Krystal is a Chic and Normal High School Student for Heirs

After a weekend off from official news about Heirs (The Inheritors or Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs), the drama is back on track in doling out the goodies. Today’s official stills reveal yet another rich high school girl – Krystal of f(x) plays Lee Bo Na, the heiress to an entertainment empire and the ex-girlfriend of Lee Min Ho‘s Kim Tan. They dated before he went abroad to study, and she still nurses a slight attraction towards him but it looks like the drama will pair her up with Kang Min Hyuk‘s Yoon Chan Young and thereby taking both of them out of the multi-car pile up that will be the central love conflict. I admit to never seeing Krystal in anything before, but she’s actually the only member of the main cast who is actually high school aged in real life. I like that she also looks healthy and fresh-faced, not overly manufactured. But I do have reservations about her acting based on these stills alone, because she’s making some very awkward looking faces. If it’s for a certain scene then that’s fine, but she doesn’t quite connect with the camera so far. Unlike Kim Ji Won‘s other rich girl Rachel Yoo who made her entrance in surrounded by vintage LV suitcaes Krystal’s first stills don’t scream “I am butt rich!”, and instead she looks like your garden variety chic student. Heirs is currently filming all over Los Angeles still, with Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Won, Park Shin Hye, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Kang Min Hyuk all on location for whatever scene requires their character to be overseas. Another lead Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A tweeted to his fans that he was going to LA to join the Heirs cast this week so that will add one more handsome lead to the already bursting at the seams overseas cast. I’m actually re-thinking all my wariness towards Heirs being pretty much a remake of dramas like Boys Before Flowers and Kim Eun Seok‘s own Lovers in Paris, but what if she actually is doing that but doing it right this time around? If that is her intention then I’m going to have to anticipate Heirs with a completely different mind set, one that is looking for all the typical tropes but with the hope that it’s done right.


Krystal is a Chic and Normal High School Student for Heirs — 17 Comments

  1. Oohh! I love the grey with pleated skirt dress and her jacket. I am way past college and working and still love high school-ish clothes.

  2. Is that the normal length of skirt in for school uniforms in Korea? I come from Oz and no way will you get pass the uniform Nazis with a skirt like that!

    • Actually, she’s known for her cold persona like her sister Jessica of Girls’ Generation.

      I too thought her facial expressions were abit awkward. But hopefully she’ll surprise me with her acting. She has a nice face and I’m hoping she will have good chemistry with Min Hyuk. They would make a cute pair!

  3. @darcy
    Im not koean and never have lived there but I heared somewhere that this kind of short skirts are NOT allowed in high schools and even girls get charged for wearing them ! I dont know if they we just telling me that to make me love that place but thats whta I know
    Back to the topic ! I cant freaking wait ! Omg tjis is like my festival ! But omg ill be starting uni soon and i will have no time ! But for minho oppa ill do anything ! Lol the actress looks adorable tjough but not skilled
    Off the topic ! Dear koala I dont remember a time that u liked a drama before it aired anf them coming together lkke u anticipated ! Hahah they always let u down my dear *gu family book , the masters sun , goddess of fire in love ..and on and on* I remember having ur weeklu posts flooded by them and they turn to disappoint and us so pleaaaaaaaaaaaade keewp having a bad feeling abt heirs may god make it amaZing ! Lol love u thanks !

  4. Among tbe whole cast shes definetly the one who I wish they would change. Her actings not all good, pretty much just like her sisters (not a fan of hers either) not all idols can act people should realise that

  5. I am looking forward to Heirs aka Boys Over Flowers Done Right. I like everything I see so far. I like that they are bringing back Makino’s childhood friend in this one. Meteor Garden kept him and the actor who played him was so goofy and cute. Can’t wait to see PSH as Jandi!

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