Adorable Kang Min Hyuk Smile Bombs Heirs in his First Official Stills

Can a CNBlue fan tell me from which cabbage patch Kang Min Hyuk came from? Because this boy is seriously cute and I just want to pinch his cheeks to see if he’s real. But he also has this underlying masculine charisma that cuts a bit of the cloying boyish charm, which will all come in handy in his role as Yoon Chan Young in the upcoming Heirs orΒ The Inheritors (Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs). I reckon SBS is going for a daily drop of new cast photos probably in order of their roles in this drama, so today we get the arrival of Kang Min Hyuk as the well organized and whip smart high school student and former classmate of Park Shin Hye‘s poor heroine. I heaved a sigh of relief that his pictures don’t immediately scream out “I’m rich!” or “I’m poor”, not to mention thus far he’s the most convincing high school look of all the released official stills including Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Woo Bin. His character is a student at Empire High School but on a retainer scholarship since his father is the secretary to the Chairman of Empire Group. He had a crush on Park Shin Hye’s character in junior high and is her friend again once she transfers to Empire High with all the rich students and them two being the only non-filthy rich ones. He reportedly will have a love line with the the character played by Krystal of f(x), who was Lee Min Ho’s character’s ex-girlfriend. I think he and Krystal will make a very pretty couple and I’m rather more interested for those two to go have a love story of their own off to the side rather than getting all tangled up with the central love quadrangle with Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ji Won. Why pick the complicated path when there is a more satisfying alternative? Kang Min Hyuk arrived in Los Angeles yesterday to join the cast already here, which includes everyone I mentioned except for Krystal. I wonder if the cast is secretly hitting up K-town in the evenings? Probably not, parading around K-town even in disguise is still like shining a neon sign in front of already overly excited fangirls lurking around town.


Adorable Kang Min Hyuk Smile Bombs Heirs in his First Official Stills — 23 Comments

  1. haha this production team reaaaally knows how to rack up the hype and anticipation. they could use that to their advantage. but they better deliver, else i’ll hear all these balloons deflating.
    I think i’ve kept my excitement at a moderate level. It could be a hot mess but still addicting. Or a hot mess that downright sucks to the point eye candy wouldn’t do it for me. Cause lord knows i start shows for all the pretty and drop them like a hot potato once there is no redeeming quality with the story, directing, or acting.

  2. I’m not fond with kim eun seok drama. No matter how much everyona rave about he past project including city hall. I don’t know why tough…. I can’t connect with her character at all… Honestly… I love rom com fluff particularly with great otp.. And kim eun seok drama has all the ingredien… She always knows to provide a lot fan services… But for me.. If I can’t connect to the char… I won’t connect to the otp relationship and it’s hard to love otp u don’t get the feeling with… Maybe it’s alk about personal taste… But whonknows I come to love kim eun sok with this.

  3. I have no idea how old he is but he definitely looks the youngest of the bunch. Maybe passable for high school senior. But seriously as hot as the whole cast is, LMH, PSH and KWB can’t even remotely pass as high school students, not even college if you ask me. So I guess there is a huge suspension of belief. I was hoping for something and reserving judgement until their character stills came out. But maybe they will behaves like teenagers LOL.

    I image this hot mess will be a cash cow so in the grand scheme, those in charge probably don’t care about the quality or story. Kes is known for witty and fast dialogue so I am thinking a mesh up of bof and AGD. Entertaining but not much more.

      • I could see her as a college student – she was quite believable in Heartstrings – but she is far too poised in attitude and mature in the face to pass for high school, regardless of what her true age may be. That being said, she is not as much of a joke as Lee Min Ho. The only way I can think of him as a high-schooler is if he flunked several grades and is coming back to school after a long stint either roaming the world or languishing in prison.

  4. oh my minhyuk! why so adoreable!!!
    i know what you feel koala because i’m his fans and yes everytime i see him i want to pinch his cheek!
    well, i hope he gets an interesting love line with krystal eventhough i don’t like her.
    *sigh* it’s too long waiting for october to come

  5. Is it me but does his character sound like Kazuya from Hanadan? Well, it doesnt seem like the show was trying to be anything but the seond coming of BOF anyway, so I shoulnt even be surprised.

  6. That is one super cute guy!

    I don’t really care about the drama itself… but I’m DYING to see pictures of Choi Min Hyuk and Im Joo Eun.

  7. He is so cute! I was in love with him when he was in Heartstrings! πŸ˜€ I think he can act well more than Yonghwa πŸ˜€ LOL

    • Well, that’s not saying much. I’m just glad they are putting the idols together, for fast-forwarding convenience. They can be cute and one-note together. Although it is true that this is one casting that seems to fit the high school brief.

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