Park Shin Hye Washes Dishes in the First Official Stills from Heirs Plus More Insider Spoilers

I don’t know whether to applaud Kim Eun Sook for her balls or go laugh in the corner at her patented obviousness. A lot of her dramas have the female lead as being very working class poor, and she never hesitates to drive home the point that said girl works hard with her hands to earn a living and is damn proud of it. Lovers in Paris and Secret Garden immediately come to mind, and a bit of subtlety with the rich versus poor class divide would have been nice, but obviously not as thrilling to watch. The Upcoming Heirs (also known as Heritors) sounds like a Hana Yori Dango remake with even more rich kids but the same sounding very determined and principled poor girl thrown in their mix. I get that Park Shin Hye‘s character Cha Eun Sang is a high schooler who works multiple part time jobs to make ends meet at home, what with an older sister studying abroad and not contributing to the household finances and a deaf mom who works as the housekeeper to the uber-rich Kim family that owns Empire Group. I just wish the first stills we see of her character isn’t one that fairly screams out “I am poor and toil endlessly!” Not to mention these are the first official stills EVER from Heirs, and already we’re being hit over the head with the poor Candy stereotype. I still have hopes this drama will be more than the sum of all its stereotypical parts, but I’m calling a spade a spade when I see it. For the filming of this scene where Cha Eun Sang washes dishes in the dingy crowded kitchen at a ceremonial hall (the kind rented out for weddings and celebrations), Park Shin Hye donned a head scarf, a rubber apron, and a pair of rubber elbow-length gloves and dove right into the scrubbing and rinsing. Y’all know I love Park Shin Hye, despite reservations about her chemistry with male leads which waxes and wanes depending on her co-star, and she can probably play the role of a hard scrabble hard working girl in her sleep. She does look lovely in that fresh-faced youthful way, and I’ll have no problems buying her as a high school student. She doesn’t look much older than when she was in Tree of Heaven 7 years ago. There have been some more insider spoilers about the drama so I’ve translated it below. Read on if you’re curious and don’t mind getting more deets. And for those of you in the LA area, the main cast members have all arrived and started filming. I saw a BTS still of Kim Woo Bin outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater, plus Lee Min Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Park Shin Hye have all been captured arriving at LAX.

From an insider that’s read the available scripts for Heirs:

1. Kim Eun Sook starts the drama off with a trademark bang. The beginning will be very exciting.

2. There will be overseas shoots.

3. Fans of Lee Min Ho will be pleased, there is a fan service right off the bat with his character.

4. There will be interesting conflict between male lead Kim Tan’s mom and female lead Cha Eun Sang’s mom.

5. Kim Tan’s mom is an interesting chaebol wife, not prim and proper, more like a Jang Hee Bin but without all the ambition.

6. Some have said this drama feels like a mash-up of Lovers in Paris and Secret Garden. It’s actually much more similar with Lovers in Paris.

7. Not sure if the overseas scenes will take up 1 or 2 full episodes, but it’ll be very beautiful to watch.

8. The male lead is a very charismatic character – it feels like Kim Eun Sook totally adores Lee Min Ho to write his character like this.

9. The female lead isn’t a Candy or Mary Sue, a better description would be a female warrior.

10. More of the story will be the interaction between the two leads, and the situation between the moms.

11. The two main plot drivers will be the love story between the two leads and the inheritance battle in the Kim family.

12. Kim Eun Sook is an expert at writing this stuff, it will be good.


Park Shin Hye Washes Dishes in the First Official Stills from Heirs Plus More Insider Spoilers — 120 Comments

  1. So, let me guess. LMH family is greedy and he is a total spoiled brat and so the grandma/grandpa meets PSH’s character who treats him/her very well and doesn’t know how rich he/she is and he is touched with such kind hearted and hardworking girl and decides to have her as his/her heir of all money.

    this sounds so much like Shining Inheritance…

    • I bet their moms fell in love with the same man. Lee Minho’s dad is someone else. Park Shinhye is the actual daughter, the actual heiress. Oh, and I sense a lot of slapping of the faces.

      My guess at the end is that they wake up and this was all just a dream.

      • I think you sweetheart said something may be will happen in this drama that shin hye will be rich and Lee Min ho will be poor as he isn’t his real son May be they will switch the roles to see who will bear wearing the crown .

  2. warrior-like? so, like Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden? The stills aren’t helping, they show more of a candy-like.

    This drama is one I will end up watching in the end.. but in between it will be tough haha

    • I know right.
      “She’s not going to be a candy or mary sue, but a female warrior.” Cut to girl knee deep washing dishes in big kitchen.

  3. 3. Fans of Lee Min Ho will be pleased, there is a fan service right off the bat with his character.
    I’m so gonna watch this!!!!!!!
    Park Shin Hye looks lovely and judging by her pic smiling towards the camera she’s enjoying it! TBH the plot sounds meh! But sounds like an eye-candy feast so I’m very exited

  4. Kim eun sook has some leading lady that are also sucessful like Lovers in Prague and On Air. And although she’s not rich but gentlement dignity also don’t have the damsel in distress heroin. In Lovers although the heroins father is a pastor but her character is a plastic surgeon.
    For city hall the only reason she is hated was because she never had any motivation to work hard until the hero came by.

    So overall only lovers in paris and secret garden have this poor and strugling heroin image. Although i don’t agree that sectet garden character is strugling coz she loves her job and would have chosen the same career path as seen after they got married.

    And yaeh i watched ever drams that is penned by KES. She, hong sister + lee kyung hee dramas are precious and those who made Giant and incarnation of money tooo.

  5. #9: I don’t know about this … Ha Ji Won was arguably an actual “female warrior” in Secret Garden but her character was essentially a doormat to Hyun Bin.

    • This. And , so was JD in BOF. And almost every other lead female character I can think of.Honestly, after years of krama watching, I’m used to the fact that whatever the heroine starts as she will end up a Candy/Cinderella type. I just pray that they tone down the stupid and deliver a halfway decent story.

      • Maybe this is why I enjoy the older woman/younger guy romances more. Because the female leads in them don’t always just fall at the guy’s feet and are sometimes the ones calling the shots.

  6. I find Park Shin Hye really boring as an actress…I really don’t get the whole hoopla about her.

    But I will watch Heritors because of Kim Woo Bin and the eye candies….

    • Yes boring bcz someone like you won’t understand her acting let us boring people to watch her boring acting :d
      she deserve more sweety so don’t bother yourself about her·

    • hey count me in. kind of tired watching her. but it’s ok, i’ll consider this drama is a chick flick type and will watch it anyway without a high expectation. but Kim Tan sounds a lot like Gu Jun Pyo without a permed hair.

    • Then don’t watch! Or else if you don’t have nothing to say just SHUT UP! For sure you will be the first one to watch even-though KWB’s character was in episode 10?!!!

      • No need to be rude about it tho….. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and u do psh no favors by acting so viciously just because someone criticized her

      • Am I rude?!! Are you sure? Do you know what you we’re saying Heha? As you have said “their opinions” what Am I talking too? This is also my opinion… Before typing anything else here.. And replying some comments… Please use you BRAIn.. Just a quick advice… Please… You make my day funny! You are rediculous! :p

      • Me too i like PSH’s girls.. They are finer, decent and educated girls. They love PSH whoheartedly and as noticed instead of criticizing and saying something foul to the other actors/actresses they respect the actors and actress in which PSH was working with(not just like the other fans did) ^.^

    • Yes. boring actress was given a boring script to act. So we called it susscessful because she can act what the director wanted her to do, that’s why so is greeting more and more popular

  7. Warrior. Lemme guess. By warrior she’ll start off by hating Lee Minho. Playing hard to get, etc, regular Candy stuff. Then the bitches will try to trample her only to have Lee Minho and Kim Woobin come to rescue the damsel in distress. =____=. This drama better have a lot of fan service, because that’s the sole thing I’m hanging onto right now.

  8. Not happy to see Park Shin Hye in such a typical role again. The roles that she picks in dramas annoy me and this girl does not have chemistry with her partners whatsoever. Candy type roles are the only think she’s ever good for. I wish she’d push herself harder.

    • ….so FBND’s heroine was ‘Candy’? I get that you don’t like her, but at least try to keep your criticisms somewhat accurate, please.

    • Well, as for me, I see her very good in every partner she’s been with. She has a great chemistry with them! Even with a short-term-partners or photo-shoot-partners like Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Jong Suk.. You do not observe, do you? Cuz I bet you don’t like her.

  9. I don’t know why but I feel like once I see the first episode of this drama I will literally faint or something because I have been so invested in this coming out since they first started to think about making it like a year ago, and now that this is becoming a reality for me it’s just TOO CRAZY. I think I might even shed a tear from the excitement of seeing these amazing actors together, I just Pray the plot doesn’t let me down. <3

  10. Ague… I just do not get the buzz about this drama. As a Lee Min ho fan I will definitely watch this drama but wish less buzz and less expectations. He is trying hard and working hard. Just give him some peace. I have heard they are now filming in desert somewhere near LA. I wish safe filming for Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and the whole team. They should put lots of sunscreen to protect their skin!

  11. The plot sounds so typical n boring! And I’m not liking shin hye’s role…shes a good actress but she needs to stop taking these boring roles. With each spoiler, it is becoming less interesting :-/

  12. Are we still complaining about poor heroine character in kdramas? I mean we should accept that there will be poor heroine in 80% of kdramas.
    But i agree that she looks like Jandi 2.0 🙂

  13. Park Shin Hye is gorgeous no matter what. What a beautiful smile……in the BTS pic………does not look like”hell gate” (twitter)
    Just because her role is that of a poor girl need not mean that it will be an uninteresting, boring candy stuff………….after all its KES writing it. I do have lot of expectations from KES because an actor/actress is only as good as the role written for him/her. It does not matter if the role is that of a rich or poor person …. but the spirit and the character shown when faced with adversities is the essence of what makes it interesting……

  14. ha, almost all this type of genre always have the leading lady poor…that is what I can recall..anyway isn’t this call far as I know not all PSH’s drama is like this…or even her movies..I know some of the comment of not liking her is because she has been in dramas since 10 years ago..and she seems so lucky to have all the good looking actors as her partners.She is simply the sugar and spice sort of girl and with a beauty.About her chemistry with men..maybe she is saving it for the love of her life..Thank you.In every post about her and the drama she is in does not make me expect anything at all.I just watch her drama because I love. her..

  15. I’ll be watching this for LMH not PSH, which is fine, since I’ll be getting my eye candy from Future’s Choice anyway. The photos from its first read through more appealing than these, for me.

  16. i love park shin hye- she is a lovely girl and her acting is not too shabby..but there’s a reason why all her dramas nver hit it big-
    she has no chemistry with male lead in most of her drama…
    and suck a bad kisser- very bad there’s even an article about how bad of a kisser she is in drama..

    i think drama might popular becus kim eunsook and lee minho …

    might not popular becos i dont’ think park shin hye is good enough or have chemistry enough with lee minho..

    i might be wrong we will see..

    and park shin hye fans don’t tell people not to watch it or shut up …
    it’s look bad on yourself..

    • the bad kisser part, totally agree 100% and the chemistry too not fantastic with male costars of late.

      use to luv her to pieces for Tree in Heaven for her above average acting chops. She has the most dynamic chemistry with Lee Wan. Do hope they collaborate again…

      still looking forward to Heirs due to my cutie pie, LMH.

    • i love lee min ho his acting is not too shabby..but there’s a reason why some dramas nver hit it big-
      he has no chemistry with female lead in most of his drama…
      and good kisser there’s even an article about how good of a kisser he is in drama..
      i think drama might popular becus kim eunsook and park shin hye
      might not popular becos i dont’ think lee min ho is good enough or have chemistry enough with park shin hye..
      i might be wrong we will see..
      and lee min ho fans don’t tell anything bad to the other actors/ actress
      it’s look bad on yourself..

  17. Am I the only one who has been tired of the whole ‘poor girl’ storyline since 2 years ago.

    korean people need to seriously address their rich people issues and have some open mindedness. . If they don’t like their rich girls, they must stay away from the rich men too. .

    This sounds like hana yori dango the reboot or remake . . . .which the manga deserves since in korea ruined it with goo hye sun AND badly written character

  18. Please to mood killer if you feel you don’t like please don’t comment Ok …
    There are many dramas which all of you had big expectations and just fail to satisfy your expectations
    If you hate someone in this drama and believe that she or he is boring please don’t watch .

    • That’s what i’m saying here… They are in the same drama.. If ever this drama won’t have a good ratings not only PSH will be down… All of them…! Why don’t you support everybody!!! Say something positive…

  19. all these ppl commenting on this article saying they dont like the plot or shinhye or KES would b the first ones to stream the first episode ……if u r not interested just ignore and move on …stop saying bad things abt the drama
    or r u guys butthurt that shinhye gets all ur opppppars lololol

    • Yes. GHS ruined it for me. And the guy who played Ryu was just as bad. I still feel bitter after all these years. I couldn’t wait for the Koreans to make their version of HYD. After all, who can out swagger the Korean drama male leads? And no one can be more tenacious than a kdrama female character. LMH was the only good thing that came out of it but he hasn’t been so great in all the dramas he did after that. He is overrated but I still like him and look forward to his dramas.

      • When you mentioned Ryu, who are you referring to? Goo Hye Sun’s acting was OK, not bad. My favorite actors in Boys Over Flowers are Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. They are so lucky to be in BOF since it become a really bit hit! Unlike most Korean actors and actresses, they have international fans outside of Asia. I’m happy for KB and LMH.

    • agree….her character was pretty annoying plus she acted it bad ….now i think of it how cud the directr posibly think of her as jandi…mature roles wud hav suited her more

  20. Please just leave BOF and GHS alone..BOF had proven itself..IT WAS A PHENOMENA and that is because of JANDI and JUNPYO’S chemistry and to include JIHOO..if you didn’t like GHS just leave her alone she is not included in the THE HEIR..She auditioned for her JANDI role and the producer who has other choice even took her because she deserve it
    Just wait for THE HEIR to start and forget about BOF this is another drama and just believe in those actors and actresses that is in there just stopped dragging BOF JANDI or GHS’S NAME


    Waiting for the day that this kind of chemistry is recreated for park shin hye. Seriously, this girl does not age. this was 7 years ago and she still looks the same. If i had to say which costar she had the most passionate chemistry with, it’s Lee Wan. And they never kissed the whole way through. Yup.
    She just needs the right director and costar.

    • I would love to see her co-star with Lee Wan again and in a heavy tear-jerking drama. If their chemistry was that hot then can you imagine what the grown-up version would be?

      • +1 too hot. Speaking of which, i really miss lee wan and would like to see him back in k-dramaland. 2009 was his last drama, which is way too long for someone as hot as him to be away from k-dramaland.

      • Even then he didn’t star in any of the main roles after tree of heaven, which totally beats me.

  22. Unlike MOST Korean actresses, Park shin hye is famous outside of Asia. You know what’s funny? I know one person who thinks PSH is more popular than Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. That is NOT TRUE!! KB and LMH are famous around the world because of Boys Over Flowers. PSH is equally famous but she is NOT more popular than these 2 guys.

      • park shin hye has only 3 or 4 dramas since tree of heaven but she is very famous around asia ..its just that she was to concentrate on her studies too and her agency isnt big famous one otherwise she would hav explosive popularity!!! i wish her lots of success for this drama

      • Yes, but what I mean is that I’m surprised she has fans in foreign countries outside of Asia because her dramas are not as big as Boys Over Flowers. Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are famous around the world because of BOF.

      • Hi Jamie,

        As coded by Enonane,
        “The news releases just this month stated that YAB is the 2nd most popular drama in Korea (of all time) after Winter Sonata.”

      • @JJ
        Of course, YAB and Winter Sonata are the most popular “IN KOREA”. Nothing surprising about that, but what about international popularity? I’m saying that besides Korea and other Asian countries, Boys Over Flowers is more popular than YAB and Winter Sonata in other specific countries around the world. Get it?

      • @JJ
        From other articles I’ve read, YAB is also broadcasted in certain countries outside of Asia. It’s a big hit, but still, it’s not quite as popular as Boys Over Flowers.

      • @JJ
        I’m a bit surprised that Winter Sonata and YAB are the “most popular” because Boys Over Flowers had much higher ratings. If you read other blogsites and articles, foreign countries in South America and other places around the world are more familiar with BOF than YAB. From jamie’s comments, I think she is surprised and impressed by park shin hye’s worldwide fame because most Korean actresses are not that famous outside of Asia.

      • I’m posting comments based on research and sources I’ve read. It’s not just my observations but also based on statistics and facts.

    • No one comparing who is more famous ???
      But shin hye is hard working girl she act, study and do charity work
      She depend on herself , she reached this level of fame without company help
      I don’t care how many fans she has?? only which make me impressing that she is working so hard in every project either inside acting career or outside it , she do her best in her job.
      Really knowing person like her taught me alot 🙂

    • sorry for disturbing you,
      but the most popular actor/actress outside korea is:
      2 LEE MIN HO
      4 KIM BUM
      (from reliable source and its mybe old source after bof/yab aired)

      actually i dont even care with this RANKINGS

      we all know BOF are adapted form HANA YORI DANGO(JPN VER)/METEOR GARDEN(TAIWN VER)


      YAB is original drama not adapted one, but JPN and Taiwn adapted them
      so im consider YAB than BOF(both are good drama but im more prefer Meteor Garden)

      as shinhye fans some bad comment bout her make me hurt, i dont even care if you all want critize her acting(it good for her to improve her acting lol) but please didnt says her not good enough as LMH leading lady

      • @Anne
        Which source are you using? Park Shin Hye is NOT more popular than KIM BUM!!! Jang Geun Suk is not more popular than Lee Min Ho. Why is Lee Byung Hun not on the list? Even though Park Yoo Chun and Bi Rain are K-pop idols, they’re actors too and their dramas are popular. Whatever source you’re using does not seem reliable. Lee Byung Hun(who made 2 American movies) should be on the list!!

      • @Anne
        Why don’t you tell which website you got information from?
        First of all, Jang Geun Suk should NOT be above Lee Min Ho.
        Park Shin Hye should NOT be above Kim Bum.
        I feel bad people say PSH is a bad kisser and does not have chemistry with her leading co-stars. Some people think her acting is not that good and she’s not that pretty. These are from comments I saw, but for my opinion, she is a good actress.

  23. no matter how lame or boring the main story is, I think it’s up to how well she can write it off. If she can writes it interestingly, I think it’ll still be a great drama.
    I think the cast is good too, PSH has done a good job on FBND. Well, LMH does a pretty decent job too on City Hunter, though it’s not my favorite (the ending part especially. LOL). I will still watch this, whether I like it or not, that will be decided later. There’s Woobin and Jinhyuk there, how could I not watch it? If the story ended up sucks, then it’s the eye candies that will help me watch through the drama 😀
    thanks for sharing the pics and info 🙂

  24. Even though the story line seems old and overused, I still can’t wait to watch it!!! Plus it’s PARK SHINE HYE AND LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I can’t believe the amount of criticism Shin Hye is getting on here. And saying her dramas aren’t as popular inside or outside of Korea as LMH’s? What news source are you using? Two of her dramas -YAB and HS are in the top of sales still. Not to mention the success of Miracle in Cell No. 7. The news releases just this month stated that YAB is the 2nd most popular drama in Korea (of all time) after Winter Sonata. DUH….
    And when didn’t she have chemistry with her co-star? (I give you that she was not matched well in Kimchi Radish Cubes he was just too old for her then). She has incredible chemistry with all her co-stars – otherwise girls wouldn’t be dissing her so strongly. Shin Hye is pure sexiness and her photo shoots with any male actor/singer proves it. And as far as her kissing goes – she kisses in the drama like the director wants her to….Heirs will be a network show so don’t expect any deep kissing – and since it is a high school drama, the producers and sponsors won’t go for adult type kissing. Shin Hye knows how remember the cf with Jang Keun Suk? it was not all his doing either – looked like both were into it. I don’t get the sarcasm in some of the posts that seems to be pre-blaming Shin Hye if this drama isn’t great….geez I do believe it will depend on the whole cast not just her. I know she is good but come on.. AND the stupid comments that LMH is such a good kisser and the kiss scenes will be ruined because Shin Hye is not – that sounds more like her anti’s are really hoping her kiss scenes are not good. I would love to see a really sizzling romance between Shin Hye and Woo Bin – I think they would have really great chemistry. I would love to ship them together. And if Shin Hye has no chemistry with her drama and music video co-stars how come she is still being shipped with JKS, JYH, YSY, LW and YSH?
    I really like Shin Hye as an actress – I also respect her and it is hard sometimes to respect people in show business.

    • Wow, you just said everything I wanted to say. You and I are definitely on the same page! I’m more looking forward to her and Woo Bin than her with Min Ho. *squeal* If I could, I would thumbs up this, like, 100 times. Much kudos!!! 😀

      • Sam on – Could you just imagine the scenes between Shin Hye and Woo Bin? His dark sultry sexiness and her very feminine sexiness? Wow!!!!

    • @Enonane
      Yes, the dramas YAB and Winter Sonata are popular in Korea. LMH’s drama Boys Over Flowers is popular around Asia and other countries around the world. BOF has been broadcasted in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Israel, Turkey, Romania, and so on. This is why Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are famous around the world. Their drama is more popular than park shin hye’s dramas.

      • I am not saying anything about BOF…..why is everyone dwelling on the popularity of BOF? what does it have to do with Shin Hye? I am in USA and I absolutely love Shin Hye’s drama/movies. I like watching Lee Min Ho also. So I don’t see why everyone is trying to push the importance of BOF and the international viewing etc etc. It has absolutely nothing to do with Shin Hye. And why bring in Kim Bum? He is not in Heirs and has nothing to do with the discussion.
        There will always be a disparity between the fandoms of males and females so I think it is a moot point.
        And Shin Hye’s dramas are shown in other countries not just Asia.
        It is all a personal preference thing and my preference is watching Shin Hye and would like to do so without everyone going to the page with only her stills on it and trying to bash her. If everyone is so gung-ho on promoting BOF then do it on the sites that are promoting it – that would make much more sense to me!

      • I’ve noticed that Korean actresses get criticized more harshly than Korean actors. The Asian audience favor males stars more than females. That’s one of the reasons why the men have more privilege and they are more famous than the women.

      • @Enonane
        Besides personal preference, the truth is that unlike many Korean actors and actresses, the actors from Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are famous around the world. Yes, Park Shin Hye’s dramas are shown in a few other countries outside of Asia, but she is NOT more popular than LMH and KB. I know Kim Bum has nothing to do with The Heirs, but he is in Boys Over Flowers. He and LMH are two of the few lucky Korean actors to be popular worldwide.

      • If shin hye wasn’t popular at all.. Why I know her? You’re beautiful was the one who introduce me to watch KDRAMA… My friends always telling me to watch BOF… But taiwan F4 i can’t get over it… I still missing them.. And it’s good to watch not remake drama… Just try it.. And you will like it! Hehehe

      • Still saying I never mentioned BOF in first place and don’t really care how popular it is worldwide or how popular the stars from it are….I was talking only about Shin Hye and her dramas. I don’t care if she isn’t as popular as LMH or KB. I doubt if all her fandom cares either. We support her! I’ve watched BOF and like it so I have no issues with it.
        I only responded to the comparison between the BOF and Shin Hye’s dramas and as far as I can see there are none.
        No tv drama is a great work of art (regardless of country of origin)and are for entertainment and if they entertain me then I am very happy!
        I hope Heirs is a success for all the actors/actresses and makes the production lots of money so we can see our favorites in many more tv dramas and movies!

      • @Sixteen21
        Park Shin Hye is popular and she is a good actress. I’ve seen You’re Beautiful, and it’s good but not as popular as Boys Over Flowers.I love watching Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho. Park Shin Hye is well known but she cannot beat the popularity of LMH, KB, or Jang Geun Suk.

      • It really depends because some people think Boys Over Flowers is a great work of art. Overall, some dramas are good and some are not. Based on the various online comments, Park Shin Hye’s fans said it’s unfair how she and other leading actresses get criticized more harshly than many popular actors that include LMH and KB.

      • @Enonane
        BOF and park shin hye’s dramas are different. Other people were just comparing the drama’s popularity, not the stories. I agree with natalia because when reading blog comments from different websites, I’ve noticed PSH’s fans get frustrated that she gets criticized. They’re aggravated about sexism because Korean actors get compliments more than criticism, but actresses get judged more harshly. For example, even though Kim Bum is always the second lead/supporting actor, he gets more positive comments than criticism. PSH is a good leading actress, but people still say nasty things about her like the bad kissing and having no chemistry with her leading man. I disagree with what they said above.

      • @JJ
        What did I say that you think is wrong? I’ve done research and I’m just saying from what I observed. If you look at comments above, people are giving park shin hye negative comments even though she is a good actress. From other websites I’ve seen, negative comments about Kim BUm are outnumbered by the positive comments. I know for a fact that Korean actresses are judged more harshly than actors.

      • @JJ
        Based on what jamie said, I’ve seen certain comments in which people said that Kim Bum’s acting is not that good, but they don’t give him harsh criticism. On the other hand, many people said he CAN act and he has shown improvement since BOF. They also praise that he is a good singer.I’m not saying in general, but I’ve heard more compliments about him than criticism such as very handsome looks, good singing, and improved acting. Lee Min Ho always get praised for his acting skills especially in BOF and City Hunter. He had a big concert tour too.

    • Sure they are different in popularity Lee Min Ho is earned every girl by her pretty face I will not say it’s bad actor but a cute guy always attracts a large audience, to Park Shin Hye is harder because it is a girl, she does not have the girls who cry to see her without a shirt or showing his belly, but the vast Azaña of Park Shin Hye is that she is popular for her charms, her beauty, her good attitude because he has built his career himself without scandals and has earned the hearts of people. Personally when I was a girl I love her and I do not see support for it a mirage if not an example to follow
      Again apologies for spelling errors and grammar my native language is not English

      • @Isa
        Same thing with Lee Min Ho bcuz he is also famous for his charms, appearance, nice personality, talent, and so far he does not have scandals. He’s got so many fans around the globe.

  26. I really like Park Shin Hye and before getting this project on this same page you were good reviews, now it is recording with Lee Min Ho and things change and is a terrible actress etc etc boring. she is beautiful and talented bottom to devote fight for what it is, sometimes I’ve come to think that the best thing would have been not to receive this first project is to stall for a few months as an actress and second receive criticism from people who do not even know that dramas are considered great abroad, my mother language is not English and struggled to write this (in advance thousand apologies for the lack of grammar and spelling) never commented but I was very sorry to criticize a good actress just because I match in a drama is a man who for many is perfect, illogical if you ask me

      • @nathalia: how can you compare the popularity of LMH and KIM BUM to PSH? She is a woman… Mostly or we can say 90% of the popularity who watch drama are woman… And woman idolizing Man… Compared to a woman.. Why don’t you compare her to girls generation…, kara, fx’s all idols! They need companions.. They have to dance sexy… They have to wear something nice to mans eyes…. But why they didn’t try to go alone… Have a concert to other countries alone.. This is what we called FAMOUS!

  27. @Sixteen21
    I know that most people in audience for Kdramas are women, but it’s unfair how Korean actresses get judged more harshly than actors. Women have talent and potential but they still have limits because of sexism. For Kpop girl groups, they can’t have concerts alone because they work as a team. Even boy bands perform together. Besides Asia countries, other foreign nations still favor men over women. In Europe, Big Bang is the most popular Kpop group and Girls’ generation is second place after them.

  28. Do not fight for things not felt alone Tinen hope the drama is a success for all members of the cast, easily find heirs is looking for people to participate in the drama in LA almost all papers were offered to people Western so if anyone lives by there this is a great opportunity

  29. I cry UNCLE!!!!!! I have a feeling no matter how I word it or how I try to avoid the comparisons – it won’t make a difference. For all that mentioned the sexism and unfair comparisons – that is so true. Why do women have to be compared to men anyway in any field? The same sort of unjust attitudes are prevalent here in the states also.
    I am still sticking with “I don’t want to compare Shin Hye to anyone else – male or female”. I think she is unique in her field and prefer her over American or European actresses. The only thing I will now say is of course her fans get frustrated when she is maligned unjustly. How do other stars fans feel when their favorite actors/actresses/singers are criticized, denounced, condemned, etc etc? Are they not upset or do they not feel that such verbal animosity is unjust? I have never been able to understand why women tear down other women. And do it with such glee. I can feel the smirking in the writing. But you know that sort of meanness and cruelty has a way of coming back on those who do it. They may not realize it at the time but what if their daughter, granddaughter or other female family member is treated the same way? Will they feel it is unjust and cruel? Or even equate it with what they are doing? Guess it is a matter of the way one has been taught as they grow up. As far as stars/idols/singers etc go I don’t feel any deserve to be put down – no matter whether they are great or not. Some are great, some are just passable and some quite frankly lack a lot but they are all trying and are following their dreams. So they are to be congratulated and cheered – no matter who they are or what sex they are…..such is the dream I have for this world….(sigh) I think my parents have brainwashed me into believing women can achieve any dream they want……

    This girl really have something…

  31. @fairytales
    There is only two reasons why she is compared to these two actors. Park shin hye is co-starring with lee min ho in The Heirs and this drama has a couple of similarities with Boys Over Flowers in which lee min ho and kim bum are both famous for. People are not comparing the acting skills. They’re just saying she cannot beat LMH and KB’s popularity because BOF is such a mega hit around the world.

  32. @fairytales
    Yeah, she only compared cuz she gonna play lee min ho’s love interest in The Heirs. the drama remind people of boys over flowers cuz of the rich characters and poor girl theme. LMH & KB skyrocket to worldwide fame cuz of this drama. Besides this website, I’ve never heard anyone compare park shin hye to actors. It ain’t fair how them actors get more famous than actresses.

  33. @fairytales
    I think other people just trying to bring down park shin hye. they saying her fame got limits cuz of sexism against female stars. They say no matter what, she cannot beat lee min ho and kim bum cuz unlike most korean actors, these two guys R famous worldwide. I think she good actress and I support her.

  34. Usually, Korean actresses never get compared to actors because obviously the Kdrama audience are mostly women and they’re gushing on the men. Based on comments, people just impressed by LMH and KB’s level of popularity around the planet. They’re saying that even though park shin hye has talent, she is not quite as popular as her leading man lee min ho because he’s a guy and she’s a girl. I hate how women are still de-valued because of male privilege.

  35. @fairytales

    not only actress/actors, park shin hye compared to idol too.

    anyway i like her weeping eyes. she’s can make it beautifully

    • @ko
      Really? Which idol is she compared to? For K-pop singers/boy bands/girl groups, of course they’re big stars because K-pop music is widespread around the world. So many korean actresses don’t have international fame and they’re just famous around Asia except for park shin hye. Good for her! Furthermore, since watching BOF, I became a fan of lee min ho and kim bum. These 2 guys are so fortunate to be famous outside of Asia because most Korean actors and actresses are not famous to that extent.

  36. @ko
    park shin hye only gets compared with female idols like bae suzy and im yoona. It’s bcuz PSH and Yoona both co-starred with jang geun suk. Im yoona is not a good actress so people just compare to see which girl jang geun suk has more chemistry with. And for Bae Suzy, a lot of people think she is a bad actress so why is park shin hye compared to her?

  37. After all that has been said by everyone, I still think she is a natural beauty with a lovely smile and she DOES have acting chops. Just need to improve on her chemistry during kissing scenes, something like YEH. he he..

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