Highly Anticipated Heirs Releases First Video Teaser

“It’s okay, baby!” Those are the first words we hear from Lee Min Ho’s lips in his turn as the exiled high school rich boy in Heirs or The Inheritors (Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs). The drama released the first ever video teaser since it’s three weeks away from its premiere, despite it feeling like this drama has been casting and in preparation for three years. The teaser gives a sneak peek at every character, starting with Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan, in addition to Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Krystal of f(x), Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue, Kim Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A, Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun. I’ve already dialed down my expectations to the level where I expect this to be Kim Eun Sook’s attempt to do Boys Before Flowers right and double the eye candy level in addition to dialing up the overseas shoot prettiness. Hopefully she also decreases the ridiculous plot turns and the poor heroine’s chip on her shoulder. The teaser made it look like one of those 1990s teen shows airing on Fox. You know – Beverly Hills 90210, Malibu Shores, etc. – but I was really hoping it would be more luxe and all-out like Gossip Girl. I remember the first ever news articles on this drama referenced Gossip Girl, which is one of those guilty pleasure shows that is always fun to watch even if has zero resemblance to reality. I’m not getting the visual aura from Heirs that it’s aiming to throw the kitchen sink of fan service at the screen, though by sheer reality of having so many young stars and idols in the same show there will be audience members content with that alone. I’m not impressed by the teaser, both its production values and the choice scenes shown, but that doesn’t matter because this sucker is going to be cracktastic if it doesn’t try too hard to be more than its superficial fun construct. I’m going out on a limb and saying that I still haven’t gotten any impression that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will have good chemistry here. It might be okay, but so far neither has delivered any stills to give off the impression that their high profiling pairing will blow the lids of teen romance.

First teaser for Heirs (English subs):

[youtube id=”CynFwIgzIJk” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Highly Anticipated Heirs Releases First Video Teaser — 69 Comments

  1. This teaser sucked, it is just a collection of fast live action/moving stills and LMH wrapping his arm around PSH’s neck while saying “it’s okay”. It’s not okay, they could have kept this. Right now the only chemistry being given off is that of each idol or actor to their separate fandoms.

  2. I know hate is gonna come my way but I seriously think LMH though love him to bits and PSH look siblings. Like No! they look so much alike. Wow! Hope I’m wrong but I will see first episode to decide if I wanna continue this or no.
    I’m liking KWB though and that’s a first.

  3. I wonder how they pick the extras for the filming. Are they working with another agency in LA or do they just see someone and pull them to the side and ask if they want to have a scene in a drama. I’m just randomly thinking since I’ve been seeing all these LA fans captures relating to the filming. And it looks like someone is trying to talk to PSH and LMH comes to the rescue at the end.

    • heard someone saying her friend got to be a extra because some people were looking for people to be extra on some ”korean drama” on her college, later she found out it was to be an extra on Heirs and regreted not going with her friend LOL

      • lol. that’s unfortunate. i guess it wasn’t meant to be. who knows.. maybe they’ll return to the college and ask for more extras because they missed a scene. have her be on the lookout. i think they’re here for one more week, right? i’m thinking they’re using the college to pretend that it’s LMH’s upper class high school. either that or it’s the end of the drama where he goes back to ahem “Australia” for college?

  4. Agree. I was expecting a really visual lux trailer with the likes of gossip girl, but this trailer was mostly boring. Only flashes of characters.

  5. Haha, this looks awful! My expectations are really low for this drama. I’m having a hard time finding another good drama like Heartless City to watch.

  6. Am I the only one who kind of likes it? Though that may be just because I really like the way Woobie My Wuv looks in motion with that hair – i.e. EVEN HOTTER.

    • I liked it too. I didn’t see anything that would make me think it was or would be a “mess”. I have seen drama teasers like this for American shows to pique interest in the beginning….gets everyone talking – good or bad. I can’t wait to see the interaction between Shin Hye and Woo Bin……for some reason I just think they would be attracted to each other…..

    • No, you are not the only one. I am very much excited about the drama.I have to disagree with ockoala here. I also find that LMH and PSH look very good together. I have no doubt in my mind that the chemistry between them will be there unless everyone do not do their job……..the actors/actresses, writer, director etc. there is no reason why they should not because there is a reason why they are considered good at what they do

  7. Yeah… all of this sounds like a hot mess. Darn it, I wanted the sophistication of Gossip Girl with a conservative twist, and we end up with something that might be worse than BOF.

  8. I honestly don’t care if it is a remake of boys over flowers or if they copy any american sitcom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me Lee Min Ho is here that is all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am already going nuts to all those semi naked pictures of him! can’t wait till october I am also glad that all those other actors are there gives me good drooling excuses as long as Lee Min Ho is there it will be great 🙂

    • @clau !
      U complete me sister ! Lol same thinking ! I dont give the damn how this drama will turn out to be im here for lmh and only LEE MIN HO ! AND ILL FAST FORWARD TO HIS SCENES ONLY !

  9. I think a lot of ppl are going to regret their prejudices abt this drama and I think that that what the writer is counting on ! FIGHTING
    Im rather happy that koala hates it ! Karma always gives her things backwards ! Lol
    Thanks koala again !

  10. Its going to b awsome … y wud they copy gossip girl ?? Werent those girls rich ?? Its a story of a poor girl and a rich boy .. i m not interested in watching korean copies of GG… this drama is gnna hav its own essence … fighting
    Ps . Already in love with minhyuk s character .
    Parkshin hye moat versatile actress .. cant beleive she is tht same girl who was gominam or lee gyuwon

  11. I do think this will be a hot mess. But it will definitely be a crack tastic, highly popular hot mess. Having seen enough of KES’s works, I can guess what the feel is going to be like. It will definitely be flash and fast and it’s bound to sweep a lot of people up in it, I am sure that I will be included in that. But after stepping back from it, there isn’t much left to it beyond the fanfare. So I am hoping it entertains and my expectations are set low. So I am ready. Bring it on!! 🙂

    • I agree. I think that the story and acting is going to be all over the map:
      – some good acting
      – some truly horrible idol acting
      – a lot of fanservice
      – some cute taglines (we already have one)
      – a bundle of cliches for characterization
      – downtrodden and poorly-written female characters
      – easily solved problems that still somehow take 20 episodes to fix

      But it will be popular because they picked actors/actresses with legions of rabid fangirls who will watch it happily, even if it is dreck in a blender set on frappe. I’ll watch it – on fast-forward, true, but I will watch because a curl of the lip or a surprised laugh can be just as satisfying as a squee.

  12. Isss OK baybee. LOLOLOL

    I watched ALL of To The Beautiful You (Talk about guilty pleasure) because of actors like these – two of whom are in both of these shows – KHN and the bratty girl.
    Talking walking idol tableaux.

    I will LOVE THIS SHOW more and it will be subbed at 100% before it finishes airing.

    • So right! This is one show that we won’t have a problem having access to. I can say the best thing about BOF was the fandom. You never felt alone watching, there were gifs of the scenes you loved and hated and plenty of recaps and forums to argue minutiae. I’m gonna let the mania wash over me and dive in. I’m having fun already 😀

    • She’s annoyed me already. I am sure that i will fast forward her screen time after i’ve downloaded the series. But have to make sure it’s worth downloading!

  13. I keep thinking what if kim ji won is the lead actress? It will be more interesting. i feel park shin hye is lost in the idol sea. Poor that girl. I hope she stood out. if not she is just another characther and not the main focus for this drama. I am sure she will get more screen time with lee min ho but somehow i’ve got a feeling that it’s other pair or character that people r anticipating. I guess, this drama will be hit even if it’s bad because some people really buy this kind of storyline. Well, i’m going to give it a try because the boys r cute and for kim ji won. (thank god it’s only krystal who is the female idol. If not i will give this a pass for sure)

    • I think if Kim Ji Won was the protagonist would not have written so many articles of heirs and not a much discussed topic, I really think that Park Shin Hye is able to stand out among all, she is pretty is a good actress in my view, and personally I think that people get to know perhaps that’s one of the most popular actresses, I’m waiting for her heirs and lee min ho and hopefully not disappoint me luck guys

      • isax what makes you think all the articles for “The Heirs” is bcuz of Park Shin Hye? You can love her as much as you can but you can not underestimate other actors.On this case you are ignoring Lee Min HO’s fans.I personally like both but this drama got my interest up to now just for Lee Min HO.And lately I notice how good looking are the second leads.Papa Gumiho with that beautiful girl Im.

      • @ marthoula
        Sorry if you knew me explain, I was not trying to say that this hype is only given by Park Shin Hye, meant to imply that we should not underestimate her because she is an actress known suffice thee, but not only rectified by them, not my opinion, because for me lee min ho plays a super important for me to want to see that’s not counting woo bin. sorry if I knew explaining and thousand apologies if the comment offended you it was not my intention

    • I don’t think soooo… If you don’t like the lead actress.. At least be nice… Because for sure you will watch the drama.. :p

    • Park Shin Hye is Multifaceted actress and person……this fact shines through in anything that she does on and off screen. Unless the writer does a horrible job with the characterization of her role Shinhye will stand out even among other actresses and idols by giving ‘ Cha Eun Sang’ a uniqueness that is totally her own.
      I just hope that KES gives her enough to be able to show her true worth as an actress.
      I feel that there is really no need to compare all the actresses /actors in this drama because they will be playing a specific role that they were casted for. What I hope is that each does it well so that the drama on the whole is absorbing without any weak links that takes away from it. This becomes even more important for the main roles.
      ” KES, please show us why so many placed blind faith on you and accepted this drama solely on your name without even reading the script”

  14. The style looks more New England Brahmin Waspy preppy style. The old Korean Dramas used to have everyone dressing very waspy preppy. I actually like that the focus is not on flashy designer wear like BOF. I have been a little turned off lately with Kdrama fixation on appearance.

  15. ISAX , do not worry I am not offended.I get offended with more serious reasons.I mean with real problems in this life.Just the way you wrote it gave me that impression.All is good.8).

  16. wow looks boring and uninspiring but I’ll be watching so not to miss all the hoopla. Id rather it be hilariously bad than just mediocre and boring. Hope the actual drama is NOTHING like what thus trailer portrays!

  17. The trailer is too short and quick to judge. They all look pretty well suited to their characters. It’s actually good to see a drama with so many rising stars. No matter what, I’m on and I’m sure it’ll be good enough to satisfy all the fans 😀

  18. aaiissttt!why did the 2 main lead didn’t pick a more mature role. I like them both but this drama is not my cup of tea..too bad for me.

  19. I’m getting nervous for PSH. How can anyone keep calm at the nearness of his hotness LMH (even with that bad haircut)? Even his Engrish nearly killed me not to mention that close skinship! And yes hope PSH has learnt how to kiss from YSY in FBND! Here’s hoping she doesnt regress back to her stone faced eyes opened wide shocked look during kiss scenes!!

  20. In the beginning, I was like.. hm.. okay.. i hated it for the last few month and i hated lee min for the last few years..
    then the trailer started and i was like.. hm, okay, this is quiet good. lee min ho is adorable here.. i think i like him now.. hey, baby minhyuk.. the only reason i bear this drama..
    then, “it’s okay baby” FU………….. I LOVE THIS. I FREAKING LOVE THIS.

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