The Young and Playful Cast of Detective Dee Prequel Attend Press Conference in Beijing

Boys! I know you guys are young, and ridiculously popular, and two of you are dating veritable goddesses in the C-entertainment industry (Gao Yuan Yuan and Ni Ni, respectively), but can you guys at least attempt to tone down your collectively preening for the cameras. Oh what the heck, bring it on! The cast of the upcoming wuxia mystery C-movie Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon assembled in Beijing for its star-studded press conference. Starring Mark Chao, Feng Shao Feng, Lin Geng Xin, Kim Bum, and Angelababy, the press noted that the average age of this cast hovers around 27 years old and is the youngest cast to headline a big budgeted Director Tsui Hark helmed movie. It’s getting a prime premiere date of September 28th which is around the time the entire nation of China goes on a holiday for its National Day celebrations. I just realized that Kim Bum will probably keep hitting the soy sauce in Goddess of Fire in the foreseeable future since he had to go to Beijing for this press conference which explains his limited screen time.

In the movie, Mark plays young Detective Dee and he expressed admiration for his sunbae Andy Lau for creating the iconic character in the first movie Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame, and hopes he can do the character justice as his younger self. I actually think its pretty funny that Mark’s Black & White co-star Vic Zhou has been getting compared to a young Tony Leung, and here Mark is channeling a young Andy Lau. Bromance 1.0 begets thwarted bromance 2.0 even in acting choices. Clearly Mark and Bummie got the fashion notice before arriving since they both look fantastically suited but conversely Feng Shao Feng with his all-black get up with what appears to be a red bulls eye in the center slays me with the fugly while Ling Geng Xin is just randomly mismatched all over. Angelababy relished being the sole female in the cast with all four male leads attracted to her in the movie, though her love line is only with Bummie. Mark complimented her as being as attractive in person as her character is described in the movie. The cast had a blast at the press conference, ribbing one another and divulging embarrassing stories from the set. Read on for more highlights.

THIS beyond adorable picture of everyone pointing at Lin Geng Xin is in connection with a revelation that Lin Geng Xin positively adored Mark on the set and was pretty much his loyal golden retriever. Awwww. Angelababy groused that Lin Geng Xin never even looked her way once, he only had eyes for Mark. The poor boy had to explain it was a bromance kind of love and not the romantic sort. Everyone admitted that Feng Shao Feng carried the brunt of the physical shooting, Mark said that he would go from fight scene A to fight team C then segue into fight scene B. Lin Geng Xin got roasted the most, with the reveal that he was constantly snacking and would go around asking people as his slogan “Am I handsome today?’ Angelababy said that he was so cheap and couldn’t drink on the set so he carried a fridge stocked with Sprite that he would drink and proclaim it the best champagne ever. Ah heck, now I want to watch the outtakes way more than I want to watch this sure to be a special effects laden bundle of silliness if the first movie is any indicator.

Press conference for Young Detective Dee:


The Young and Playful Cast of Detective Dee Prequel Attend Press Conference in Beijing — 28 Comments

  1. So much prettiness!

    I like Angelababy’s dress. Bummie looks dashing as usual. I’m also more interested in the outtakes than the actual movie. The cast looks likes they have great chemistry though.

  2. I am so far from a KB fan, yet I hope he does well in this C-entertain endeavor because there is much good will toward the Det Dee franchise so far.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. KB is dropdead gorgeous but I don’t find him charsmatic or interesting. Give me Mark Chao anyday! Good looking, smart and charismatic. Seems very grounded too.

    • If you watch Kim Bum’s dramas, you will see that he is charismatic and interesting to know more about. Also, his co-stars said he is mature, friendly, intelligent, and thoughtful. They also praise that he’s a good actor and singer. Kim Bum and Angelababy are a perfect match! He is a hottie with a gorgeous face. She is very pretty and hot too.

      • I have watched his dramas. I don’t find KB confident or talented. Maybe that is why he hasn’t been able to headline a drama yet. The qualities you mentioned are not what I look for in an actor.

      • @Sophie
        NO!!! Kim Bum is TALENTED. He is a good singer because he has strong and smooth vocals. He can sing live. Even though his acting is not great, he is still good. He plays diverse characters… He tries to portray them by body language, emotions, and facial expressions. Based on interviews, Kim Bum does have self esteem and so many people know he has talent, but he just needs to improve.

      • @sophie
        I agree that kim bum needs to improve his acting skills, but he hasn’t been able to headline a drama because of his age too. In that winter the wind blows, he’s too young to be song hye kyo’s leading man. For Goddess of Fire, playing a sword fighting warrior is more suitable for him instead of playing prince/king gwanghae. Also for padam padam, he’s too young to be han ji min’s leading man.

      • For the movie The Gifted Hands, kim bum is the leading actor and he was nominated Best Actor at the 49th Baeksang Awards in May. I have faith that kim bum will eventually become the leading actor for future dramas. For many actors, as they got older, they have more experience. Now, KB’s acting has improved compared to when he first came out in Boys Over Flowers.

      • @Serena
        Yes, he could be a late bloomer and improve as he gets more experience.
        I don’t think it’s got anything to do with age. There are many actors his age or younger who have been able to headline dramas.
        I guess what I look for in an actor is not so much looks but charisma and screen presence. Like the recently concluded idol drama Monstar had a very average looking leading man but he made it up with great screen presence and charisma. He was very very attractive.

      • @sophie
        Thanks for cutting slack. Kim Bum does have talent, but he is continuing to improve his acting skills as he gets older and gains more experience.

      • @serena
        For kim bum’s case, it has to do with age bcuz of characters suitable for him to play for what drama in particular. Among the most popular Korean actors, KB is one of the youngest. Popular actors who headline dramas…like lee min ho, jang geun suk, lee seung gi…. are a little older than KB. Many of the well known actors are in their mid 20s or above. For seoul international drama awards 2013, KB is the youngest nominee among guys for People’s Choice Actor.

      • @sophie
        For the drama Goddess of Fire, Kim Bum does have charisma and screen presence when he plays the warrior Kim Tae Do..esp the way he gazes at jung yi and the way he speaks tp her..display a lot of love and emotion. There are many fans who wish he could be the leading actor instead of LSY because MGY’s character has more chemistry with kim bum’s character. He’s getting a lot of praise for his portrayal in his first historical drama.

    • @Jamie. i don’t think it has to do with age , to be more precise
      it because KB has a baby face. Lee Min Ho in Faith was partner with the lead actress which are 10 years older and they look good together. Thinking of all the popular K-actresses like eun hye, hye kyo, kim tae hee, lee dae hee, ha ji wonand etc got more matured face than him. Okay at least they got Mon geun young to match closely with him. It also has to do with opportunity and see how lucky if he get spotted.

      • @rch311
        First of all, you cannot compare women and men’s faces. Besides, the actresses you mentioned above are ALL older than him. Even though Kim Bum originally has a baby face, he is “getting manly”. Compared to him in Boys Over Flowers, now his face looks more mature. Now he is half boy and half manly. Since he is one of the most popular korean actors, it’s easy for him to get spotted and have many opportunities. Among popular Korean actors nowadays, Kim Bum is one of the youngest because the other actors are mostly mid 20s and older. I agree with many fans that a very handsome and hot guy like Kim Bum deserves a gorgeous woman like angelababy, not moon geun young who looks like a 12 year old and she’s not a hottie either

      • One more thing, even though the Korean actresses get leading roles and girl group members have good music, they are NOT more popular than kim bum or lee min ho. These two guys are known for the big hit drama Boys Over Flowers, which is getting more famous outside of Asia. Besides, the Asian audience favor male stars more than females so the guys have more privilege.

  4. I am going to need to Google who is dating whom. I have no idea who the Chinese actresses are. Are they older and more famous?

    • @ck10z, the Chinese actress is No.1 Beautiful people in China. Angelababy, she is a model and actress. Same age with Kim Bum.

      • Nope, she is not No. 1 but she is among the prettiest Chinese celebrities just like how Kim Bum is one of the most handsome Korean actors. Based on different websites, he’s always on the list of best looking celebrities.

      • Just like how Bae Suzy was voted prettiest girl group member, even though she is NOT the prettiest, but one of the best looking. Kim Bum was voted most handsome F4 member.

      • Well, you know, great minds think alike :} We just can’t help it

        btw, even in the unlikely phonebook scenario about 50 % of the cast can pull it off but I don’t know anything about Angelababy and Ling Geng Xin. Are they any good?

      • I only watched one of Ling Geng Xin’s drama “Bu Bu Jing Xin” ~ Startling Steps and its very good. I have watched numerous romantic film of Angelababy, overall she is good but not great. I have watched all of them in movies and dramas. I can say they can act and not just with good looks. Director Tsui Hark is a very wise man. I think it’s time to groom some young actors. Blockbuster movies need new faces for the new era. Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yuen Fatt, Jet Li, Andy Lau is time to retired.

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