Written Previews for Episode 5 and 6 of Two Weeks

I don’t want Lee Jun Ki to hog all the credit for the goodness that is Two Weeks. Yes, he gets the majority of the screen time and carries the burden of all the narrative intensity on his shoulders, but he’s lucky to be surrounded by more than capable and equally talented co-stars. I actually really like Kim So Yeon and Ryu Soo Young’s dogged law enforcement characters, and it’s a shame Seung Woo is already paired up with Park Ha Sun’s In Hye because I could totally see a love line developing between Seung Woo and Jae Kyung considering how much time they are going to spend together tracking down Tae San. Plus Park Ha Sun is the only underwhelming member of the cast and I’m not feeling much from her though she is serviceable enough. I also think this drama benefits from truly scary and well-acted villains, primarily Kim Hye Ok’s Jo Seo Hee and then Jo Min Ki’s Moon Il Suk. I love Kim Hye Ok and she’s an even better actress than I give her credit for since she’s usually playing the best mom on the planet, I especially adored her to pieces in Flowers for My Life. MBC is doing a nice job with the previews, the video previews don’t give too much away, and the written previews whet the appetite but leave much unsaid. I don’t think it’s a spoiler when we know Tae San keeps escaping the grasp of law enforcement at this stage in the drama, though I am enjoying how its just a little but of ingenuity but mostly luck and sincerity that gets him out of binds. This drama has made me love loser Tae San and really committed to see him not fail his daughter Soo Jin, as well as loathe the dastardly villainy of the bad guys and can’t wait to see them taken down. 

Written preview for episode 5:

Tae San leaves the dead Man Seok and starts running, with Seung Woo tight on his tail. Tae San shakes Seung Woo’s capture but what awaits him is Killer Kim. Jae Kyung learns that Tae San killed Man Seok and hurries to his apartment. Tae San escapes to a village and hears an unknown woman crying………….

Written preview for episode 6:

Jae Kyung and Seung Woo jump into the water to find the disappeared Tae San. Tae San awakens and discovers a unfamiliar white haired bushy faced man before him. Sang Hoon, Jae Kyung’s prosecutor colleague, learns about the relationship between Tae San, In Hye, and Seung Woo, and he tells Jae Kyung. On the other than Il Sook goes looking for Soo Jin and arrives at the hospital………….


Written Previews for Episode 5 and 6 of Two Weeks — 11 Comments

  1. With how the track is moving,apart from giving me a heart thumps, looks like a dead giveaway. I am having strange apprehensions about tae san.
    I hope they make him go all revengy soon that will be awesome .

  2. Another actress that plays best mom ever incredibly well is Kim Hae Sook, who recently played Hye Sung’s mom in Voice.

    I hadn’t thought of it before, but Seung Woo and Jae Kyung could totally get a love-line too, although i highly doubt it. I hope show doesn’t feel the need to focus too much on the romance considering show’s got some great things going on without it — and 2 weeks is too short of a time span for that.

      • I’m with you – this is one drama that can only benefit from NO ROMANCE (and suffer from it).

        Let’s stay focused on the chase and angst and father-daughter love.

        Plus, it’s two weeks… so staying grounded in reality would be much preferable as well.

    • I just read, that RSY’s agency Will Entertainment twitterd this pic and hinted at a possible love line of those two.

      Whatever it will be, I’ll follow this brilliant show to the (hopefully not bitter) end.

  3. Just boarded the ship of Two Weeks; and I’m loving it. Don’t care about the romance, just this opportunity for redemption for the main hero. Child actress really awesome.

  4. I’m confused by Jae Kyung’s sexual orientation though- it seemed like they hinted at something more than platonic with Mi Sook? Mostly that bra scene – I don’t think you buy bras for your friend, then sob over them. Mind, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and if anything it’s a brave direction to take her character, but it makes me really doubt a romance with Seung Woo.

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