The Still Close-knit It Started with a Kiss Cast Reunites at Joe Cheng’s Restaurant

Being away from one’s family for extended periods of time undoubtedly increases the desire for a getogether. Joe Cheng was in the military for the past year and recently got discharged in early July. His service wasn’t completely cut off from the real world, it’s more like a out of town job with weekends off and shore leaves since he was part of the coast guard service. But he must’ve missed his family, if not his real life one then his most famous television one, because recently Joe hosted pretty much the entire cast of It Started with a Kiss (and the same cast did the sequel They Kiss Again as well) at his restaurant Destino. The main getogether happened right after he got discharged and included his co-star Ariel Lin, famed Director Winnie (who reportedly is working on a drama that is going to star Joe), and his adorable onscreen and offscreen parents Chang Yung Cheng and Cyndi Chaw. It wasn’t just the Jiang family attending, perpetually impish looking actor Tang Tsung Sheng who played Ariel’s dad in ISWAK was also present.

It was nice to see Ariel with Joe since they haven’t hung out in what seems like ages with the conflicting and busy schedules each has. Ariel jetted off after this dinner for her unending slew of endorsement shoots plus promotional events for her upcoming period C-drama King of Lan Ling. Missing from the warm and fuzzy main cast reunion were the second leads Jiro Wang and Tiffany Hsu (and Bianca Bai but she was more of a guest star swooping in at the end to give one final big obstacle for the OTP to getogether). I give Jiro the pass since he’s supremely busy right now having hit television ratings gold again this year with sequels to the silly drama K.O. One (the sequels being K.O. One Return earlier this year and the currently airing K.O. One Re-act). Tiffany has been enjoying a nice career year getting her first major leading lady role in the drama Love Me or Leave Me with Chris Wang, and she might’ve missed the first ISWAK reunion but this week she hit up Joe’s restaurant with her girlfriends on Chinese Valentine’s Day and he spend the entire lunch hanging out with her group.


The Still Close-knit It Started with a Kiss Cast Reunites at Joe Cheng’s Restaurant — 35 Comments

  1. My favorite tw drama ever 🙂 still lots of love for it.

    Xiao Chong joe looks absolutely fantastic. Best he’s ever looked IMO. Ariel too. I loved their characters so much and arjoe is my favorite OTP. Far ahead of the pack.

    Haha… I find Tang Tsung Sheng really hilarious on tv. A typical tw comedian type perfect for the ridiculous variety shows. 🙂

    It’s so lovely to see them all together again. Joe has known Tiffany for a long time, pre iswak… Although same with Ariel. It’s nice to see them all supporting each other in all their endeavors. Jia you!!!

  2. My favorite Taiwanese drama of all time. Love how close they are….hope they’ll come together for Part 3 in the near future.

  3. Wait…there is another KO One sequel airing? Is Pets starting again? I basically watched the sequel for Jiro and Pets even though I was used to them as siblings since Pets was so fabulous in KO3

    • OMG…I was skimming to finish the first sequel and saw the spoiler video for the next one and every side character and their Mom has returned to the series…glorious

  4. Its so absolutely wonderful to see them again! Feels like the family has reunites. Heehee.

    Koala-jiejie! What are your thoughts on King Lan Ling?

    • I’m not Koala buuuut!! I just really want to say I’m liking Lan Ling Wang so far!! Maybe it’s because of Ariel and FSF but I’m digging the 4 episodes I’ve watched so far hahaha.

      • I’m quite enjoying it too. Although my one problem I have with it is that the romance feels too fast. Maybe its cause there are 3 episodes everyday, I don’t know.

  5. @brokenheartedgirl. You are so sill. So it breaking your heart over Joe having a so called girlfriend. He has a man. hey have been together for 8 years now. Live with it little girl. And in the meantime you need to give proof of this girlfriend, and find yourself a little boyfriend. Stop chasing after men you will never have.

    • so it’s personal attack now? FYI, i have a very sweet boyfriend who tolerates my craziness, he even went with me to watch Lee Min Ho’s concert. and no, my heart didn’t break because Joe is taken but because my dream OTP Joe-Ariel is no longer possible. as for the pictures,since you manage to find his so called boyfriend in the internet, why not waste some more time finding his girlfriend. by the way, the girl is not a looker… okay, she’s ugly and she’s part owner of the restaurant.

    • Yeah, agree Iswak had a family feel. I watched just about every Taiwan drama and this and Prince who turned into a frog were awesome. The best dramas out of Taiwan. Many rave about Devil Beside you, but that was for young Mike He groupies and young wannabe gang members. No substance, no plot, no depth, weak storyline and mediocre acting. Too much youth violence. Iswak had so many moments were sensitive, scary real life issues were addressed. They don’t dramas like Frog Prince and Iswak anymore.

  6. BROKENHEARTGIRL. I REPLIED TO A COMMENT AND READ YOUR COMMENTS. THE GIRL WHO OPENED THE EATERY WITH joseph has a boyfriend, andhe is not Joe. They are friends, not lovers. My cousins hangs with her man. It is scary how you and others try to pair up Joe and Ariel and then claim to be haeartbroken when they do not get together in real life. Only a crazyperson will feel that way. Or someone who does want Joseph for herself. Well, you did say your beau put up with your craziness. Lol.

    • well, to each his own, right? talk about 6 degrees of separation O_o. fine then, tell your so called cousins i said hi to Joe and that it’s time to come out of the closet so that it can back up your argumentation about his sexuality but for now you are just a bluff bluff bluff.

  7. Crazybrokengirl. I never said Joseph is gay. I said myy cousin hangs out with her man. It is Teddy who implied the gayness, not me. My cousindoes not know you, Joseph does. Not know you, or do you know him. Why would my cousin waste his breath on you. Why do you 5tack me?. You. Are crazy, very cray cray. And angrier than a hippo with a hernia. You in love with Joseph. Get a life brokengirl, you reaaly need a life, lol

  8. Your parents need to monitor your internet activity, brokenheartedgirl, cause you sound like a 10 year old throwing a hissy groupie fit. Social services need to check out your home cause you sound like you need togrow up kid. You are not old enough to have a boyfriend, no way,C.A.B

    • between you and me who sounds angrier than a hippo with a hernia now? lol. chill film bluff, i mean film buff. sorry for mistaken identity or not(?). i have an awesome life thank you very much so stop embarrassing yourself, you’re the one looking childish with your personal attacks. lol.

  9. Excuse me little one. You attacked me for no reason. You are so angry for something that someone else implied and went on a childish tantrum. So please check the mirror before you make juudgements. You my dear are an angry ten year old in heat groupie. You do not need a boyfriend, you need guidance. Anyone can see you are an angry Joseph luster. Back up, take a shower, a cold one, and play with your barbies. Lie down before you hurt yourself. You want Joseph. Why else would you be brokenhearted if he did find a woman. Why are you referring to his friend and businesspartner as ugly, huh. Stupid, stupid imp. I love to toy with angry hippos like you, who attack anyone without just reasons, like you did with me.. what else you have to say, in heat for Joseph kid?

  10. Give it up . Stop pining after Joseph. He is married , secretly. Did you not know. Now that is really going to put a hornet’s nest under. Your overheated as……………………….soon as possible, lol.

    • relax film bluff. i’ll stop now for your sake. lol. your mouth is as dirty as your c**t be sure to wash it thoroughly with soap and antiseptic. bye, have an awesome life like me. and oh, find a boyfriend too, you need one badly. lol.

  11. Hon.ey, the only boyfriend you have is the one pinned to your walls. Joeseph Cheng. My cart. You want me to wash my cart??. I have a car, not a cart. You should wash your cart. It stinks so much that you are angry at the world. I told you social service needs to step in. You are two young to have stds, which you do. Ooohh poor thin.g. I do not want your delusional life. Have a wife, two years now. Go see a gyno and then a shrink. Ppor poor thing. If you insist on continuing attacking me for. No reason, I will belittle you, loser., and have fun doing it. Go dream of Joe in your butt, that is the closest you will get to him. He does not want a disease filled kid. He has a wife

    • Oh really?? Joe has a wife?! Who is it? Why didnt it ever come out of the news. Joe is an international star, very well known throughout the world because of his hit dramas & gorgeous looks; how come there’s no news of him getting married or having a wife?! Aren’t paparazzi’s in Taiwan not that good??,Come on! But it might be true come to think of it, since he’s not dating Ariel and they’re just friends for long time. Or it’s also maybe she’s not his type, coz I think he likes tall girls since he’s too tall. Ooh, how I wish before he’d settle down, he’d have some collaboration work with my favorite Korean superstar, Ms.Yoon Eun Hye!

  12. Kristine, I see you love Joe, a lot. Good for you. He is easy to like. Please, I have travelled the world, I love to travel. Joe is not internationally known and his dramas are not really known outside o the Asian continent. Just because you love him does not mean you have to exaggerate. Internationally known Asians. Jet Li, Fat Gor. Tony Leung CW, Jay Chou and of course Jackie Chan

    Why you got it in your head that Joe and Ariel should be dating. Just because two actors have good onscreen chemistry does not mean they are good together offscreen. Yes, they might be friends, and these two worked hard to promote their drama, travelling together, being touchy feely and even referring to one another as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’. It is called good PR, and in their case it worked. Actually, some people swore they are married in real life. How funny is that.
    Someone got a good smackdown. I will not mess with Film Buff.

    • I would like to disagree @teddy. He may just be doing Asian dramas, but I have Asian relatives and friends in Americas and Europe but so far none in Africa, they definitely know him. Just consider the Mandarin speaking people living around the world. But if you think the only way to be called International Star is setting foot on Hollywood, that’s a narrow definition. Times have change, and it will continue to change. A lot of drama’s made in Korea, Taiwan, Japan & Asia are either exported legally or pirated on those parts of the world. It will just take a little time for these actors/actresses to be known worldwide.

      • @Kristine. I like joseph I do not really care for a lot of celebs, but he counts amongst the very few I like. I will support him as artiste . I see your point in saying Joseph is known all over the world and is an internationally known star. I also see Teddy’s point. Bob Marley was a reggea singer from Jamaica. He had nothing to do with Hollywood. Inhabitants from all continents know who he is, his music is known, found in homes in every country. That is an internationally known artiste, known all over the world. Joseph is far from there. I am chinese studying film abroad. Of course the chinese population will follow their own, no matter where they live. They are known to support their own. Joseph is known outside of Asia by other Asians living abroad. That does not make him an internationally worldwide known star. I hope he gets there.

  13. Kristine I won’t go so far to call Joseph Cheng an international star known all over the world. I would like to see him get there one day. I think the dude is a cool bloke, and deserve whatever success he achieves. I was making a point with the wife thing. You said something very cool and interesting. The media may or may not have gotten ahold of of his wife. Remember Jackie, Andy. Ah Sa and many more were married and no one knew. JOSEPH CHENG IS NOT MARRIED THOUGH, AND NIETHER IS HE DATING OR EVER DATED MICHELLE CHEN. SOME FEMALES HAVE MADE IT A RELIGIOUS MISSION TO PAIR UP joeseph and Ariel together. They decided if they themselves can’t have him, he should be with Ariel. They even get depressed and suicidal and BROKENHEARTED WHEN Joseph is not with !riel. Now that is beyond sick. I have seen Asian and western dramas with couples whose chemistry almostmelt the screen, but were so incompatible off camera. Some did not even like each other, and certainly were not frieds. Yet when the camera started rolling, it was magic. When the It started with a kiss dramas weremade, it capulted Joseph and Ariel to Drama Royalty and a lot of young girls wanted them to be together so much, they went into a frenzied, crazy delusion ;d illusion that these two were married for REAL, even spreading their fantasy on social networks.. the ones who cared to accept the truth became depressed and or suicidal. They felt they gave up Joseph to

  14. Kristine, a narrow definition of a world known, international star is what you offered up. I like Film Buff’s explanation of Bob Marley. Yeah Mon!!. A world known international star is indeed someone, anyone known throughout all the continents, by all colors, nationalities, ethic and religious groups of people, not just the people scattered abroad, who came from the same culture as the star. So many stars, from all around the world , not just actors or singers, but models, athletes, etc are known around the globe and have no Hollywood connections. People outside of the Asian culture does not know who Joe is, and the ones ho do, the percentage is small. Take Hollywood out of the equation, I am not a dumb, shallow Chinese woman.

  15. It was great to see the Jiangs got reunion. Frankly, I used to be a fanatic of Joe and Ariel. They were so compatible. But i just gave it up when Ariel was in love with Charles Lin, the one who Ariel was engaged to.

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