The Elusive Hyun Bin Surfaces at a Samsung UHD Zoo Promotional Event

There has been a sighting of one of those nearly extinct species known as the naturally good looking K-acting god. Hyun Bin, who has chosen as his first post-military project the sageuk movie A King’s Wrath, surfaced this past weekend at a Samsung event in Seoul. Binnie has been a Samsung spokesperson for years now, even before he enlisted in the military and during his Secret Garden days. He’s looking alarmingly thin here, maybe even more gaunt then when he purposely lost a lot of weight to play Kim Joo Won in SG. When he came out of the military, he was buff and tough having spent 19 months in the marines. But now he’s back to his day job, and aside from his slimness he does exude every inch the top star. His hair is so shiny and lush now, and I don’t recall him ever sporting this kind of luxurious bouncy parted coif that just screams “touch me”. He wore a traditional three piece suit that I swear must’ve been lifted straight from Joo Won’s uppity wardrobe in SG. If he put on 10 pounds then all would be perfect. The Samsung event was for a promotional concept called UHDTV Zoo, where Samsung is advertising its latest and greatest high end LED TV by showcasing how a viewer can literally bring the animals of the wild into the home through Samsung’s crystal clear HD technology. It’s not a bad pitch, but I was mostly guffawing over how picture after picture of Binnie standing next to the TV as its flashes through a catalog of wild life. I reckon he’s about as perfect as K-star to pose with awesome animals and not lose his lustre. Binnie with a cheetah! Binnie wins. Binne with a rhino! Still Binnie wins. Binnie with a flamingo! Maybe that one is a draw. Heh. Check out the gorgeous pictures and keep on waiting for this boy’s acting comeback with bated breath.


The Elusive Hyun Bin Surfaces at a Samsung UHD Zoo Promotional Event — 22 Comments

  1. He looks dashing, as usual. But he would certainly look better with a few extra pounds.

    For me he looked his best in “The Snow Queen”. I loved his puffy cheeks! XD

    So the only thing he has scheduled is that new movie? Still no drama on the horizon? 🙁

    • I didn’t finish Snow Queen, it’s still on my list of dramas to finish, so Idon’t feel that I can comment on that. I thought he looked really good in World Within, with clothes on and off (there is a scene where his dad helps him shower, and he is in his underwear), and there is another scene (in one of the 1st episodes where he comes out of the bathroom, with a towel on and he puts on a black suit). He looked dashing in that suit.

      I am of those who do not think he looks that great when he is thinner, especially on his face. His cheekbones stick out more, it makes me want to feed him. I do think he looks better and more attractive (imo) when his body is a little fuller.

      • Was just going to post that his worlds within days were perfect.
        His face didn’t look too gaunt and his cheeks were “puffier” ha.

  2. I never see why most people think he’s good looking. Ah well, beauty is subjective. I do find him slightly attractive after finishing Snow Queen a few weeks ago.

    • Don’t worry, I do not think he’s even attractive at all. He does have nice skin though and I LOVE his suit. Very nice ensemble!

  3. All you have to say is HYUN BIN and you have my attention. A post with pictures of this gorgeous man is like icing on the cake! Aigoo….I’m such a fangirl.

  4. Thank You, Captain Koala. I actually had a dream about Hyun Bin last night (not what you are thinking people. Usually in such dreams I am embarassing myself tripping into salad bars, knocking down whole buffets, etc.), so it was a great surpise to see him here (am I psychic?). He is a lovely speciman of a man. I recall really liking his hair in Worlds Within. I also liked his long hair in A Millionaire’s First Love. Side note–how did I NOT know this movie would end with me in a bucket of tears just from the title alone?!?!

  5. Okay, this might give me trouble here but first of all, I don’t think Hyun Bin is that good looking at all (a bit too pale and the pointy jaw line is just proportionally wrong); and secondly, I don’t think he is all natural – the jaw line is definitely different than what it was back in the “Samsoon” days.

  6. I’m sorry, but he looks like my uncle about 20 years ago. I never really found Hyun Bin that attractive partly because he looks like my uncle. In fact my mother has the same cheekbones. All of the six siblings from her family have the same facial structure. It’s rather unnerving.
    I did like him in the movie Late Autumn with Tang Wei though and he does look dashing in the black suit. But it’s hard to watch anything he is in because well he looks like Uncle Joseph to me.

  7. I no longer drool over Hyun Bin…he had wonderful dimples, twinkling eyes…a healthy look. What happened? He looks like he’s been surgically reconstructed.

  8. He doesn’t look happy…or healthy. Hope he gains some pounds. He lost that aura or glow he used to have…or maybe it’s just in these pics

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