Detective Dee Prequel with Mark Chao, Feng Shao Feng, and Kim Bum Release Posters and Teaser

When a movies makes a crap load of money, it doesn’t even matter if its good, a sequel must be had. The blockbuster 2010 Hong Kong movie Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame directed by famed wuxia director Tsui Hark and starring Andy Lau, Deng Cao and Carina Lau has yielded a prequel that is soon to grace the movie screens. When the cast was announced last year, Tsui Hark went to great lengths NOT to reveal who was playing the lead character of Detective Dee in his youth. The prequel cast consisted of Feng Shao Feng, Mark Chao, Lin Geng Xin, Kim Bum, and Angelababy. The cast did an adorable and fun photo spread before diving (har har) into production of the sequel that was rumored to involve some sea creature. I said then that my money was on Mark Chao playing young Detective Dee, and at least I preserved my money this time around. The prequel involves a 21 year old Detective Dee as he’s about to enter the bureau and gets embroiled in a freaky case of a sea monster causing havoc in the seas. The prequel is called Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon and Mark is indeed playing the main lead. Angelababy plays Lu Zhi and Kim Bum her erstwhile former flame, and both their characters are reportedly the key to solving this mystery. Apparently there is a scandal in China involving Angelababy and her long time boyfriend Huang Xiaoming‘s relationship hitting the skids, and the gossipmongers are pointing the finger at Angelababy falling head first for Kim Bum during the filming of this movie. LOL, excuse me while I laugh over here. Back to the movie, Detective Dee is joined by two other agents of the bureau played by Feng Shao Feng and Lin Geng Xin for this mystery, and Carina and Deng Cao reportedly also show up in the prequel. Tsui Hark revealed ten cool movie and character posters (with everyone coming out of the water) and a teaser trailer this week so check it out. The movie will be simultaneously released in 3D on September 28th.

Tease for Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon:


Detective Dee Prequel with Mark Chao, Feng Shao Feng, and Kim Bum Release Posters and Teaser — 11 Comments

  1. Good heavens! Who doesn’t fall for Kim Bum? The man is a drop dead gorgeous walking menace to women. He probably just half smiled at her and all thoughts of a boyfriend quickly vanished. I know if I was half a lifetime younger, my mind would turn to paste if he ever smiled at me. Poor girl. :). Yes, I am a creepy ahjumma, but KB is my persoanl ICOMYM… And now I will stop talking.

    • I totally agree! The first time I saw Kim Bum in Boys Over Flowers, I was like “Wow!, he is SO CUTE. What a BEAUTIFUL Asian guy!” Now, I still have a HUGE crush on him. I don’t get why some people think he and Jung Eunji are a “cute couple”. NO WAY. Kim Bum is TOO GOOD for her. Eunji looks like a 12 year old. She’s not that pretty and she’s not hot. On the contrary, Kim Bum is a gorgeous hottie and one of the most handsome Korean actors. He deserves a better looking woman . I think he and Angelababy are meant to be. They should go out.

  2. This trailer looks like a rip from 300 II.
    I watched the 1st one, it was OK, nothing special…looking forward to see my Bummie.

  3. OMG, Koala!
    The faces! This has ALL of my favorite faces.
    How did they get all of these men together at one time?
    Why can’t we do that?
    Let’s form a film company stat.

    I don’t care how bad this film is, I must watch and rewatch it.

  4. At some point later on, Angelababy should start dating Kim Bum. Based on pictures and behind the scenes videos, they have a lot of chemistry and they would be a perfect couple. Kim Bum is really cute and hot & Angelababy is very pretty and hot. Even though she’s huang xiao ming’s girlfriend, she looks better with Kim Bum.

  5. Have anyone seen the picture released of Kim Bum back hugging Angelababy? Oh my gosh.. I was melted. They do really look so good together.

    • Yeah!!!….I saw so many pictures of Kim Bum hugging Angelababy from behind. He was holding a comb (like he’s about to brush her hair ) and she was holding his hand too! There’s another picture when she faced him and showed her bare back to the audience. They are the perfect couple and have so much chemistry.

  6. Looks like fun to be had by all….enjoyed the first installment of the Dect Dee movie and looking forward to this one as well. Bring on the larger-than-life mythical characters. Indiana Jones came to mind for some reason.

    Thanks for the article.

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