Goddess of Marriage May Extend 4 Episodes as the Gorgeous Leads Nam Sang Mi and Kim Ji Hoon Step Out for Event

It’s an understatement to describe watching Goddess of Marriage as a chore. With Goddess of Fire as least the snark bubbles up to counter the idiocy onscreen, but GoM isn’t that and falls into the category of drama watching I shall call “The Trudge”. It’s like plowing through high weeds with a machete along on steep hiking trial. I think the view will be awesome when I get to the top, but good lord is the journey absolutely exhausting without any enjoyment during. Whether the four main couples in the drama (or five if you want to add in the recent engagement between The Big Bore Hyun Woo caving into his stalker crush) find lasting happiness with the chosen significant other is almost beside the point. There is zero impetus to keep watching a drama where all we see are the drudgery of watching marriages falter, fail, or simply not be ideal enough for her to bear if we want to use leading lady Ji Hye’s barometer. Kim Ji Hoon’s Tae Wook remains the standout character and performance still, a guy who is real with conflicting emotions and priorities, but ultimately tries his best and makes the effort to be true to his own promises. He goes through the drama just living life – a dedicated professional at his job, enjoying his marriage, and working hard at his responsibilities – but everyone else around him just seems to pick at every little thing to muck it up. I don’t think anyone should stay in very suffocating marriages even if the cause is from the in-laws and not the husband, but Ji Hye picked Tae Wook and then promptly spent most of her time just been confounded and wallowing in self-perceived misery because her own needs are so high. There is no entertainment pleasure to be derived from GoM and that is such a shame because I do love Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi, and together they have amazing sparks but for the drama writing their relationship to always be on pins and needles. With the behind-the-scenes brouhaha going on at SBS with GoM’s follow up drama Thrice Married Woman not being able to lock down a main cast, GoM is being asked to extend for 4 more episodes to end at 36. There are conflicting reports out as to whether it will be extended or not, but reading between the lines it appears SBS is pushing the production to agree while the production is pushing back either because the cast won’t do it or it’s just a bad idea to drag out the drama anymore. I hate to end up on such a down note so let’s enjoy the lovely couple pictures of Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi out this week attending a Bobbi Brown and Godiva event in Seoul. They are really so visually stunning together, and I just hope the drama lets Ji Hye figure out what she wants and does it rather than sulk and cry all the time and drag Tae Wook down with her.

They totally look like a glamorous successful high-profile couple out attending a charitable event. Love his crisp suit paired with her boho style with a ladylike twist. Can I say how relieved I am just seeing them happy hanging out, because onscreen she always has a bitch face on around him, while off to side The Big Bore is lurking making pining expressions that make me want to buy him laxatives to help with his constipation.


Goddess of Marriage May Extend 4 Episodes as the Gorgeous Leads Nam Sang Mi and Kim Ji Hoon Step Out for Event — 14 Comments

  1. i tried so hard to watch GoM but I just can’t get into it at all. The story is just way too far gone for me.

    KJH’s suit looks mighty fine on him. A nice looking suit that fits. Still classy and lovely. Same goes for NSM. It’s simple but nice.

  2. I agree with most of your comments, Ms. K. I’m trying so hard to stick it out, but it’s getting harder with each episode. The “woe is me bit” week after week is beyond old. The last two episodes irritated me to no end. Most of the characters are not likeable and I fast forward through most of the drama. I hope they don’t extend it.

  3. I dropped this show after the first episode but damn they look good together. SBS need to tell Kim Soo Hyun to hurry up and pick her cast so they can get that production moving. It’s not fair that one show has to devolve into further drudgery via an unnecessary extension just because the one scheduled after it hasn’t got its shit together yet. SBS, you suck.

  4. Well, then am I the only fool still watching it?!? It IS boring as hell and way to realistic for my taste, which is why I think she’ll end up with Kim Ji Hoon and not the other lead with whom I think she actually looks good.

  5. For the love of all things holy and still sane in my KJH fangirly heart do not extend, I repeat DO. NOT. EXTEND. THIS. DRAMA! Even with fast forwarding and only watching KJH scenes (because as koala so perfectly put into words; his character and acting remain the only good and interesting things about the drama. this drama has given me such dislike for LSW acting that wasn’t so strong before) it is still a chore.

    The two make such a good looking pair. Too bad the drama writers refuse to spare us any moment of happiness or cuteness between the two. I swear NSM character is the worst!!!

  6. Those dramas with a bad script and low ratings which are extended just to win some time for the following show: Always end up badly. I can understand if the actors don’t want to cooperate…

  7. **Sigh**
    Seeing them so relaxed and happy together is how I am going to picture the end of this drama that I can no longer abide to watch.

    He’s just so lovable.

  8. I feel bad because I love the main actor in this from Flower Boy Next Door, I just think the way this show was written or maybe the character development? I don’t know, something cause me to stop watching the drama itself and I haven’t really thought about going back to it for awhile now. Sadly I am very addicted to Kdramas so I know one day when I’m really bored I will watch this drama as a complete whole and I might find some kind of satisfaction but until then……Fighting <3

  9. The interesting thing about Nam Sang Mi is that she strangely pairs up well with both Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Sang Woo in different ways.

    With Kim Ji Hoon, the sex appeal of this couple rises through the roof!

    With Lee Sang Woo, it is a more heartwarming and comfortable appeal.

    Am I the only one who loves to be tortured by Goddess of Marriage?

    Hahaha… I must be the odd one out then!

    I like this drama because it is quite realistic.

    It is not whimsical or too ideal like Lee Soon Shin…

    It is a breath of fresh air to see a drama that is really a slice of life while being down to earth too.

    Maybe that is why not many Korean audience watch this drama, mainly it doesn’t give them hope yet or smth to dream about.

    Instead, it lays down all the real and cruel sides of life as they are in front of the audience without any sugar coating like all K dramas do.

    People watch TV to escape from their pains in real life but this drama just reminds them of their pains again?

    Hahaha… But I luv it!

    Go ahead and extend!
    What difference do 4 episodes make?

    I’m not a masochist but for this drama, I’ll have to admit that I am.

  10. The writer of this drma has written good dramas…I’m thinking its the director…I google his name, this is his second drama he has directed…He has always been a Asst. Director….A bad director can ask for script changes or add his own point of view of a scene…I don’t think they need to add more episode, what they should had did was replace the director……

  11. I got to 18 and am taking a break. The wealthy family has some strange interactions. I wish the mother in law had a mother in law to put her in her place. I like the breakfast tradition but why torture the daughters in law to make it if you have competent staff. In general the couple stories seem weak. Unless something interesting happened in the episodes that I missed, I can’t see enough story for an extension.
    I like this couple. She needs to have their child and write in her spare time.
    The hot one night stand should marry his stalker fiancee and work at making her happy.

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