Jung Yong Hwa is Looking Good as VJ and Undercover Boss in Marry Him If You Dare

I get really wary whenever I hear an idol-turned-actor has been cast with an actress I like, because invariably when I critique said actor’s character and/or performance, there will be a fraction of his fans that will take it poorly. All I said in Missing You was that I couldn’t stand Yoochun‘s character, and his performance was nothing to write home about, and then all hell broke loose more or less around here. Hearing that Jung Yong Hwa was cast in Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) with Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun doesn’t bother me since he can still surprise me by turning in a decent performance. I’ll have to wait and see. What is annoying is knowing that some (and I really do mean some and not all) of his fans don’t react well to any sort of criticism. Which is true of fandom in general for any actor or actress, but sadly idols are by and large not very good actors so they tend to get the brunt of the criticism. The first stills are out for Jung Yong Hwa’s character in MHIYD – he’s Park Sae Ju, a VJ at network YBS but unbeknownst to his colleagues he’s actually the grandson of the network president. He’s described as rather easy going with his co-workers but underneath is a very serious and determined guy. He apparently has a love line with second female lead Seo Yoo Kyung played by Han Chae Ah, though it’s unclear if they are exes or their love line develops during the drama. In the first stills, Park Sae Ju is shown talking with Yoo Kyung at a bar and looking quite intense, while the other stills of him sitting in a video repository and listening to music shows him more mellow and chill. I quite like his look here, attractive without being too packaged, with a bit of his idol hipness shining through. I wonder how he’ll fare in his first non-youth oriented drama? I think it was probably best all around that he ended up in this drama rather than Heirs, because its high time he does something that doesn’t involve acting opposite Park Shin Hye. He wasn’t the sole reason Heartstrings was such a flop for me (I blame it mostly on the horrid PD filming like he was on a roller coaster) but I thought his performance there was a step back from his rather alright debut in You’re Beautiful. For the sake of this drama, I hope he’s gotten much much better in the last two years.


Jung Yong Hwa is Looking Good as VJ and Undercover Boss in Marry Him If You Dare — 28 Comments

  1. Hopefully, the writer can capitalize on Jung Yong Hwa’s idol band front man charm, and the smoothness he’s displayed on various variety programs. While his acting You’ve Fallen For Me was stilted and slightly awkward, it seems that when he plays a version of his own persona (i.e. Gentleman’s Dignity) he comes across better on camera.

    • Yes! I was thinking that exact same thing. When he did his cameo on Gentleman’s Dignity he was really good. I hadn’t had any major beefs with his acting up to that point (I guess bad acting doesn’t bother me?) but when I saw that short scene, he was so much better, I realized what I’d inadvertently been missing. I really do hope that he can channel that in this performance. (And if not, at least he’s nice to look at…lol.)

  2. Omg, how dare you hate on him! He’s like perfect yeeno, my oppa is the best of the bestest. I don’t see one flaw. Stop like hating.

    LOL. Justkiddings! 😉

    He does look really good in this! I was always a fan of the guys music not acting. Hope he steps it up a notch, because he’ll look like a wiggling octopus next to Lee Donggun.

    • LOL, in the fangirl’s heart, hope springs eternal: the terrible-actor-in-question is always “improving”. They are taking classes! They are hardworking! They sit at the feet of their talented sunbaes! Everybody loves their respectful attitude on set!
      But to quote Derek Jacobi (someone who actually knows something about acting):
      “I don’t think a drama school can teach you how to act. That’s something you carry in you. . . If you want to be an actor, don’t. If you need to be an actor, do.”

      • Wise, wise words my friend. Now if only 9/10 idols would actually know that quote. It would be a better world.

  3. My expectations for JYH are pretty low here so I imagine the fall for either YEH or LDG will be bigger if somehow they don’t come through. JYH’s performances just haven’t done anything for me. I really think his acting capability is subpar but his musical ability is quite good. I think he will be better off in this show than the other even if that one is going to be some huge hit. Hope this one works out well for him. I like the mellow stills.

    Does the second lead with the love line know that he’s the grandson of the head honcho?

  4. kpop fan tends to be overprotective when it comes to their idols, i know you know that LOL because of all the bashes they get even from a tiniest thing

    also the unfair treatment from them vs actor/actress. some people tend to think idols are bunch of talentless people and their actress/actors are goddess or gods. look what happen to latest wonbin news. netizens think sooyung from snsd are not “level” of their oppa. what was that comment????

    mostly boice i know acknowledge that yonghwa needs more improvement when it comes to acting but just dont bash his personality then its war LOL. yonghwa in general has a likeable image even from non-fan. cnblue is a decent group mostly says by the others. and with the history of cnblue (im not gonna go on details on that since obviously your not a fan) hardcore fans of him tends to be very protective.

    though i would like to thank you for your comment that you do not blame him for heartstrings low ratings. yes, i agree with you because for me it has great casts but the bad script

  5. Honestly, I don’t bother defending someone I like (ie yoochun, seung-gi) because someone doesn’t think they are good in a particular drama – or in general. One person, or a few people’s opinions hardly count much in regards to Korea as a nation. It’s like wasting my time – why would I do that? :/

    Anyway, I like JYH in general. I like his voice and although I find him really flat in his acting, he’s definitely a star attraction in this drama along with YEH. He’s pretty liked/loved even in Korea and I’m sure audiences would tune in for him even if he’s bad so it helps the ratings.

    He looks good here. But I feel he looks the same in heart strings as well. Kinda hoped for a little change. Oh well – if change means YEH’s hair then I’d rather boring anyday lol.

  6. You’re lucky I’ve grown way beyond my idol-worship years, or I might have words with you, lol.

    I really like this guy. CNBlue is my favourite k-pop band because musically, I just find them superior – in talent and performance. I have seen all of JYH’s dramas, and I agree, they are nothing to write home about. But, I still love him in them 🙂

    Mirae’s Choice, or whatever its title is now, is the #1 October drama that I am most looking forward to (doubly redundant for emphasis). Love YEH, love JYH, love LDG! October will be a super busy month for k-drama lovers. (gotta start working out for stamina and strenth!)

  7. lol actually yonghwa fans don’t care about people criticizing his acting. we all know he’s a weak actor. The whole blow up on this site previously was because people were saying stuff about his personality.

    • totally agree. yonghwa fans know he lacks on that department. yonghwa himself knows that and said jungshin and minhyuk are the best. boices wishes he concentrates more on his music and some time to rest. but the previous articles stated here that yonghwa rejects the heirs because he wanted to be the main lead thats sparks the matchstick and set a fire here LOL it tends to say that yonghwa is being arrogant for what happen.

      before heirs is announced, the owner of this site probably didnt know that yonghwa already declared to their world tour concert that he is coming back to drama. then he knows he is the second lead and was happy about it. thats why on the previous articles boices came raging here over what the author said. LOL

      anyway i sound like a broken record already LOL its already been discussed many times


  8. I agree on the defensive one, but on behalf of JYH fans, I don’t think they are that defensive or aggressive.

    I think he is weak actor and I hope he just concentrate on just music BUT sometimes the owner of this site has to apologize if she get the information wrong. It’s simple as that.

  9. I admire JUNG YONG HWA so much, aside from HIS good looks, he is one of the best multi-talented KOREAN young stars of today. Keep up the best in you. We’re for you!

  10. I’m a hardcore Yonghwa stan and i know he IS a weak actor and when he gets criticized i understand why, he needs to improve. The issue with this site & Yonghwa fans is not exactly about the harsh critics towards his acting…it’s because owner of this site said Yonghwa was the one who didn’t want to be second leading role in ‘Heirs’…it was mentioned as if it were a fact, the way it was written insinuated his pride didn’t allow it, like he thought much about himself and THAT isn’t true…as we can all see that he is a second lead here too.

    The owner of this site can think what she said was just her speculations but you have to be careful about the things you say when you have people who read your blog and actually believe what you say. I even saw those comments about the “reason” why Yonghwa wasn’t in that drama in spanish and the link they used as source was this page.

  11. Ah…I’m getting the issue here. JYH fans are upset about something that’s totally legit to me. I’d be really pissed and defensive if someone spread false info about someone I like too. Its kinda Questioning his character and personality by claiming him to have a big head(ie does only main lead roles). And the argument tat he refused heirs because he wasn’t the lead is obviously bull crap given he isn’t the lead here.

    People make mistakes – but it’s good to own up to them. Doing so won’t deflate one’s pride…

    • we JYH fans admit he’s weak as an actor,we fans even can joke about his poor acting skill,so when people critize his acting,we never went overprotective about it,but this blog making assumption and questioning his personality making him look like an arrogant person cos dont wanna be second lead,thats
      where we fans have an issue,cos we know its not true

  12. This guy looks the same in every.single.drama!

    Production could’ve used the same stills from his previous dramas and nobody would’ve noticed. If this guy wants to take the next step as an actor, he should stop recycling his previous looks and concepts and go for something new.

    • Really? He definitely looks a lot more mature here compared to Heartstrings. It’s not like he gets to decide how his character/role should look like, right?

    • He acted only two drama. I agree that his character was similar to each other. But the writer and FNC was responsible for that. He has a very attractive voice and good-looking as actor. and He already successfully acted at various scene in Heartstring. The point is that he doesn’t get enough opportunity to show his ability as actor in varied way yet. Wait and see. He’ll prove his various ability as actor before long.

      • Any idea how many poor performances we get to sit through before this happens?
        Any idea how many fangirls have uttered the same excuses for their bias? Insert any idol name and show in your comment and it would work just as well.
        Fangirls are amazing:
        – It doesn’t matter how bad heor she is, even if you admit it s/he is bad you will still watch it because s/he is good at something else, even though it is totally unrelated to this performance.
        – The hope/expectation that s/he might smile from a stage or an interview and thank the fans for their loyalty makes sticking by them, all taste and logic aside, worthwhile.
        – The object of affection is known implicitly; press releases, performances, interviews, and articles are all complete factual proof of the kind, hardworking, humble, and appreciative nature of said idol. The fact that there are legions of people behind the scenes, with the sole job of making this person appear good looking, kind, hardworking, humble, and appreciative is steadfastly ignored.

  13. @skelly If you don’t like him, then just don’t watch him. I don’t understand why you even have to implicitly attack his “fangirls” and his personality just to prove a point.

    • I’m reading and commenting from 2019 here. I agree with @lexie about @skelly’s comment. I think skelly is trying to prove something… I just don’t know what.

      And I think Yonghwa’s acting had improved so much. I love him in The Package.

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