Kim Ji Hoon Garners Raves for his Portrayal of a Dark Knight Chaebol in Goddess of Marriage

I’m watching (or really casually following along with) three weekend K-dramas for more or less ennui. None of them are really all that good, and the crazy and boring parts are easy to fast forward and keep bopping along. Goddess of Marriage is one of them, and my only reason for checking on that one is Kim Ji Hoon. I normally adore Nam Sang Mi but her character annoys me to pieces because of her self-absorption combined with intractable stubbornness. As an adult she could choose either Kim Ji Hoon’s Tae Wook or Lee Sang Woo‘s Hyun Woo and then live with the consequences, but she makes it all so hard on herself and everyone with this constantly dissatisfaction with her choices. Poor Lee Sang Woo is saddled with the worst character of the three, IMO, and I’ve taken to calling him The Big Bore. He has zero personality besides being the ideal sensitive passionate man, and spends every episode other than the first one looking constipated as he pines and mopes for Nam Sang Mi’s Ji Hye. Kim Ji Hoon is naturally getting lots of kudos from the Korean critics and audience for portraying the most complicated and interesting of the three leads, though his character isn’t easy to root for because he comes with so much family baggage and personality intensity. Marrying him is probably like getting sucked in by a mega-watt magnet. He recently gave an interview and I loved all the pictures from that spread so wanted to share. He discussed how Tae Wook will become the black knight to his wife Ji Hye, blocking bullets for her but their marriage won’t be easy. The drama will span a year in drama time so we’ll get to see now just how two very different people work through the conflicts between and after marriage. Though the love triangle won’t be done and Hyun Woo will still be around. God, can’t we ship Hyun Woo to an island full of beautiful but dull people. He would fit right in. I love how this drama is milking the two leading men’s incredible physiques, first with the swimming pool scenes with Tae Wook and now with a swimming pool scene for Hyun Woo. This weekend drama has eschewed the typical birth secrets angle that is plaguing the other three weekend dramas (I Summon You, Gold, Scandal, and The Best Lee Soon Shin), but it fills the time with very unlikable characters doing very annoying things. Oh what I put up with for the delectable Kim Ji Hoon. No need to thank me for throwing in bonus hot men in swimming pool pictures. 


Kim Ji Hoon Garners Raves for his Portrayal of a Dark Knight Chaebol in Goddess of Marriage — 18 Comments

      • I find it sad that LSW is given so little to work with in this drama. I was hoping to see his character fleshed out and better written. Except for the 1st ep., he has been asked to portray the same emotion for the the last 14 episodes. KHJ’s character has more layers and more to work with, and KHJ is doing a great job with what he has been given, and with what he is required to do.

  1. I was all set to watch this family drama. It is airing during the summer when I have extra time, and it stars two of my favorite leading men. It also has great, steamy kisses. However, I just did not like anyone at all. Even the people I am supposed to have sympathy for, I just cannot stand. Fortunately for me, I subscribe to SBS’s youtube channel, and they graciously post “HOT” (their word not mine) clips from this show so I can see great Kim Ji Hoon scenes without having to suffer through the rest. My Korean is still not good enough to understand everything, but I understnad enough and with those stares . . . well who needs much else?

  2. Big Bore is going to have his Childhood First Love clinging to him: He won’t bother us, lol.
    Tae Wook is indeed the perfect chaebol husband: He is persistent, curious and affectionate AND doesn’t try to change his wife. His love is unconditional but not blind (woman flawed to the max, fighting!). Between family and wife, he will choose her if necessary. Next question: Where can I buy one TW?
    The other characters could disappear from Show, I couldn’t care less…

  3. I have been watching this show and it is making me think a lot.
    Mostly because I don’t understand half of the characters – how they just keep putting up with sh^t that I never would.
    I hate the rest of the people.

    The best explanation I came up with is that THIS is how a Cinderella story truly plays out.

    Young woman is singing in the forest when an incredibly handsome man shows up and woos her. She thinks he is cute and accepts his advances. Why not? He’s well-built, likes her and has a good job.

    She finds out to her dismay that he is a Third Prince and probably heir to the throne, and he wants to bring her in to his Palace. She realizes immediately, mostly because of her giant issue with low self-esteem, that she couldn’t handle the pressure of being royal. She watched Goong; she knows she would have a lot to learn and do before being accepted. Her dream of writing an award winning work of literature doesn’t go with being locked up inside and entertaining rich folk.

    She runs away and gets blindsided by a charmer who looks just like Lee Sang Woo. They kiss and stuff and she sees him naked.

    When she returns to reality, the Prince puts on his turbo convincer and god knows how, talks her in to marrying him despite her protests because she was raised to be a good, filial daughter who doesn’t rock the boat. (I scratch my head because she doesn’t HAVE to get into the boat. The boat can sink for all I care, no matter how cute it is…)

    So anyway, she marries him, gets dragged into the Palace, her life completely changes – even though Third Prince promised it wouldn’t – because while someday he will have power, right now the Emperor and his Wife have it.

    She has to wear all new clothes. Give up her day job. Prepare meals. Put up with batsh^t in-laws – all of whom bow and scrape to Big Daddy.
    Bear off-spring. Sit alone in her room at the beck and call of everyone she doesn’t trust.

    Of course, we know, eventually, she will love(?) her new life, or run screaming out of the Palace knifing everyone on the way out.

    I am watching with mouth wide open in disbelief to find out which…

    • Good lord.I just woke up and read these long emails/ discussion about the same drama from 2 viki friends.Who are watching it.

      Then I come here and read yours . Thank you.This is one drama, hot guys or not; I ain’t going near it.

      But the photos Ms Koala- outstanding. I’ll stick to Scandal and Kim Jae Won I think though.

    • @jomo, funniest recap I have read so far! Especially loved the part about her running screaming out of the Palace and knifing everyone. LOL.
      I thought that is exactly what I’d do if I had to live in that looney bin. I’m still watching the drama, but ff through everything that doesn’t have to do with NSM and KJH.

    • So the dumb unvirginal bride would probably stick with her chaebol in the end? I was amazed at the extraordinary speed of events in the first episode, and stopped watching because I didn’t like her cheating on her fiance. Though I have to admit the other guy did have a fine set of abs.

      • She didn’t cheat on her fiance. They had broken up when she went to Jeju (so she was single at that time), and when she came back, TW told her that he couldn’t/didn’t want to let her go and he did everything he could to make that happen (be with her). I was not impressed with how he went about it, though she is responsible for the choices she made and she should just live with them or divorce TW, rethink her life and decide what she wants to do, and that doesn’t have to have HW in it, though I would have preferred her with him. HW’s family is also nicer (his mom) and much, much less complicated and messed up.

    • This is was hilarious, jomo. I especially loved the line, “She watched Goon; she knows she would have a lot to learn and do before being accepted.” I always wonder about the cjaracters in shows who never seem to watch dramas. They would know so many things beforehand if they did!

  4. I’m also watching thsi show just for my kim ji hoon d’amour but if you are bored you should seriously check out Hanzawa Naoki ! now this is a show were you won’t get bored a single second.

  5. KJH and the character of TW is the only reason I half tune in. Everyone else (you are handsome but stiff and constipated when you act LSW) especially boring as hale too perfect oppa and the douche cheats can set themselves and each other on fire. So yeah I ff through anything that doesn’t have KJH,

  6. I’m also currently watching this drama and besides KIm jihoon’s character, I quite like Jo minsoo’s character. She’s the least annoying out of the four wives and she’s funny. This is my first time watching a Nam Sangmi drama, she’s so pretty but her character here is so frustrating. I just can’t stand her meek responses when I feel like she should be saying more during a scene between her and another character, usually Kim Jihoon’s.

  7. I really wish “Goddess of Marriage” was a good drama because I love Kim Ji Hoon to pieces.

    I hope his next project will be an even better one, with him as a romantic lead and an actual good plot.

  8. Can’t wait for the divorce to happen. Kim Ji Hoon’s character here need to be booted out from Nam Sang Mi’s life. I am anticipating the divorce and it can’t come any sooner !?. His arrogance and male dominance makes me puke !

  9. Tae Wook is going to be a black knight helping his wife? He needs to change a lot because at the moment he is just a very self centred character. He married someone that knew did not love him because it would make him happy. Now they are married he is happy as Larry and her life is hell but instead of showing some empathy he is smiling all the time and singing silly songs. On top of that he seems convinced he is doing his utmost to help her, but having her comfort him because he is embarrassed by his own family or making her go out to dinner with him because he is very busy and needs an outing is not helping her but him. Specially at a time when she is about to loose what she has been working towards all her life and all she wants is that problem to be solved.

  10. This drama kills me. It has so many actors I adore – Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Tae Ran, Kim Jung Tae, Jang Yeong-Nam… but the script, the cursed script – it has to be one of the worst scripts I’ve ever come across I swear.

    Reminiscent of a similar trainwreck called Triple – with Lee Jung Jae, Lee Seon Gyun, Yoon Kye Sang, Song Joon Ki, Kim Sang Ho, Kim Young Gwang etc. the wretched drama managed an average of 6.6% in ratings…


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