Written Preview for Episode 9 of Who Are You

Watching Who Are You is one of those rare dramas where I find myself in the minority and enjoying it for what it is. I’m as big a Kim Jae Wook fan as any and his Hyun Joon owns my heart, but I’m really liking Taecyeon presence and role in this drama as well. I don’t see how the two guys are even in contention when one’s dead. I see this drama about moving on and finding closure, and Si On’s ghost seeing ability is probably her tapping into her consciousness and wanting to see ghosts because of the way she saw Hyun Joon die before her eyes and not say goodbye. The other ghost-seer Hee Bin lends credence to the thought that ghosts exist and there are going to be people who can see them for whatever reason. For Si On, it’s probably tied to Hyun Joon and once she remembers their shared past and says goodbye, then that ability will probably cease to exist for her. I like Gun Woo because he’s sooooo different than Hyun Joon, less like a boyfriend and more like a puppy dongsaeng, but he’s so alive and warm and caring and exactly what Si On needs now. I enjoy the love story simmering in the here and now, even as I’m crazy hurting for the love story that happened in the past and is over. Taec’s performance here for me is on par with his turn in Dream High, he’s quite easy to watch here even if I wouldn’t cast him ever in any drama if I was the casting director. I mostly enjoy Gun Woo and Si On’s banter and camaraderie, for once I like the OTP for their friendship and the not-possible-dead-alterna-OTP for the love story.

Written preview for episode 9:

Gun Woo and Si On break apart from their kiss, and Gun Woo tries hard to mask his nervousness but it’s not easy. On the other hand, in the Lost Objects Department, So On picks up a broken phone and receives a shock. She starts to investigate the story behind the phone and senses this phone has a very close connection with the deceased Hyun Joon. At a hotel that holds very warm memories with Hyun Joon, Si On finds a faded picture………


Written Preview for Episode 9 of Who Are You — 14 Comments

  1. In real life Taec is a heck of genius. And quite a jokster. Thus even though his acting chops aren’t his most impressive skills, I was happily surprised with his perf in this drama. He has room for improvement but it’s not the train wreck one may have expected/feared. Glad you feel the same way too.

    • other may think that his acting is quite poor but if the person is pleasant for real, then one can’t help but root for him/support his projects… right?

      …as i’ve said in one of my earlier reply/post, taec’s character may somehow be cut to fit his personality and ‘limited acting depth’ that it will not be such a bother to drag down the series.

  2. This drama is basically an amalgamation of everything that has been trendy in the past few years…. aside from the Kim Jae Wook storyline, everything else strikes me as rather forced.

  3. had this drama on my queue cause of Kim Jae Wook and finally watched it this week – i surprisingly love it. agree that Taecyeon’s acting is less annoying here. KJW just breaks my heart even if he barely speaks, those eyes T.T

  4. i am in the minority as well as i am loving the drama just like you. It has this subtle feeling to it that makes it enjoyable and Taecyeon is getting better, just less Hamster eyes

  5. Dear koala,

    You’re not the only one in the minority. Kim Jae Wook slays me without even speaking. Plus, I’m pleasantly surprised with Taecyeon. I’m really enjoying this one, more so than Master’s Sun (and I like that one too).

    Happy Sunday 🙂

  6. I am also enjoying it. It’s an easy watch. I just don’t see OTP in love. They have a good friends vibe and like you said, he is a such a devoted puppy.

  7. This drama has a better story than Master;s Sun.And yes,I’m also one of those few who is rooting for Taecyeon.As much as I like Kim Jae Wook and enjoy his presence in the drama, there’s no point shipping Si On with a dead guy.It’s sad but realistic.I’d rather like it if she decides to becomes happy with Gun Woo and also cherish the happy memories of Hyun Joon.

  8. And another vote for WAY being better than Master’s Sun. The ghost stories are far better here. Master’s Sun’s chemistry and So Ji Sub’s hands burn up the screen, but the rest is incredibly stupid and I ff a lot.
    I am not so sure yet for whom I root in WAY. The living couple gives of no real romance feeling and the hot guy is dead. I refuse to believe they’ll let her die in the end though.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with your opinion on Taecyeon’s character. If I were Shi On, what I need the most now is someone who can cheer me up. Seeing dead people (+boyfriend) and solving their cases (if not they keep haunting you) aren’t something I wanna do on my own. I think Gun Woo is well-played by Taecyeon. It kinda break my heart when people who watch this for Kim Jae Wook keep saying bad things about GW-SO without looking at the circumstances. If I don’t like my fav actor not getting the girl, I’d just stop watching. No need to bash anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love KJW and his acting, not to mention his look. But come on, cut Taecyeon some slack. He’s not that bad.

    • He’s not that bad.

      True, he could be worse. Like saying the wrong lines, or facing the wrong direction on camera.

      If I had a penny for every time a fangirl of some idol who absolutely sucks at acting claimed he/she wasn’t THAT bad and we should ‘give him a chance’, I’d be stinking rich.

    • That said, he’s really lucked out here by having a writer and PD who don’t actually need him to ‘act’ and can work around his limitations re: the mechanics of acting. And compared to his previous standard, this is practically Oscar-worthy.

  10. I will go on the record and say that I am also enjoying Taec in this drama. I think he has improved on his Dream High days (the issue for him is that he really should have started out with support roles versus lead roles) I find him a lot more natural and not as mechanical in front of the camera. The character is far enough from his real life persona that I am sometimes able to forget I am watching Taec act.

    And can I just say Holy Moly how freakin hot is Kim Jae Wook. I always thought he was just ok until this drama. But now every time he comes on screen I have a visceral reaction to his extreme hotness. Boy can he smolder! (Don’t get me started on how beautifully he cries!).

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