo? who was really needed here to help her hubby put together a better outfit) and Jung Seok Won (also without his wifey Baek Ji Young).

Lee Chun Hee and Jeon Hye Jin.

Jung Woo Sung.

Utimate bros Kim Min Jong and Kim Soo Ro.

Jung Yumi.

Bae Soo Bin

Shin Hyun Joon and Lee Jung Jin.

Kim Young Chul.

Han Hyo Joo.

Jung Joon Ho and his wife.

Now comes the pictures from inside the ceremony, showing both the bride and groom donned a different wedding outfit for the ceremony.


The Star-studded Wedding of Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun — 61 Comments

  1. So Ji Sub is wearing jeans! He looks like he’s going to a rodeo. It’s a wedding! Formal attire is expected. That guy is so weird and trying too hard to look cool.

    • LOL guess you don’t know but people go to wedding with jeanes on Korea, yup even girls.

      This wedding they were better dressed but I guess it was because it could have international stars/people and they wanted to lool good.

      But really, go search and you’ll find they don’t dress up much for wedding on Korea, it isn’t just SJS and he isn’t trying hard, he just has this weird style sense.

    • Yeah… People don’t always dress up to Asian weddings. I have seen people in track suits and jeans at weddings. So odd but I think it’s accepted there, depending on the particular culture.

  2. Lee Min Jung looks like a fairy goddess in her wedding attire.

    I’m a little confused about Kim Seung Woo’s presence — didn’t he testify against Lee Byung Hun during the X Files scandal?

    • Kim Seung Woo never testified against Lee Byung Hun on anything. He only said what really happened between Taewon CEO and KBK. It has nothing to do with LBH whether people want to believe or not. KSW even fought against KBK in the courtroom but whomever wrote the NB article chose not to mention this to give false advantage to KBK.

  3. I wish Kim Nam Joo was there, she’s always so effortlessly stylish. Baek Ji Young is probably not ready to be seen in public so soon after her miscarriage 🙁

  4. Wow and more wow! That is a lotta star power, for sure. Nice to see them with spouses out in the public. It seems more and more stars feel comfortable geting and being married.

    LMJ and LBH look so happeeeeeeee! I wish them a peaceful and warm life together. If he continues his Hollywood films, maybe LMJ will brush up on her English and show up in one, too.

    I kinda squeeeeeed at Kim Min-jong and Kim Soo-ro. Now THAT is a happy couple. Thanks for the pix and post!

  5. Lee min Jung is gorgeous here as the lovely bride and I really loved her in her last drama. She won me over. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together and strength to get through the rocky times.

    Congrats to the happy couple!!!

      • I don’t think he actually dated YEH tho, he flat-out denied it when asked. Still, I guess the awkwardness and ‘dating rumours’ would be a good enough reason to skip.

  6. Maybe its just me, but Han Hyo Joo looks like a stick! She’s lost a lot of weight from when I last saw her… I like what she’s wearing though.

    I adore LMJ’s first set of pictures (with the simple ponytail and headband) over her bridal dress. She looks radiant in that sorta-Kate-inspired dress. There were a LOT more celebrities that attended, but its hard to cover everyone.

    Congrats to the couple, and hope they have a really blissful and long life ahead!

  7. Thank you for posting this! The couple does look beautiful in both outfits. LMJ must be wearing really high heels in her wedding dress to be the height of LBJ, not that he is that tall, to start with… She looks elevated in the 2nd to last picture.

    • High heels wouldn’t be enough for that dress. She’s either sitting on some kind of pedestal or walking on stilts in that picture 😉

      • Hello BhudaCat, I also thought she couldn’t be wearing heels, however after having seen the picture one of the commenters posted, I am not so sure. The thing is, she is actually walking (it looks like they are walking, still), which made me think that she must be wearing shoes, and high heels at that.

  8. I just want to climb So Ji Sub’s body and do…things. Many things. *ahem*

    OMG @ 3/4 of the bros from Gentleman’s dignity being there! I imagine they are practically the same in real life haha…Jung Seok Won looks very handsome in that haircut.

    Anyway, BEAUTIFUL couple! Lee Min Jung seems so sweet and I’m happy for the new married couple 🙂

  9. Star-studded indeed. A feast for the eyes, especially Hyo-Jin’s dress despite the bland color, and my ultimate bias, Kim Soo-ro! Didn’t know that Chunderella was dating; happy boy! And Son Tae-young is so womanly, whether onscreen (Lee Soon-Shin drama) and offscreen with hubby.

    I loved all your comments, Mrs Koala, but one seems to be missing below Jung Woo-Sung’s pic; shouldn’t there be a “my I-lub-you” inserted unless you have let go of him? ^_^

  10. They look stunning, I’m guessing LMH wore flats because LBH is rocking some serious heels on his shoes. (I don’t think he’s the 178 cm that his agency says he is, more maybe around 173ish)
    Somehow, she looks more into him then he is into her and what I read about him now I’m kind of creeped out. Of course I hope they are happy and that this marriage will last.

  11. Awww Lee Min Jung looked so radiant. I love how her makeup wasn’t overdone, and both gowns were so elegant. Kim Hyo Jin has one of the most proportionate figures I’ve ever seen; her style’s always a little eclectic but it suits her. And I love what Jung Yu Mi wore too. Black can make one look extremely severe, but the organza detail and short length added a certain girliness to her outfit.

  12. LMJ like a goddess!!love her,so beautiful!!song seung hun and kim tae hee,u don’t know how much i wish if they could be a real life couple…they look so adorable together!!

  13. I have to say this with all seriousness: the no-endorsement rule is mandatory for any classy wedding. Not that LBH needed any. He must be raking in the USD from Hollywood recently.

    On the celeb guests outfit…surprising lack of color. Most of them dress as if they are going to a not-so-happy event…

  14. Lovely post and comments. I am wondering why there are no people on the tables in the wedding pictures — while they were walking on the ramp? is it the case that the hall is divided to church like on one side and reception on the other? Or is this a pre-wedding shot. Just curious. In the culture i grew up in, Han Hyo Joo’s outfit would be most appropriate, although personally i don’t like black for weddings. Jeans would definitely not be, but from where I am now, it is anything goes. Beautiful couple. Wishing them all the best on their married life. May their celebrity status not be a hindrance to their happiness as a couple.

  15. Congratulations to the both of you. I am not a fan of you both and I never watched any of your dramas but I wish you all the best. I wonder who will get married next, It will really break my heart if So Ji Sub will announce his wedding and also Song Seung Hun

  16. I’ve seen Han Ga In and his hubby. She’s so beautiful, I am a bit disappointed because she got married so early she could have find a better looking husband.

    • At first, I thought the same way. But now the more I look at her husband, the more I like him. They are really look good together 🙂

  17. the bride and groom looks lovely together, I love how alot of couples went to wedding, btw where is Han Ga In and her husband photo? they were there.

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