Song Seung Heon Considers Adult Rated Sensual K-movie as Next Project

Go ahead, judge me all you want. The appreciation for male beauty needn’t be a shameful thing, as along as its acknowledged thusly and no further validation is added thereto. I’ve wondered why its taken so long since Song Seung Heon started his acting career for him to strip away any pretense that he can act and just let his male beauty sell the show. Plenty of actresses do that and I’m all for gender equality. Song Seung Heon is said to be favorably considering the main lead in an upcoming period sensual movie (read NC-17 rated) by a veteran of the genre Kim Dae Woo. The movie is tentatively titled Human Addiction and is the forbidden and immoral love affair between a war general in the 1960s and the married wife of his subordinate. One guess that the poor cuckolded husband dies in war and the crossed lovers can be together in the end. Or maybe not, since this is going to be a movie and those usually don’t have the same rainbows and unicorns happy endings that dramas aim for. When I said Kim Dae Woo is a veteran of the erotic period movie, its because the only two movies on his resume are both very erotic booby-filled affairs. There was Forbidden Quest in 2006 with Han Suk Kyu, Lee Bum Soo, and Kim Min Jung, followed by The Servant (also known as Banja Chronicles) in 2010 with Kim Joo Hyuk, Ryu Seung Bum, and Jo Yeo Jung. I keep thinking an erotic movie is a no-brainer for Song Seung Heon since he clearly has a body made for exposing and oogling, and he does heated pining very well since it doesn’t require him to look constipated such as when he needs to act all serious. No word yet on who the leading lady will be but there are a few K-actresses that have cornered the market on erotic fare such as the aforementioned Jo Yeo Jung and Kim Min Jung, not to mention Kim Ok Bin and Song Ji Hyo. Though it would be super awesome if a movie ingenue threw her inhibition to the wind and took this project just to make out to Song Seung Heon, and I’m thinking along the lines of Han Hyo JooΒ or Park Bo Young just to spice up their image a bit. In anticipation of Song Seung Heon doing something raunchy onscreen, have some of his most famous shirtless pics.


Song Seung Heon Considers Adult Rated Sensual K-movie as Next Project — 30 Comments

  1. I think Han Hyo Joo or Park Bo Young would only film a mature film if it involves a project that can get them serious acting recognition and major awards. More likely an underrated actress who wants more exposure will take up this project.

  2. I thought The servant was actually quite sad the end. It was a nice spin of the Chunnhyang story.
    He does have the body for it and it it requires zero acting talent then he’s perfect. I shamelessly admit I’d watch it.

    • Aw come on! Give the guy a break. I thought his acting wasn’t too bad in My Princess when he piggy backed KTH up the steps. He was all Gregory Peck charm and he didn’t even take his shirt off then.

  3. The thing it, they already have an audience for this (as I can tell from all the comments on the various blogs). I cannot believe that no one thought of this before or that this is the first time he is considering this since everyone must know that it will make some money no matter how bad the script or anything else might be. Thanks for the extra pictures, Captain Koala!

  4. Gender equality… hmmmm… yes yes…

    I’ve been waiting to see him finally give in and put that body to good use. XD

    I mean, even some really good actors aren’t afraid to show some abs and be sexy (I’m thinking specifically about Lee Jung Jae in “The Housemaid”), so why shouldn’t Song Seung Heon take the plunge and do it too?

    He should do cable dramas from now on. Sexy NC-17 rated dramas.

  5. By the way, if you are like me, and watched Fate/Destiny because of shots like up there with THT and Kwan Sang-woo, don’t bother.
    You get more time watching them in the stills than in the film. Soooo disappointed in the lack of shirtlessness in that film!
    Just mostly man chasing after and beating up other men with metal pipes.

  6. Oh let this happen! Storyline sounds interesting. On the shallow side of me, he looks good in or out of clothes. He is magnificent. I don’t think his acting is as bad as people joke about. Dr. Jin was just bad, period. I’ve watched some of his other dramas and movies and he pretty decent.

  7. I wonder if it will hurt his career if he goes this route. He has expressed an interest in working with Ha Ji Won and I don’t think that she would want to be associated with erotica. But gosh he does have the body for it.

    • google “sex is zero” and you will see Ha Ji Won name up there in the cast. it was more of an erotic comedy, And she kept her clothes on, but the movie was definitely sex themed.

  8. that picture with thumbs up and victory sign at the ocean.. wish I could tug that shorts down, it doesn’t need much force anyway. just dangling low there on his hip… *needs cold shower now*

  9. @Katmoo – put me down for a copy of SSH calendar πŸ™‚
    @Still Water – I agree that the man is magnificent and his acting is really not that bad. I mean have you seen Rain in Full House? He was dreadful but who cares? With abs like that, acting does seem a bit irrelevant. SSH is not a great actor but seriously, nobody watches his movies for the acting anyway. But he often puts in lots of effort. I mean have you seen When a Man Loves? The poor man had to act his pants off to cover up for Chinless who was just dreadul.

    • Yes, I did watch WAML. I thought he did a pretty decent job and in a few scenes he was quite good. TBH, I did get distracted a few times when he had his suit jacket off and the back shots of him were being shown. That man can wear a pair of pants like nobody’s business!
      In the end, if he chooses to do this film, I just hope he feels comfortable. I would hate to have his film panned because he didn’t “do erotica the right way” or something to that effect.

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