Goddess of Fire Episode 21: A Lid Making Competition, Gwanghaegun gets Sandbagged, and Tae Do Keeps on Investigating

This drama is complete and utter rubbish. MBC should be embarrassed to even put this dreck on the air, much less be flayed for wasting the talents and involvement of such a stellar sageuk cast. If this drama gets any year end awards or any mention whatsoever for recognition, whether for narrative quality or individual acting, I will mutter an expletive and give MBC a middle finger. Episode 21 of Goddess of Fire has Jung Yi learning that Kang Chun ordered the hit on her dad and she vows to stay in the pottery department to take him down. Tae Do, who must be getting serious whiplash with Jung Yi’s stay-don’t stay back-and-forth, once again asks her to just let him handle the revenge part and she should leave. Jung Yi stays and today’s pottery of the day assignment involves making a lid for a royal ceramic jar, an heirloom where the lid has been broken and a perfect replacement must be made. Yook Do gets the task and he does another stupid competition with Jung Yi, allowing her to attempt the assignment as well and if hers is picked then she gets to become an official potter and if not then she leaves the pottery department. I just want to torch the pottery department to the ground right about now.

Jung Yi and Gwanghaegun go for a softly lit sunset walk and blah blah blah nothing happens. Imhaegeun aligns with the Consort and scheme to bring down Gwanghaegun – Imhae steals his practice writings and gives it to the King to show that Gwanghae is harboring treasonous ideals and the Consort cries crocodile tears to the King that she thinks Gwanghae is looking to eliminate her and Shinsonggun. Blergh, the entire royal family needs to die in a plague. Tae Do tracks down the potter assassin and ties to get him to confess Kang Chun’s involvement but the guy is loyal to the T and won’t budge. Jung Yi and Yook Do both make a good lid, but in the a slap-stick moment that even defies my zero expectations, Yoon Do’s lid is broken with one of the junior potter lackey’s trips on a log and sends the box holding the lids tumbling to the ground. I swear my IQ went down double-digits just watching this scene alone. The junior potter gets sent to the pottery department equivalent of the brig for his incompetence, and Jung Yi decides to forfeit her chance to become an official potter and hands her completed lid to Yook Do to turn into the King in the morning as his in exchange for Yook Do not to punish her friend the junior potter. The preview shows my precious Tae Do orabeoni getting shivved and bleeding profusely. I wonder if Kim Bum wants to get dead and written off the show?

Tae Do cuts in episode 21:


Goddess of Fire Episode 21: A Lid Making Competition, Gwanghaegun gets Sandbagged, and Tae Do Keeps on Investigating — 18 Comments

  1. OMG………………..my poor Bummie is going thru this and now what………….still I love how gorgeous he looks but my GOD! Enough already! Ms Koala I bow down to you for you have suffered so much. Thank you for doing this if it were not for Bummie or Moon I would have not bothered with this……….drama.

  2. I believe most of the casts if they had a choice would like to leave the show now. The superb acting of MGY, Kim Bum, LSY and the rest were totally wasted on the boring, repetitive storyline. I’m still hanging on for my MGY and KB, but barely.

  3. If I were Geun Young, I’d wish I get killed and written off the show too. I wonder how they really felt about this show. I don’t even want to call it drama. Maybe this a just a parody of the original script…

  4. This drama is really stupid I could not even understand the script! The writer needs to be changed as soon as possible.. What a waste of talent and money!!

  5. Sigh…lesson learnt…always check for the scriptwriter and PD first, before starting any drama..

    I’m already in episode 18…and I’m confused whether to continue or stop watching..

    KimBum oh KimBum..
    MGY oh MGY…

    I wonder why, Gwanghae doesn’t get sick and fed up with Imhae’s?
    I mean, I understand that he’s your brother and you both have no mother, bla, bla, bla.. But years after years, he deceived you again and again. Still he’s such a weak-man, have no courage to stand up against his brother. So weird, and not logical. Luckily, it’s LeeKwangSoo as Imhae, otherwise…grr..
    Don’t they know words:
    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”….??????

    Agree with you, Ms.K, just torch that pottery department to the ground.
    Here, I lend you my match stick? oil? anything you need, just tell me, I will provide it for you.

    What a waste of that beautiful potteries…sigh

  6. You’re really amazing! How can you still watch this drama??? I can only watch this with FF! No TaeJung scenes this episode. I didn’t lasted 15 min. Watching this. Just when I thought it was getting better. I may sound repetitively but TaeJung scenes are the only thing I even bother to watch this. BIG DISSAPOINTMENT. It makes me realise Cheongdamdong Alice was actually good. Not awesome but good. I only hope MGY won’t take a 2 year break again. Her last two dramas left me bitter. And I wish she gets partnered again with Kim Bum but as the OTP! The only award I would accept from MBC is the couple award of the year.This drama is a painful waste of what it could have been.

    • Yeah, I agree with you. This drama makes me realize that Alice in Cheongdamdong is actually good. I don’t know how a drama can be this bad with those amazing casts!

    • For the MBC Drama Awards, Kim Bum should win not only best couple award but also popularity award because he is the saving grace of this boring, pointless drama. I’m only watching GOF because of him and his endearing character Tae Do. For his first saeguk role, his acting is pretty good.

  7. Keep it coming Koala!! Hang in there! Although some part of you must get something out of this to keep this going for as long as you have. It’s probably Kim Bum isn’t it? 😉

  8. Is there a way we can write MBC and make them realize how bad the script is? maybe they can kick the scriptwriter’s butt all the way to the sea, director included. And then make you write the remaining episodes and save Kim Bum, MGY and all the cast from hell. Hah, That’d be awesome.

    • to write to mbc, you may go to their website or in facebook. some of the TaeJung shippers are sending them the same appeal and concerns. Thanks.

  9. Yay, it’s bad again! 😉

    side note — is Koala really just one person? She’s writing these posts faster than I can read them, and all of them quality posts, including 3 drama recaps (or more?), not just a quick reposting of pics from somewhere else. Does she ever eat/sleep/go to the bathroom?

  10. I don’t like the story butI still want to watch it because of the unbelievable chemistry of Geun Young and Kim Bum. they really look good together.

  11. I am still watching it for MGY &…Kim Bum. I am happy as long as MGY is acting..because..she is awesome even when the story is so bad…:)

  12. oops I guess you kept writing.. I ended up reading recap after recap and yes, after hearing everything you said, down with bunwon.

    I actually only watched till episode 6 we’ll see if I pick it up later.

    Thanks for all the recaps.

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