Two Weeks Episode 9 Recap

This is hands down the best episode of Two Weeks yet. Each episode of this drama is like a delicious shot of whiskey on ice, smooth but not terribly complex. I said the lack of a romance narrative didn’t bother me, and really it doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean when it does pop up here and there it doesn’t make me squee just a little. Fugitive daddy Tae San continues to out-smart baddies and cops alike, and it continues to require a suspension of disbelief on our part but he is so earnest in every little inch he squeezes out of his desire to stay alive for Soo Jin that I continue to accept the leaps of logic. This episode delved into In Hye’s backstory more, and we see that she was the one who totally made the moves on Tae San, because otherwise all he’d do is continue to ride his motorcycle pass her dance studio and never get up the guts to talk to her. It’s parallels In Hye and Seung Woo’s relationship, which developed because he fell for her first. And sometimes it’s not how deserving is the person we love, the question is who loves who more.

I think In Hye and Tae San have another shot at it, and Seung Woo is starting to get back on my good side again because he’s calming down and balancing his personal and professional duties. He can still hate Tae San for being the asshole who left In Hye high and dry as a single mother, but he’s willing to investigate Tae San’s past more and consider the possibility that he may have been framed. Jae Kyung takes a bit of a back seat in this episode, continuing her investigation as well as running the show with the police force in a way that defies any semblance of reality but Kim Seo Yeon sells it so I’ll buy. Lee Jun Ki continues to be the heart and soul of this show, and Tae san’s return to the apartment he once shared with Man Seok was a wonderfully done segment where we get to recharge a bit with him as well as mourn Man Seok’s passing properly. It’s a testament to how fast-paced this drama is and how all the events that happen to Tae San are truly intense and affecting because he’s changed so much since the beginning of the drama I now longer worry that he’s going to trip himself up because he’s not equipped to go on the run. It’s pretty incredible what being backed into a corner can do to a person, and I’m cheering on Tae San’s redemption all the way.

Episode 9 recap:

Jo Seo Hee takes a doctored up surveillance camera picture of Jae Kyung in Tae San’s car and tries to use to insinuate she’s in cahoots with Tae San. The Chief Prosecutor is there and demands Jae Kyung explain. Jae Kyung tries to throw doubt on the picture and says it proves nothing.

Seo Hee leaves and Jae Kyung’s boss arrives and sticks up for her. Luckily for Jae Kyung, the cops hear about this and Seung Woo barges into the meeting to give Jae Kyung an alibi, saying she was with him the entire time. Nice. Since he’s the son of the Chief of Police, his word is accepted and the Chief Prosecutor has no choice but to back off.

Seung Woo and Jae Kyung leave and he asks her for what she knows about Jang Tae San. She asks why he helped her and he tells her that she should start by saying thank you. He knows she’s investigating Jo Seo Hee and now its extended to Jang Tae San.

Seung Woo doesn’t want In Hye to find out that he knows all about her and Tae San. He just wants Tae San captured as soon as possible. Jae Kyung points out that it was Seung Woo’s dad who ordered Tae San processed by the cops as soon as possible. Seung Woo asks if she’s suspecting his dad? Jae Kyung doesn’t trust anyone, but she’s willing to work with him to catch Tae San. Seung Woo says he’s re-investigating all the cases involving Jang Tae San.

Jo Seo Hee hears that a cop provided an alibi for Jae Kyung, and its no ordinary cop, it’s Im Seung Woo the son of the Chief of Police. Elsewhere, Tae San calls the cops not to turn himself in, but to misdirect them. He calls in a tip that Jang Tae San was seen at a jjimjalbang, sending all the cops there to search for him.

This allows Tae San to return to his sealed off apartment where Man Seok died. He fishes out a key from the planter and slips inside.

Once inside, he immediately beelines for the medicine drawer and grabs as much as he can. He notices the blood splatter still on the floor and takes a cloth to diligently wipe it up as he remembers poor dead Man Seok.

Tae San goes to take a shower, vowing to himself not to get hurt again. Afterwards he packs a bag with essentials like clothes, and then takes a key from the drawer and also finds the engagement ring he was going to give In Hye years ago and takes it with him as well. He’s so ready to rock and roll now.

He remembers something and grabs a pillow from the closet and inside the lining is where Man Seok stashed money. He remembers Man Seok saying that his grandma told him that putting money in the pillow and then sleeping with it makes a person rich. He puts money in Tae San’s pillow and says he hopes hyung will find a wife soon and live like a person. Tae San remembers something and goes to under the TV stand and takes out a packet wedged under there.

Tae San grabs some meat from the freezer and soju and creates a make shift offering to Man Seok. He knows this was Man Seok’s favorite, and when they were kids in the orphanage, when people bullied Man Seok and took his food, Tae San would beat them up and take it back for Man Seok. Tae San cries that other than In Hye and his parents, Man Seok was the only family he had. He’s sorry that he never even got to say thank you to him.

Imaginary Soo Jin pops up and tells Tae San to say it now. Tae San bows to Man Seok’s offering and says thank you, in truth he was always very grateful to have Man Seok in his life. When Tae San dies and sees Man Seok again, he will thank him properly then. He hopes in the next life they can be brothers again, and he will do it well.

Imaginary Soo Jin and Tae San leave and she asks if they are going to find the camera now? She asks if he’s going to get exonerated if the camera is found? Tae San doesn’t know since he doesn’t know what’s in the camera, but he has to keep trying to clear his name. Soo Jin asks why he doesn’t go find the Prosecutor Jae Kyung. Tae San would if Moon Il Suk was arrested, but he doesn’t know why that hasn’t happened yet.

Jae Kyung goes back to the precinct and everyone is surprised she’s back on the case. She finds out they didn’t catch Jang Tae San, though a voice match of the tip call proves it was made by Tae San.

Jae Kyung and Sang Hoon go back to the apartment and walk in to find that it’s been cleaned up and things are missing. They confirm Jang Tae San misled the cops and instead came back here. The see the offering for Man Seok and Sang Hoon wonders how someone on the run has time to make an offering. Jae Kyung says their best bet is to keep the surveillance on In Hye.

Tae San goes to Man Seok’s girlfriend’s work place nail salon but can’t show himself to go ask her where the camera is.

In Hye is worried about Tae San and wonders why he’s not calling her. Soo Jin counsels her mom to stop praying so much otherwise she’ll annoy God. Soo Jin says that God is merciful and to trust in him, otherwise he’ll get mad.

In Hye gets a call from Tae San and he asks her to meet him tomorrow at a mall in the kid’s section at 3 pm. Tae San then calls Chairman Han to let him know that he’s safely got away. The Chairman says not to contact him again. Tae San is relieved that he’s fine.

Jae Kyung listens to the latest wiretap on In Hye’s phone showed that Tae San called her and arranged to meet with her tomorrow at the mall. This call confirms for Jae Kyung that Tae San must not have the camera and is looking for it as well. Sang Hoon says Tae San is locked in a battle with Moon Il Suk. Sang Hoon wonders if they should have a talk with In Hye but Jae Kyung doesn’t want to startle her.

Killer Kim finds his way to Chairman Han’s place but thankfully the Chairman already booked it and it’s empty.

Killer Kim calls Moon Il Suk to report that it was Chairman Han who helped Jang Tae San but he’s taken off. Moon Il Suk thinks that if Jang Tae San had the camera it would be in Park Jae Kyung’s hand by now, so that means he doesn’t have it. Moon Il Suk is furiously that Tae San didn’t have the camera and dared to toy with him. He also learns that Jo Seo Hee took the surveillance camera footage and went to the Chief Prosector’s office.

Moon Il Suk meets with Jo Seo Hee and she asks him to investigate Im Seung Woo. He wants to know why she took the surveillance footage to the Chief Prosecutor and she reminds him that they have 9 days left and they can’t be foiled now. That is why she is striking first.

Moon Il Suk reminds Jo Seo Hee that after the auction she’s leaving but he’s staying so Jae Kyung can still try to arrest him. Seo Hee reminds Il Suk that he’s already prepared an alibi for himself. Il Suk says a doctored up alibi isn’t what is stopping Jae Kyung from arresting him.

Seo Hee says this cautious side isn’t like him and asks if he wants to ruin the auction. Isn’t he someone who is as slippery as a lizard, if so why is he suddenly as weak as an earthworm? Il Suk takes offense at that and Seo Hee apologizes, she’s overly sensitive with the sudden appearance as Im Seung Woo, the son of the Chief of Police.

Seung Woo goes to investigate a storage container number 704 but gets called back to join the planning for tomorrow’s mission. Jae Kyung summons all the cops on another catch Tae San mission, and this time the captain asks where she’s getting her intel.

Seung Woo calls In Hye to meet tomorrow and she lies that she has to work. Seung Woo says goodnight and after ending the call, he calls himself useless for knowing she’s lying and letting it slide.

Jae Kyung comes out and apologizes to Seung Woo for tapping In Hye’s lines and using her. Seung Woo says it’ll all be fine if they catch Jang Tae San tomorrow. He’s someone who has been a blight for Seung Woo for a long time.

Seung Woo reveals his backstory with In Hye – he helped foil a robbery attempt on her and turns out her wallet only had about 30 bucks in it. But she still was desperate to get it back and clung on to her purse and got slapped around. He saw her walking to pick up Soo Jin late at night, and there was no bus and she couldn’t afford to take a cab so he ended up giving her a ride.

Seung Woo tells Jae Kyung that Jang Tae San is the bastard who left In Hye to raise Soo Jin alone and he watched In Hye walk 2 hours that night because she had no money for transportation. Jae Kyung says there may be a reason behind it all. Seung Woo says what kind of reason would let him abandon In Hye to live in such difficult conditions. Even if Jang Tae San has been framed this time, Seung Woo will investigate and clear his name, but he will still be a lousy bastard to Seung Woo.

Tae San grabbed the key to the pawn shop from his home drawer and waits until Moon Il Suk’s lackeys leave for the night before sneaking back in. Smart boy! He checks the surveillance tapes to see if there is anything that can help his case. Tae San thinks back to how everything happened and realizes that Mi Sook must be Moon Il Suk’s woman and that is why she got killed.

Tae San hunkers down for the night and has a flashback to how he and In Hye got together. She went to find him one night and asked if his allergy was all better. She asks why he’s not driving by her ballet studio anymore. Tae San sputters that he never did, but In Hye laughs and says she saw him there all the time. Tae San says he won’t anymore.

In Hye says why not and comes straight out and says that she’s a college student from a family with both parents while he was raised in an orphanage. She knows they are very different, but she can’t help thinking about him all the time. She’s hungry and asks him out to eat. She promises no shrimp and says they can go for hotpot.

Tae San tells her not to regret it, and she can walk away anytime she wants. She asks him back where he’ll regret it if she can walk away at anytime? He stares at her and then says “let’s go eat.” She smiles back. In the present, Tae San thinks to himself that he should have stopped her back them.

Moon Il Suk is thinking about the next steps and says that if he was Tae San, he would strike first rather than waiting. Moon Il Suk is talking with Killer Kim and tells him to bring Tae San back no matter what. And be careful not to be seen. He also tells Killer Kim to move and stay one step ahead of the cops. He warns Killer Kim to never let people know his background.

The law enforcement team is ready for the mission – to capture Jang Tae San while keeping an eye out for the person who took him from then last time. They have blanketed the mall with undercover cops.

Jae Kyung gives everyone their marching orders and says to be alert and not let Jang Tae San escape again this time.

In Hye arrives at the mall and heads to the kid’s section. Killer Kim is on a nearby rooftop and watching the action with a pair of binoculars. Turns out Tae San is on a different rooftop doing the same thing, and seeing all the cops surrounding the mall. Of course this was yet another feint on his part. In Hye sees the cops surrounding the mall and prays for Tae San not to come.

In Hye gets a call from Tae San telling her to meet him back at the hospital. In Hye runs out and we see Tae San outside the mall. He happens to see a father and daughter picking out a hair clip.

The cops corner a man in a face mask and sunglasses and take him down. They remove his face items and turns out it’s not Tae San.

Tae San runs off the roof and Killer Kim spots him. Tae San is rushing to catch a taxi back to the hospital when he sees Killer Kim behind him. He stops to purposely engage him in the intersection to distract him and buy some time.

Tae San then books it and Killer Kim chases him. He loses sight of Tae San near a bus and sees Tae San’s shoes behind the bus stop wall. But it’s just his empty shoes and Killer Kim stops the bus and runs on. Which is when Tae San jumps out of the bus window and loses Killer Kim. He goes back to put on his shoes and then heads to the hospital.

The cops interview the guy dressed like Tae San and hear he works for an agency that does whatever you ask him. Tae San asked the guy to dress up like this and show up at the mall at 3 pm. Jae Kyung realizes that Tae San suspected In Hye was being tapped and used this to lure out the cops.

In Hye rushes back to the hospital and as she’s running through the lobby, Tae San grabs her from behind a pillar. They stare at each other for a moment before breaking apart. He asks why she showed up at the mall early? She was afraid of traffic and wanted to see him sooner. She notices his face is all busted up.

Tae San apologizes for being a burden for her. She’s worried about his health and reminds him he can’t get an infection. He assures her that he’s fine and keeping his wound clean. Even though it hurts, but it’s not infected. In Hye worries about him being on the run while injured. Tae San worries about her being so exhausted by Soo Jin’s condition.

In Hye asks if he’s not going to smuggle himself out of the country again. Tae San tells her that he suspected her phone was being tapped so he asked her to meet today at the mall to confirm it. He’s sorry about that but now he has a favor to ask of her.

Seung Woo keeps calling In Hye’s phone but doesn’t get an answer. He rushes over to the hospital. Tae San has already left by the time Seung Woo finds In Hye.

Seung Woo asks In Hye if she was at the mall today to see Jang Tae San. She admits it and asks if he knows everything? Seung Woo asks when she started communicating with him and she apologizes for not telling him earlier? Seung Woo asks why she didn’t tell him and In Hye says she couldn’t tell him. She asked Tae San to do a bone marrow donor exam and he was a match.

Tae San is leaving the hospital when he finds a pink hair clip in his pocket. He wants to give this to Soo Jin so he heads back inside.

Seung Woo is telling In Hye that Soo Jin is a daughter to him and she should have told him. Tae San walks up just in time to hear Seung Woo saying that Soo Jin is just like his own daughter. Tae San freezes and then In Hye sees him and her eyes widen. Which causes Seung Woo to turn around. Soo Jin marks off another day on her calendar with a smile.


Two Weeks Episode 9 Recap — 8 Comments

  1. Ive been shipping them since ep 1 now I cant wait to watch this ep. Also I really don’t like seung woo hope they dont end up together ughh

  2. Poor SW, I understand why he is angry. I mean, he didn’t ask anything until now, she knows he knows and yet didn’t say anything… there is a limit a person can wait/understand.

  3. Thank you for really fast recaps. I am rooting for TS-IH-SJ to end up being a family too. Feel bad for Seung Woo but hope that he will end up with JK.

  4. I am catching up with this show now.
    Thanks for the recaps!!

    I did NOT expect a restart to the old romance, but when he held her in his arms at the hosptital – WHAM! – it hit big. SW never seemed confident in his relationship with IH, now I know why.

    The father daughter scenes will never get old. Love them. Such a great device instead of listening to TS talk to himself about the situation and the choices he has to make.
    On to 10.

  5. Love this episode too, especially how TS is now taking the initiative instead of being reactive. It was fun to see him misdirect the cops by something as simple as a false tipoff, it works as the cops have been getting and following tipoffs by the public too. It was thrilling to see him execute a more complex plan at the shopping mall, where he fooled both the cops and the baddies. TS is proving he’s no longer a pushover!

  6. Oh, and I loved the part when TS and IH were talking about his wound, and he asked her whether she wanted to see… Shows how close they used to be and that he can be cheeky too, lol.

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